Do’s and Don’ts during Summer season, Grishma ritu.

Prepare yourself to protect yourself from summer. Learn simple ways from our ancient practise.

Huntington Beach Sunrise

Summer season – the scorching sun rays heats up the earth leaving it dry and hot. The sun sucks moisture from the earth seizing the energy from humans, plants and animals leaving them dehydrated. The earth seems to be burning with heat and animals feels suffering from fever by the effect of hot wind and consequent sweating. The trees have no shade under them because of falling of ripened leaves The birds and animals find rescue in the rivers and water bodies making them very muddy. The rivers and ponds get dried up quickly.

So goes the description about Summer in AsthangaSangaraha.
In Indian Calender Grishma ritu or summer falls in the period – Jyeshta and Ashadha (Mid May to Mid July). Summers for tropical countries like ours have to be considered seriously as diseases are known to spread quickly at this time. As the agneyaguna or the fire element increases in summer the moisture in the body reduces causing the increase of dryness. Energy loss from the body will be at higher rate. As the kapha is in a decreased state with vata increasing the natural vital energy or the bala will be less at this time and the immunity will be lower.

Dehydration is the one of the major problems in summer In a scorching summer heat people sweat up to 2-3 litres of sweat per hour. Plenty of water is the best way to prevent dehydration. Water kept in fresh mud pots treated with roots of ushira, sariba will retain the energy loss because of dehydration. Tender Coconut water, buttermilk, sugar-cane juice, are considered ideal summer drinks since ages.

The food and activities should be such that it combats the hot and dry qualities of the atmosphere. Sweet, cold and liquid foods are suggested in summers as they increases the kapha and brings back the moistures sucked out by the summer heat. A diet with rice, milk, ghee and diary products is the.

Summer fruits are the best naturally available nutritious food to maintain the balance of the doshas. Watermelon, Mango, Sugarcane, dates, grapes and other juicy fruits seasonally available are to be used.

Traditionally many beverages are prepared during summer like aam panna, raga, Panak Panchsara, lassis, many varieties of panaka, Sherbat, etc.

Ayurveda describes summer recipies like shadanga paneeya, mantha, hima, phanta, sakthu gulkand

Other common problems related to indigestion happens quite often because of low agni. Wrong diet and activities causes the vitiation of doshas. Also the digestive fire tends to get impaired quickly as the vital strength is weak and later it causes aama leading to many problems like diarrhoea, gastroenteritis. As a preventive measure the diet should be sweet, light, less fatty and more of liquid in nature and avoiding the the salty hot pungent tastes.

Summer skin problems such as prickly heat, heat rash, etc. are managed with cool showers or bath in pools and anointing with sandal paste.

Avoid in summer

  • Pungent, sour and salty foods and food that produce too much heat in the body
  • Too much exposure in the hot weather.Going out in the hot sun
  • Strenuous exercises
  • No alcohol or wine taken in summer months can cause weight loss, flabbiness of body, acidity
  • Sexual inter courses inappropriate at this time because of body weakness.


  • Day sleep is permitted as there ll be long days and shorter nights and due to hot and exhausting sun
  • Light thin cotton cloths keep the body cool
  • Annoitment of chandan over the body and perfumes
  • Cool and pleasant moon rays
  • Head dress prepared with garlands of petals from lotus and lily
  • Enjoy the cool breeze from the fan prepared with palm leaves dipped in sandalwater

Easiest way to beat summer is to perform Oil Bath with Gingerly Oil. It is a must!

Read More about Ancient Oil Bath.

Summer should be enjoyed in places having beautiful lakes,ponds forests gardens, having flowers with fragrance. The days should be spent indoors in building equipped with water fountains. The nights in the open under the cool moon rays with sweet smelling flowers all around.

Herbal Pouch For Nutritious Hair

Hi Friends,

When I was sharing my Shikakai powder, many were asking some solution for hair-fall. So I thought I will share another grandmas home-made solution for hair-fall.  This is a pouch which consists of 8 major herbs required for a healthy hair growth. Our grandma insists us to use this as our daily combing oil. May be because of this we used to have healthy thick hair in our childhood. Time passed on and as I grew up, started using all cosmetics available in the markets which are easy to be applied and readily available. The results are:

  • Pre mature greying
  • Dandruff
  • Hair fall
  • Dull hair

I was also a person who was affected by all these problems. Use of chemicals  are not the only reason for these above mentioned issues, its because of our lifestyle, pollution and atmospheric changes too.

Just then my grandmas herbal oil struck in my mind which she used to make for us. I called her and asked for the recipe. Thank you Grandma! for sharing this recipe with me. Yes!!! it worked again. Wondering how come our ancestors found solutions for all problems with items which are connected to nature. Now I see a drastic reduction in my hair fall. Just thought that I would share it with a bigger community.

How this works

The below 8 natural and basic ingredients are added and slowly heated in the natural sun light, it provides the necessary nourishment needed for the hair.

  • Methi seeds – Treats Dandruff and acts as body coolant
  • Dried Amla – Improves the texture of the hair
  • Surul Pattai/Alkanet root – Naturally colours the hair
  • Dried Hibiscus flower – Gentle cleanser and prevents hair shedding
  • Mehandi cake – Prevents premature greying and conditions the hair
  • Dried Curry leaves – Repairs damaged roots n reduces hair fall
  • Rose petals – Tightens the scalp
  • Vettiver – Fragrant and coolant

How to prepare

Take a glass jar/bottle with lid and drop this herbal bag in 300 ml normal coconut oil. Pour  oil which the necessary to cover the bottom part of the pouch and place it under the sun for 4 to 5 days. The warmth and light from the sun will help to infuse the herbal properties into the oil. The oil will turn into light red colour. Now you can add the rest of the oil and use it. This oil mainly helps in  premature greying of hair and makes the hair denser and smoother. It reduces dandruff and hair-fall too. This herbal oil can be kept till 4 months.

Each pocket costs Rs.108. If anyone is interested you can place your order at or call me at 7760292062/9884554149.

Note : If in case you want the entire process viz. soaking of herbal pouch in cold pressed coconut oil and exposing to sun to get the complete herbal oil, please let me know. This can be done on request basis to facilitate parents who are unable to do it. This is done with additional cost for the coconut oil.

We are part of HLP.World/Store, a community driven shopping project, that revives Indian indigenous traditional organic food. A project initiated exclusive by parents for parents at whatsapp holistic group.

Author: Sri Nandhini Hari

I’m Sri Nandhini Hari, a B.Com & M.B.A finance post graduate and have worked in American Express Bank as an Asst. Manager and later with CTS as Financial Analyst. I have a passion towards our own tradition and culture and this has triggered me to share the natural and homemade products to a bigger community for the benefit of all.

Curry Leaf Oil – Hair Care

Dear Friends,

Healthy and strong hairs are the dream of many and let us take a step to achieve it.  With great pleasure introducing the home-made natural wonder “Curry Leaf Oil”.  As a rich source of natural antioxidants Curry leaf oil helps in contracting the muscles and tissues, thus strengthening the roots of the hair and preventing hair fall. The healthy nutrients in this oil promotes natural hair growth and effectively works on the real pigmentation of the individual’s physique and helps in bringing back the original colour of the hair.  This attribute of Curry leaf oil makes it a wonderful natural aid for premature greying of hair.


Ayurveda calls this Curry leaf tree as Girinimba or Krishnanimba, named after Lord Krishna, the God of ultimate protection. Curry leaf oil has the power to pacify aggravated kapha and vata doshas and increase pitta dosha. With such well-built healing values, Ayurveda prescribes Curry leaf oil as an aid to assist every human being with healthy hair.

This ancient art of holistic healing has used Curry leaves and its essential oil in various Ayurvedic preparations for the treatment of diabetes, eye diseases, liver problems, diarrhea, high cholesterol, hair fall, gastrointestinal problems, skin pigmentation and oral disorders.  Curry leaf tree is an easy to cultivate herb and is indigenous to India and Sri Lanka, the countries of rich cultural heritage. Every part of this tree including its leaves, berries and flowers have enormous medicinal values and the best part is that it is easily affordable.


Curry leaves boiled in coconut oil in a particular traditional way is a natural tonic for hair growth. This home-made herbal tonic is trusted to nourish hair follicles and restore its natural colour.  In our family we have been using this home-made curry leaf oil for generations. If you have premature greying in the family line start using the curry leaf oil for your kids at a younger age.  It takes 36 hours for curry leaf oil preparation and is a risky process if not handled properly.  Once receiving the order, time taken to deliver the freshly prepared oil will be 7 to 10 days.  Apply this hair oil on a daily basis or massage this oil one hour before a hair wash.  Do not mix this oil with any other oil, can be applied directly.

Each pocket is of 200ml, and it costs Rs.360. If anyone is interested you can place your order at or call me at 97404 71261.

We are part of, a community driven shopping project, that revives Indian indigenous traditional organic food. A project initiated exclusive by parents for parents at whatsapp holistic group.

About author


Krithika is dedicated mother of two kids. Being a post graduate in Science, she comes with a wide range of abilities starting from HOD in Microbiology, worked as a Research Associate in Anna University, Assistant Manager HR, etc.

Author: Krithika Sudhakaran

Krithika is dedicated mother of two kids. Being a post graduate in Science, she comes with a wide range of abilities starting from HOD in Microbiology, worked as a Research Associate in Anna University, Assistant Manager HR, etc.

How to wash hair with Shikakai Powder

This post will explain the way of using the Shikakai powder. First of all let me thank all of you  for showing interest in using shikakai powder. I am really thankful to the people who helped me in doing this product.

I got to know that many of them have doubt about how to use this shikakai powder as some are using it for the first time. Please refer below for the procedure.

  1. Mix this Shikakai powder 2 hours before the wash  or previous night with water (Actually rice water works well) into a smooth paste and leave it.
  2. Massage your hair and scalp with oil of your choice.
  3. Split your hair into two halves n Take shikakai  paste and spread all over the hair and scalp and wait for 5 min.
  4. Take little water  and rub the hair with your hand gently. Take more water as required.
  5. Wash off and redo if necessary.
  6. You will feel the softness once your hair dries.

The amount of shikakai depends on the length of your hair. I hope this is clear if you have any doubt feel free to reach me at

Author: Sri Nandhini Hari

I’m Sri Nandhini Hari, a B.Com & M.B.A finance post graduate and have worked in American Express Bank as an Asst. Manager and later with CTS as Financial Analyst. I have a passion towards our own tradition and culture and this has triggered me to share the natural and homemade products to a bigger community for the benefit of all.

Case Study on Oil Bath from our parenting community

One of the key activities, to revive our ancient practices, we often push in our whatsapp group is to perform oil bath. In short time, many parents started to follow it for their kids and themselves.  We always wanted to capture some data points on a person who has not done it before and study this improvement after participating it.

One such parent from a MNC was stressed out and was worried about changes in his body. We simply suggested out oil bath practices along with other simple to follow technique invented and practiced by our ancestors. After few week this parent came to me with the following message.

“From 26th July it got improved from 5 hours to seven hours. Now my body temperature is normal due to twice a week oil both. Thanks”

Thanks to technology wearable device. He captured his sleeping pattern and you can clearly see improvement from the real data!

IMG_6579 IMG_6580 IMG_6581

performing an oil might seems time, but the benefits are plenty. If you have not started it. We would highly recommend doing asap and join our club. Read this article about oil bath for detailed procedure.

Author: Velu Jayaprakash

Velu Jayaprakash is a social entrepreneur, product manager, techy, photographer, meditator, father of two angels, ancient wisdom seeker, holistic adviser and Soul coach. You can reach him at velu.jayaprakash AT gmail DOT com

Shikakai Powder – For the Health of Hair

Dear Friends,

In our whatsapp group, we generally insist on oil bath as we all know that benefits of the same. You can see the benefits of oil massage for babies in this link. For an oil bath one of the best hair washing powder is shikakai powder and Green Gram Powder (Payatha Maavu) – Ubtan For Babies. I found out that many parents do not have option other than buying shikakai power available from market. That is when I decided to help the bigger community with this homemade product which is natural and does not have any chemicals.

Our Ancient Indian practice uses Shikakai powder for washing our hair. I am one of the parent of this group who believes that there should be some scientific reason behind our ancient practice. This Ancient Shikakai powder acts as a natural astringent for hair enhancing its binding properties. It clears dandruff and cleans the dirt accumulated on the scalp. Being a natural conditioner for hair, shikakai strengthens hair roots and promotes luxuriant growth. This homemade Shikakai powder has certain vital properties that act as coolants for the scalp.

At our home we have been using this homemade shikakai powder for generations. Generally during summer we prepare this  SHIKAKAI POWDER which includes ingredients that will enhance the growth and health of hair. I had learnt the art of making this shikakai powder from my grandmother and have been preparing this at home.


I generally try to restrict myself from buying these kind of items outside. But nowadays most of us do not have time to do all these things because it is a long process and time consuming. As this is not a business , I will collect orders and make as per the demand. This is a product has to be prepared only during summer , so I may not have extra stock. In case you need it later , you can always let me know as I can get it ready during the month of October which is the next possible time to get this prepared.

Normal Shikakai Powder available in the market consists only of 3 to 4 ingredients like Shikakai, Soap nut or Methi or dried amla but at home we make this ancient shikakai powder with 14 ingredients which i have listed below with its benefits

Ancient Shikkakai Powder
S.No Ingrediants Use
1 Shikakai Hair growth, Treating Dandruff, Scalp related disease,Keeps the hair healthy and lusturous
2 Methi seeds Treats dandruff and Helps in regrowth of hair,Reverses baldness, prevents premature greying, Body coolent
3 Green gram Reduce hair breakage,Removes dandruff,Gives dark colour n shine to hair
4 Lemon skin Improves dull hair,Hair smells fresh n clean
5 Dried amla / Nellimulli Conditions hair leaving it Soft n luscious,Prevents greying
6 Rice Helps to detanle n manage hair, improves hair elasticity,strenghtens hair roots
7 Hibiscus flower Improves texture,Stimulates blood circutaion in scalp,Strenghthens root n hair
8 Hibiscus leaves
9 Boondhi Kottai/ Soap nut To get Soapy nature,cleans scalp,adds shine,anti fungal agent
10 Neem leaves / Veppilai Prevents hairloss,enhances growth,kills head lice,anti bacterial
11 Curry leaves Repairs damaged roots,Reduces hair fall,stops hair thinning,treats premature greying, strengthens hair  follicules
12 Dried Rose petal Tightens scalp,Gives a good smell in hair
13 Dried Maruthani leaves Treats dry brittle hair, colours n conditions hair
14 Vettiver Very fragrant n cooling,treats lice n relieves stress

You can keep this product for more than 6 months if maintained properly. Make sure you take little for the usage and store the rest in an air tight container. See to that the powder is kept away from any moisture.

 If anyone is interested you can place your order by clicking on the above button. For more information please mail or call me at 7760292062/9884554149.

Natural Lathering Shikakai Powder

As per feedback from many of you, here is another version of shikakai powder which produces lather and makes it easy to wash the oily hair. Wanted to have an All Natural Lathering Shikakai Powder which can substitute the use of shampoos and was working on it for quite sometime and here it is for you! !

This combination of natural products will be –

  • Easy to wash
  • Produce lather in order to remove the oil and clean the scalp
  • Helps to have healthy, smooth and shiny hair
  • Naturally conditions the hair

This all natural product which consists of shikakai, amla, methi, reetha and arappu powder is sun dried and grinded in shikakai grinding machine . This frothing shikakai powder can be used just like a shampoo. We need to mix the powder with water and make it thin, to a pouring consistency, like a shampoo. This can be used separately or can be mixed with the ancient shikakai powder in equal amount to get the benefits of other herbs.

Please refer the below link for easy way of washing hair with shikakai powder

You can keep this product for more upto 6 months if maintained properly. Make sure you take little for the usage and store the rest in an airtight container. See to that the powder is kept away from any moisture.
 If anyone is interested you can place your order at below link. For more detail email or call me at 7760292062/9884554149.

We are part of HLP STORE, a project initiated exclusive by parents for parents at whatsapp holistic group.

Author: Sri Nandhini Hari

I’m Sri Nandhini Hari, a B.Com & M.B.A finance post graduate and have worked in American Express Bank as an Asst. Manager and later with CTS as Financial Analyst. I have a passion towards our own tradition and culture and this has triggered me to share the natural and homemade products to a bigger community for the benefit of all.

Oil Bath – A Maharashtrian way

Our first detailed article about oil bath has triggered many parents to practices this time tested system. We are very happy to hear some good results. Many parents have responded back to us about their traditional or family way of oil bath.

One such parent is Lakshmi Bharadwaj from Pune. She is been a active member in promoting ancient wisdom to all parenting community.  She share a great inside about oil bath followed in Maharashtra.  So we invite her to be our guest author.

So, here we go..

baby massage

Massage can be a great way to bond with the baby. It has its own way and is practiced differently in every state. One among them would be Maharashtrian oil bath or massage. Massage can be done using baby oil or any suitable oil. Traditionally in North or Eastern part on India, Mustard oil is used for oil massage. Its good in winter season as its warms the body.

Dough Ball Preparation

Newborn babies are given oil massage using a dough ball for first few days for cleansing. This is a gentle act which is very soft as cotton. Take a little quantity of wheat or Maida, dip it in warm oil and do rub it on baby’s body. This enhances circulation, expels toxins from the new born. The ingredients are:

  1. 1 bowl mustard or any oil preferably
  2. 4-6 cloves of Garlic.
  3. ½ tea spoon of Ajwain

Now, Heat Oil with Garlic Cloves and Ajwain until they turn black and filter the oil.

Art of Massaging

A traditional baby massage starts from toe to the face which is to be massaged in the last. Legs and arms are usually very soft and firm downward strokes like hip to ankle and shoulder to palms. Circular clockwise movements are used for the stomach and chest. Anti-clock wise movements to his/her back. Usually quite a lot of pressure is applied for vigorous strokes especially to the legs and head. There is a belief that it straightens the slight bow shape of the legs or curve shape head.

This generally helps in the physical development of the baby. Doctors suggest best not to massage the baby with Ubtan Oil until their Umbilical Cord stump falls off.

Bathing Method

Jessica Bathing

The traditional way is Mother or Granny or well-practiced Mausi to to sit on the bath floor or any very short stool with legs stretched in front and crossed at ankles. Baby either lies along the legs with his head towards the body and feet towards the feet. Usually baby is placed facing downwards when washing his head.


After giving bath, baby is thoroughly wiped with a soft towel and moved over an aromatic smoke coming from incense Sambrani on a heated coal by sprinkling Ajwain crushed Garlic, Vavding and Shepa. Vekhand should be used to dry any wet parts like hair, armpits etc. This makes the baby to have a very good sleep.


Vekandh is applied all over the baby’s body after giving him warming with an aromatic smoke. He is then swaddled in cloth to make baby’s legs held together and kept straight for them to develop properly.


  • Be gentle while massaging
  • Do not use rough strokes
  • Do not put oil in baby’s ears, nose eyes, etc. without proper guidance
  • Be cautious while using Ubtan [Mixture of Gram flour, Turmeric & Milk]. This is applied to the human body in order to remove the dirty stains, hair and used to moisturize baby’s skin
  • To make sure that the babies does not ingest anything in their mouth while giving the bath
  • It is utmost important to handle the baby at a safer distance from coal as the fumes from the heated coal would harm the baby
  • keep away the smoke from the baby’s face as it may cause him discomfort

About author

82557522-0e82-462a-aa0c-3a198248d823Lakshmi Bharadwaj is a home-maker and mother of two lovely kids. She comes with a rich tradition that follows home-remedies. She was the Parent of the month last year. She is passionate about reviving our ancient lifestyle practices and has guided parents, from  whatsapp, about various home remedies.

Author: Lakshmi Bharadwaj

Lakshmi Bharadwaj, known as OJAS in whatsapp group, is a home-maker and mother of three lovely kids. She comes with a rich tradition that follows home-remedies, which makes her a passionate towards ancient knowledge in Ayurveda naturopathy and herbs. She is one of the sincere and senior member of swarnaprashana Whatsapp parenting community. She has been constantly guiding new parents and with her continuous selfless efforts on various social and educative platforms. In 2015, She was the Parent of the month for her exceptional guidance in home-remedies to many parents in our whatsapp community.

Use winter to your advantage, to build a stronger child!

We are in mid of winter, many parents seems to worry more than other seasons. They all keep asking more questions about taking precaution. This trend is very good, an many people are looking for natural and alternative remedy to protect themselves and their family. But, apart from precaution, we can actually take advantage of winter season to keep our body healthy.

buh buh buh baby

The positive side is, during winter the digestive capacity increases compared to other months. The food is digested faster. This is the good time to give kids heavy and nutritious food because there is active digestion and nutrient absorption happening naturally.

Ayurveda prescribes heavy food in winter because it provides sufficient heat and adequate nutrition which otherwise the digestive heat would start consuming the tissue elements of body for want adequate fuel.

Ayurveda recommends

  • Foods that are unctuous, nourishing sweet, sour and salty in moderate amounts
  • Meat soups, Honey, Cane juice, Raw rice or Rice flour based food, Payasm or Kheer, Cheese, Milk, Yogurt, Traditional fried snacks like Chikli, Atirasam, sweets and desserts, Fruit juices, Fruit salad,etc.

To avoid

  1. Dehydration – Take sufficient amount of liquids. In winter, Stimulation of thirst will be reduced in winter season
  2. Constipation – drink more water and ea rich in fibers
  3. Avoid cold items like ice creams

Best time to do Oil massage

Oil massages are important in winter. It helps preventing dryness, retains enough moisture, promotes digestion, helps to get good sleep. The most important factor to be remembered is after taking oil bath heavy food should be taken during winter. Traditionally meat preparation were consumed after oil bath. Dry skin is common problem in children, this can be avoided by giving them oil bath  weekly twice.

In short

  • Heavy food that is sweet, fatty and sour, that is warm
  • Oil bath followed by heavy meal
  • Weekly twice oil massages
  • Drink more warm water
  • Food rich in fiber
  • Avoid exposure to dry and cold air

Enjoy the winter!

Oil Bathing with benefits

Oil pulling is getting popular in the west. There seems to be a lot of discussion in media and research community about its various benefits. On those lines, we decided to introduce yet another important practiced by our ancient people for a healthy life. It’s called as Oil bathing. This is one activity we contently reminding our parents in our whatsapp group.

Though we (people from India) have been practising oil bathing for ages, we decided to research further into Ayurveda and siddha text to dig more details about this holistic practise. This article is not only for babies, but to all every one.

Her second bath Oil bath is a process of applying certain oil over the body, in a certain way, on a certain days. When we practices this over a period of time, we reap lot of benefits in short, to long term. Let’s start with the benefits first, followed by a details procedure. The procedure we would recommend would suites well with our busy lifestyle.

There seems to plenty of benefits of performing an oil bath, some has been proved in research and some are yet to be provedJ. Over all it does benefits in a positive way to mention some:

  1. Balances the Vata, Pitta and Kapha known as Tridosha- if this is balanced, consider all the benefits are just a free add-on!
  2. Best Anti-ageing, younger skins, natural moistening, healthy blood circulation, healthy eyes, cool head, reduces headache, Feel lighter, frees from stiffness and body pain, Healthy hair, scalp, etc
  3. At a spiritual level, it cleanses the Aura, balances the chakra and keep the body at alert and aware state. And the list goes on…

Let’s go deeper in the “applying certain oil over the body, in a certain way, on a certain days” part.

Recommended Oil

  1. Gingelly oil (a.k.a til oil or sesame oil)
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Herbal / medicinal oil recommended by Ayurveda or Siddha doctor

Many people use other oils as well, Olive oil, Mustard oil, Castor oil, etc. There is nothing wrong in using these oils. Ayurveda or siddha speaks highly of gingelly oil. So we highly recommend gingelly oil. Not many know, it is called as queen of all oils.

Marigold (Calendula) infused oilWe also highly recommend that you play with other oil in parallel that suites well. Your body and mind is the best judge, just explore all and you will end up with one that makes you feel well. In most cases its gingelly!

It is better if you can get cold pressed organic oil. Or if you are in India and have local knowledge you can find places where they prepare oil in a traditional way. Or even you can prepare your own herbal oil in upcoming articles.

Recommended procedure to apply

  1. Scalp: Always start applying at the scalp with a gentle rub. You should feel the heat radiating out from the skull
  2. Yes: if the oils Is of good quality and pure you can apply couple of drops in eyes
  3. Ears: few drops to dilute the ear wax
  4. Rest of face
  5. Palms and feet: apply in both palms and rub it
  6. Rest of body

Following the procedure in a same order will release the heat thru eyes without irritation.

Massage the body

Unless you are trained massage therapist. Do not play hard, especially with kids. Just apply oil and may be a gentle massage against gravitational pull.

Day and time

If you are from India or especially from south you know it’s a Saturday. Actually our ancient text given even more details, they recommend.

  • For Men: it is Wednesday and Saturday
  • For Women: it is Tuesday and Friday

In today life busy world, it’s hard to do this in a working day partially if you have early start. But sticking to Saturday is something we should add in our schedule.

Usually it recommended to apply oil and face the sun rise. To not wait for long time. 10 to 20 mins it more than enough if you are living in a cold country.


Homemade scrubs are better for babies. Some like this

  1. Bengal gramflour,
  2. 1 tsp tumeric powder,
  3. 1 tsp vacha powder,
  4. 1 tsp zeodary root powder
  5. Cream of milk

Mix all together a best scrub for babies. Natural scrubbers such as vetiver scrubber, sponge guard, Bark of Rita even soft coconut fiber can be used.

One of the parent from our group was able share her home made shikakai powder and ubtan (scrub) for babies. This is a something they have be using this recipe of many generation, Unlike what we recommended or what you get in market, She makes Shikakai power with 18 herbs that is good for hair.

If you can not make it yourselves We would suggest give it a try.

Use warm to hot water. Do not pour hot water directly over the head. Use luke warm to cold water for head because hot water is said to be not good for hair and sense organs especially eyes. It can cause hair loss and decrease the strength of the sense organs.

We would not suggest soap, as it’s very hard to get the oil out and it damages the skins. We recommend gram flour.

For girls, when are using in face you can also add a pinch of turmeric powder with gram flour to remove unwanted facial hairs.

Any natural soap free shampoo is better or Shikakai power (you can even by a home made shikakai for here).

After an oil bath

Make sure you follow few things

  1. Black pepper rasam or soup
  2. Do not eat cooling food
  3. Avoid sleep in day time as this is most important to follow

As you practice this over a period of time you will notice the changes in body and you will feel lighter healthier mentally, physically, spiritually.

It advisable to avoid oil bath when

  1. You are not well
  2. Cold or flu
  3. Weather is cold or rainy day

To save some time over you weekend. You might first apply over your body followed by applying to your kids and give them a bath, in the last you take bath.

Do share your feedback or what kind of oil bath you do or even ask question in our comments.

Author: Velu Jayaprakash

Velu Jayaprakash is a social entrepreneur, product manager, techy, photographer, meditator, father of two angels, ancient wisdom seeker, holistic adviser and Soul coach. You can reach him at velu.jayaprakash AT gmail DOT com

Celebrate a holistic “REAL” Deepavali a.k.a Diwali

Diwali pot

We started getting calls / emails / whatsapp post in our group, from parents asking us on how to celebrate deepavali that would enhance their experience from holistic angle and would benefit their kids. Apart from the many request, we also felt it’s a high time we need bring awareness of the real deepavali.

We will leave it to Wikipedia to know about the knowledge of Deepavali. We would rather focus this article to explain from a common sense with some spiritual / scientific angle.

Our ancestor were spiritual-scientific people, when it comes to celebration, they design the best way and timed it perfect, such that, broad spectrum of people gets the benefits. (Not just restrict to some specific religion) at the end it results in better for holistic individual as well as social growth.

From a common sense, during olden days, say thousands of years back, we all accept that whole India was of forest with small village in between. When rainy season ends winter starts. The day is shorter and sky is much more clear, so during this time, many insects and so on, tries to enter various habitat for shelter. After rainy season, people need a way to send them out else they would cause infection to the people in the house. So they set up a array of lamps was used for certain period of time inside and out side. In that way the array of light was also a guide for trespasser in darkness.

Why light ghee lamp?


People would clean the house and light lamps outside the house and rivers. In that way, all the insects seeing light and warmth they move out. It you notice, our ancestors never killed even an insects. There are plenty of benefits of ghee lamp today many scientific evidence prove it. To mention some read this “Comparative study of the effect of holding a lit candle and a lit ghee-lamp using the electrosomatographic technique”. Even today in southern part of india, they all lit lamp with some herbal oil. All village takes turn creating an atmospheric relations.

Why burn fireworks?

Many wild animals who were hiding inside rainy forest roam around to breed, to make sure that, they do not enter any village and cause disturbance these lights would let know keep out. Over a period of time, fireworks made way to India in trade. When they burn this, it create a more sound. Animals was scared to enter the human habitat. Do we need this today?

Why sweets?

To increase the celebration mood, you need instant energy, so what else you could think of other than sweets? So, that is they use sweet in all festive to increase the sugar in body. Also its keep the body warm. Off course it was all cow’s ghee based sweets, so easy to digest, etc. Whenever they distributed the sweets, they also give a small portion of  Deepavali Lehyam along with it. This will improve the digestion and immunity. How humble, our ancestors were!


We are in modern cities, with complete change over the climate. So we need a way to continue the tradition at the same time we do not create more problem. So it’s high time we refine this festival.

Few tips to completely energy this day!

  1. Start you day early morning with an nice oil bath. if you have attend our intro session on swarna prshana program. You would know by now, for other,  Begin with the oil bath with gingelly oil. The oil massage followed by bath with ubtan or body scrub and shikhakhai removes the dead cell and refreshes and energises the body. The oil bath brings down the pitta or excess heat in the body and increases the appetite. We will write a detailed article soon.
  2. After oil bath take  Deepavali Lehyam daily One spoon. This lehyam is a solution to the indigestion caused by the sweets and fried foods eaten during these days. Its made with the spices easily available in the kitchen. Like peppercorns, jeera, coriander, dry ginger, ajwain etc. Want to know how to make this ? Go here.
  3. Teach children about lighting ghee lamp. There are plenty of benefits for you, family and whole society. Did you read this, “Comparative study of the effect of holding a lit candle and a lit ghee-lamp using the electrosomatographic technique
  4. Its good time, to discuss in open ended discussion about why our ancient people celebrated ask these question and see their reply, you would be amazed by their common sense and their imaginative power
  5. It’s a best day to spend with kids open a comic version of history related to deepavali and narrate the story
  6. PLEASE say NO to fireworks – you all agree to it, for very little ones, you should try trade to buy something else like gift etc….☺ But fulfill it!
  7. NO serial lights, they are not equal to ghee lamps
  8. Since you cannot control sweets. Make sure you all take triphala daily night Or after festival to clean your stomach

These are few tips we could think of. If you like to add some comments let us know.

Enjoy and happy Deepavali!

Author: Velu Jayaprakash

Velu Jayaprakash is a social entrepreneur, product manager, techy, photographer, meditator, father of two angels, ancient wisdom seeker, holistic adviser and Soul coach. You can reach him at velu.jayaprakash AT gmail DOT com