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Hi Friends,

When I was sharing my Shikakai powder, many were asking some solution for hair-fall. So I thought I will share another grandmas home-made solution for hair-fall.  This is a pouch which consists of 8 major herbs required for a healthy hair growth. Our grandma insists us to use this as our daily combing oil. May be because of this we used to have healthy thick hair in our childhood. Time passed on and as I grew up, started using all cosmetics available in the markets which are easy to be applied and readily available. The results are:

  • Pre mature greying
  • Dandruff
  • Hair fall
  • Dull hair

I was also a person who was affected by all these problems. Use of chemicals  are not the only reason for these above mentioned issues, its because of our lifestyle, pollution and atmospheric changes too.

Just then my grandmas herbal oil struck in my mind which she used to make for us. I called her and asked for the recipe. Thank you Grandma! for sharing this recipe with me. Yes!!! it worked again. Wondering how come our ancestors found solutions for all problems with items which are connected to nature. Now I see a drastic reduction in my hair fall. Just thought that I would share it with a bigger community.

How this works

The below 8 natural and basic ingredients are added and slowly heated in the natural sun light, it provides the necessary nourishment needed for the hair.

  • Methi seeds – Treats Dandruff and acts as body coolant
  • Dried Amla – Improves the texture of the hair
  • Surul Pattai/Alkanet root – Naturally colours the hair
  • Dried Hibiscus flower – Gentle cleanser and prevents hair shedding
  • Mehandi cake – Prevents premature greying and conditions the hair
  • Dried Curry leaves – Repairs damaged roots n reduces hair fall
  • Rose petals – Tightens the scalp
  • Vettiver – Fragrant and coolant

How to prepare

Take a glass jar/bottle with lid and drop this herbal bag in 300 ml normal coconut oil. Pour  oil which the necessary to cover the bottom part of the pouch and place it under the sun for 4 to 5 days. The warmth and light from the sun will help to infuse the herbal properties into the oil. The oil will turn into light red colour. Now you can add the rest of the oil and use it. This oil mainly helps in  premature greying of hair and makes the hair denser and smoother. It reduces dandruff and hair-fall too. This herbal oil can be kept till 4 months.

Each pocket costs Rs.108. If anyone is interested you can place your order at sriharicares@gmail.com or call me at 7760292062/9884554149.

Note : If in case you want the entire process viz. soaking of herbal pouch in cold pressed coconut oil and exposing to sun to get the complete herbal oil, please let me know. This can be done on request basis to facilitate parents who are unable to do it. This is done with additional cost for the coconut oil.

We are part of HLP.World/Store, a community driven shopping project, that revives Indian indigenous traditional organic food. A project initiated exclusive by parents for parents at whatsapp holistic group.

Author: Sri Nandhini Hari

I’m Sri Nandhini Hari, a B.Com & M.B.A finance post graduate and have worked in American Express Bank as an Asst. Manager and later with CTS as Financial Analyst. I have a passion towards our own tradition and culture and this has triggered me to share the natural and homemade products to a bigger community for the benefit of all.

23 thoughts on “Herbal Pouch For Nutritious Hair”

  1. Hi. You have mentioned the ingredients but not the quantity. Can you please tell the amount of each ingredients.

  2. hi mam,
    All the things you told are very good for our hair. But i’m having sinusitis since 15 years. Can i use this herbs as you mentioned? Or will it trigger my sinus?

  3. hello mam,
    first of all would like to thanks for making such a wonderful herbal pouch. I have tried almost all the oil available in the market commercial and herbal but the result which I got after using this oil is excellent.
    I have few doubts can u please clarify it:

    1) after keeping herbal pouch for 4 to 5 days in sunlight we have to remove the pouch from the oil or start using as it is.
    2) can we reuse the pouch or we have to use fresh pouch each time.
    3) Shelf live of herbal pouch and last.


    1. Hi Dinesh,

      Thanks for the feedback. Since this is homemade and chemical free, the result would be far superior compared to the commercial products available in the market and our sole intention is to bring back our traditional practices.

      1) after keeping herbal pouch for 4 to 5 days in sunlight we have to remove the pouch from the oil or start using as it is.

      Pouch has to be removed as the herbs are tied in pure cotton cloth.

      2) can we reuse the pouch or we have to use fresh pouch each time.

      Each pouch can be used for 250/300 ml of oil. Better to use new pouch for consistent results.

      3) Shelf live of herbal pouch and last.

      3 months if the pouch is kept in dry condition and not immersed in oil.

      Sri Nandhini Hari

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