Celebrate a holistic “REAL” Deepavali a.k.a Diwali

Diwali pot

We started getting calls / emails / whatsapp post in our group, from parents asking us on how to celebrate deepavali that would enhance their experience from holistic angle and would benefit their kids. Apart from the many request, we also felt it’s a high time we need bring awareness of the real deepavali.

We will leave it to Wikipedia to know about the knowledge of Deepavali. We would rather focus this article to explain from a common sense with some spiritual / scientific angle.

Our ancestor were spiritual-scientific people, when it comes to celebration, they design the best way and timed it perfect, such that, broad spectrum of people gets the benefits. (Not just restrict to some specific religion) at the end it results in better for holistic individual as well as social growth.

From a common sense, during olden days, say thousands of years back, we all accept that whole India was of forest with small village in between. When rainy season ends winter starts. The day is shorter and sky is much more clear, so during this time, many insects and so on, tries to enter various habitat for shelter. After rainy season, people need a way to send them out else they would cause infection to the people in the house. So they set up a array of lamps was used for certain period of time inside and out side. In that way the array of light was also a guide for trespasser in darkness.

Why light ghee lamp?


People would clean the house and light lamps outside the house and rivers. In that way, all the insects seeing light and warmth they move out. It you notice, our ancestors never killed even an insects. There are plenty of benefits of ghee lamp today many scientific evidence prove it. To mention some read this “Comparative study of the effect of holding a lit candle and a lit ghee-lamp using the electrosomatographic technique”. Even today in southern part of india, they all lit lamp with some herbal oil. All village takes turn creating an atmospheric relations.

Why burn fireworks?

Many wild animals who were hiding inside rainy forest roam around to breed, to make sure that, they do not enter any village and cause disturbance these lights would let know keep out. Over a period of time, fireworks made way to India in trade. When they burn this, it create a more sound. Animals was scared to enter the human habitat. Do we need this today?

Why sweets?

To increase the celebration mood, you need instant energy, so what else you could think of other than sweets? So, that is they use sweet in all festive to increase the sugar in body. Also its keep the body warm. Off course it was all cow’s ghee based sweets, so easy to digest, etc. Whenever they distributed the sweets, they also give a small portion of  Deepavali Lehyam along with it. This will improve the digestion and immunity. How humble, our ancestors were!


We are in modern cities, with complete change over the climate. So we need a way to continue the tradition at the same time we do not create more problem. So it’s high time we refine this festival.

Few tips to completely energy this day!

  1. Start you day early morning with an nice oil bath. if you have attend our intro session on swarna prshana program. You would know by now, for other,  Begin with the oil bath with gingelly oil. The oil massage followed by bath with ubtan or body scrub and shikhakhai removes the dead cell and refreshes and energises the body. The oil bath brings down the pitta or excess heat in the body and increases the appetite. We will write a detailed article soon.
  2. After oil bath take  Deepavali Lehyam daily One spoon. This lehyam is a solution to the indigestion caused by the sweets and fried foods eaten during these days. Its made with the spices easily available in the kitchen. Like peppercorns, jeera, coriander, dry ginger, ajwain etc. Want to know how to make this ? Go here.
  3. Teach children about lighting ghee lamp. There are plenty of benefits for you, family and whole society. Did you read this, “Comparative study of the effect of holding a lit candle and a lit ghee-lamp using the electrosomatographic technique
  4. Its good time, to discuss in open ended discussion about why our ancient people celebrated ask these question and see their reply, you would be amazed by their common sense and their imaginative power
  5. It’s a best day to spend with kids open a comic version of history related to deepavali and narrate the story
  6. PLEASE say NO to fireworks – you all agree to it, for very little ones, you should try trade to buy something else like gift etc….☺ But fulfill it!
  7. NO serial lights, they are not equal to ghee lamps
  8. Since you cannot control sweets. Make sure you all take triphala daily night Or after festival to clean your stomach

These are few tips we could think of. If you like to add some comments let us know.

Enjoy and happy Deepavali!

Author: Velu Jayaprakash

Velu Jayaprakash is a social entrepreneur, product manager, techy, photographer, meditator, father of two angels, ancient wisdom seeker, holistic adviser and Soul coach. You can reach him at velu.jayaprakash AT gmail DOT com