HOMEMADE UBTAN- Traditional bath powder

Homemade Green gram powder is a herbal bath powder used for babies. The custom of making this homemade bath powder for babies has been followed for many years. Generally you would not get this bath powder at shops. This powder is very effective antiseptic and prevents the child from skin diseases. We give oil massage to babies and bath them with this powder. You can see the benefits of oil massage for babies in this link . Regular use of this powder will gradually reduce the body hair growth in girl babies. If you need for boys please let me know as you have to lessen the amount of Kasthuri Manjal and Poolankazhangu.


We used to make this powder at home especially for new born babies. I found out from our watsapp group that there were expectant mother and new born babies, so I thought I would help them in making this powder.

All the ingredients used to make this powder are  natural. Therefore, it does not have any harmful side effects and suits all skin types.  I have listed the ingredients used to make this ubtan below with its benefits.

Payatha Maavu (For Baby Skin)
S.No Ingrediants Use
1 Green moong Does not strip natural oil,softens skin,Removes the baby hair in the skin
2 Channa dhal Helps to improves complexion, lightens n maintains fairness
3 Kasthuri Manjal/ Wild Turmeric Anti onxidant,anti inflamatory,anti septic n anti bacterial,removes unwanted hair,keeps the baby skin blemish free
4 Poolankayangu / White Turmeric Good for skin, imparts fragrance, prevents infection n heals damaged skin
5 Vasanai podi* Consists of Rose petals, Vettiver , vasambu

*This vasanai podi is used to suppress the smell of green gram powder.

Please note that this product should be made during hot summer as all the ingredients must be dried properly. I will collect orders and make as per the demand. In case you need it later , you can always let me know as I can get it ready during the month of October as it is the next possible time to get this prepared. The shelf life of this product is 4 to 5 months if  maintained properly. Make sure you take little for the usage and store the rest in an air tight container. See to that the powder is kept away from any moisture.

Cost is Rs. 360/ Half KG.  If anyone is interested you can place your order on the above mentioned link . For more information email us @sriharicares@gmail.com or call me at 7760292062/9884554149.

We are part of HLP STORE , a project initiated exclusive by parents for parents at whatsapp holistic group.

Author: Sri Nandhini Hari

I’m Sri Nandhini Hari, a B.Com & M.B.A finance post graduate and have worked in American Express Bank as an Asst. Manager and later with CTS as Financial Analyst. I have a passion towards our own tradition and culture and this has triggered me to share the natural and homemade products to a bigger community for the benefit of all.

80 thoughts on “HOMEMADE UBTAN- Traditional bath powder”

  1. Hello Team,
    Iam very fortunate to know this group and very thankful , I have a 2 pluse years baby , I want to boost her immunity.

      1. Immunity build is not just one post or reply. It is life style changes. SWP is starting point, Lifestyle and so on ask them read the whole blog and yourube channel it have more than they ask for. You can order using swarnaprashna using following link. https://forms.gle/ogQTYHbijo6bJo1S8

  2. Hi mam
    my girl is one month old, day by day her complexion become darker, can I use this powder to improve her skin tone and pls tell me oil massage is good in rainy time as it is rainy and chill in Bangalore..? Pls do reply mam asap!!!

  3. Hello mam.
    I m priya. My daughter is 6 months old she looks little Dark so I used this powder to get bright skin if possible. Then can I use this 6 months old girl baby.

  4. I want half kg herbal bath powder with less wild & white turmeric for 3 years boy baby

  5. Hello Madam! I’m Bindu ,my daughter is of 6 years..I saw the article n enthusiastic to make one for myself n my daughter..I got the requirements what you have posted..but I need to know the proportion..

      1. Hi , I am in need to buy half kg baby bath powder for 7months old boy, I need to order, there is a lot problem while ordering in your online site, kindly help me to take order

  6. I have a girl baby 4months old her colour is just average is this useful to lighten her skin tone pls tell me then I’ll order

    1. At 4th month. you can not tell the complexion of the baby. Allow and accept the nature’s gift. Do not depend on a product to change ourselves. ubtan does help in skin tone. But that alone should be the purpose, rather think about other benefits.

  7. Hi my baby girl having 4th month now is it ok for using this powder and her skin tone is average regular usage of this her skin tone is lighten or not ??

  8. Hi! Green gram flour is known to improve skin smoothness, removing tan etc etc and also for reducing hair. I have a son who is 4 years old. Would you recommend using this on boys as well? I am afraid it might effect his hair growth when he grows up!!! Kindly guide..

  9. Hi
    My son is 7 yrs old. whenever i apply besan or green gram powder on his skin with milk and rose water. even i tried simple wheat flour but his skin turns red and becomes itchy. Can this be because of impurity of product or his skin is not suitable for these. Pl. help me. I m very disappointed that his skin reacts in this way.
    can i use above specified powder on his skin or i should not use any thing and keep using soaps. His skin is towards dry. We live in very humid area.

    1. Hi Roshi
      Herbs generally react differently for different people. Even if it is natural, its not necessary that it will suit all skin types. May be his skin is very sensitive towards these herbs. Please see to that you use these herbs after giving oil massage, because oil massage helps to get rid of dry skin. Apply oil in leg and wash with greengram powder and do a patch test. If its fine then you can try it and see if this works.

  10. Hi some people say by using payata maavu newborn babies get rash n some stopped using it coz of that. Does it initially give rash as babies skin are sensitive?

      1. Is it suitable to use this powder for my 4year boy. If i hv to reduce wild turmeric quantity, then what wil b d ratio.?

  11. Hi would like to know is did effective for eczema skin.my baby boy skin z eczematic.can I use dis powder..he z 4 and half mnth.

  12. Hi, I need this bath powder for my boy baby, whats the procedure to place order and I would like to be added in your whatsapp group too(my number is 9986199881).


    1. Hi suma, Thanks for showing interest in natural homemade product. You can order online by clicking the green button at the end of the post or call at the number provided in the post.

    1. Hi Rashmi, Thanks for showing interest in the natural products. The quantity of each items are not measreable. We do it in different batches and everything is measured by hand and the quantity changes depending on the climatic conditions.

  13. Hi dears, I have new born boy baby his skin is little dark colour how to make fair skin can u give me suggestion…..

    1. Generally most of the newly born babies looks little darker due to the outside atmosphere and the blood circulation levels, as days passes it will be alright, You can try this green gram powder which is mainly used to improve the complexion in babies.

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