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It is commonly believed that herbal products or any healing or holistic advice are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Please be aware that many of the herbomineral products or any healing or holistic advice that are explained in this site have no clinical documentation and therefore the herbs and minerals or their combination and Indian medical formulations are described based on old traditional classical texts. This site is intended to provide information which may help in understanding ancient vedic holistic and healing practices and lifestyle practices.


The Content contained on the site is for informational purposes only and is not meant to replace or be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Owner/Author does not bear any responsibility for the authenticity or the truthfulness of the Content or the opinions and suggestions expressed herein. It is visitors own risk or discretion to read and interpret the articles or to seek advice from the author regarding the Content. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider if you have any questions regarding a medical condition.

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When you join the whatsapp Group you agree to follow the Group Ethics. Failing to do so, we may remove from the group with or without notice.

  1. While our WhatsApp group is open to all parents, it is very important that our members also believe in our basic principles and vision of reviving ancient wisdom. It is not enough that we read and hear about ancient wisdom. It’s critical that we bring them back to life and incorporate them actively in our present life.1 – Use this group for Preventive Measures ONLY (not for curative)
    2 – Use the Reply Button in WhatsApp ALWAYS to connect the thread, remember other parents need to follow the conversation
    3 – Share YOUR experience or expertise or YOUR thoughts, NOT Google results
    4 – Always give some gap or Do not interrupt when there is a particular topic trending (Except emergency)
    5 – You will search the blog before posting anything
    6 – No Video Post – If Required, send to one of the Admins and get the approval
    7 – We have a Zero Tolerance for Junk Post. It is best to keep group quiet than to flood with junk post.
    8 – SUNDAY HOLIDAY Do not use Whatsapp, spend time with family! Unless emergency – Search our blog it has many repeated information, in case if you do not find, only then ping the group. Respect the time of the individuals.
    9 – If you have followed any remedy that any parent or group has shared, please take some time to acknowledge and share your experiences if it has helped you or not. The attitude of Gratitude is the highest Yoga
    10 – FW Post – If you come across any holistic post that needs to be shared, kindly send it to one of the admins first (remember admins are same parents like you, but they have been in the system for a while). They are the Moderators here. With due discussion, we can share it in all groups or decode the myth or hoax.
    11 – FW Post – Confirm the validity of the news you wish to share in your group before circulating it. Do not expect the admin to validate the news for you. It is a dual effort.
    12 – DO NOT ping parents who are part of the group (but who you do not know otherwise) personally unless necessary/you have their consent. Any harassment / untoward behavior will STRICTLY not be tolerated.
    13 – DO NOT forward any messages you may get in this group to other groups and pass them off as your own. Please respect the contributor’s time and efforts and always include an acknowledgement when you do forward.
    14 – Please DO NOT post personal pictures/pictures of your children/videos. Let’s err on the side of caution even though all our parents are trustworthy.
    15 – Please DO NOT share any files/attachments or downloads. If you do have anything to share, please send it to one of the admins first.
    16 – Please DO NOT post any “spiritual” or “philosophical” forwards either unless you have written it YOURSELF.

We welcome your feedback, notes, ideas, messages, suggestions or other responses (collectively, “Comments”) concerning the site/Content, which shall be and always remain the exclusive property of the Author. Your submission of any such Comments shall constitute an assignment of all worldwide rights, titles and interests in all copyrights and other intellectual property rights in the Comments. We reserve all rights to use, reproduce, disclose, publish and distribute any Comment you submit for any purpose whatsoever, without restriction and without compensating you in any way. For this reason, you are advised not to share any Comments if you do not indent our authority and usage of the same. We make no representation, guarantee or warranty, whether written or implied, regarding the merchantability, accuracy, reliability, condition, or fitness of purpose in relation to the Content. We will not be liable for any damages, losses which may arise as a result of any access, use or possession of the Content or the site.

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