Do’s and Don’ts during Summer season, Grishma ritu.

Prepare yourself to protect yourself from summer. Learn simple ways from our ancient practise.

Huntington Beach Sunrise

Summer season – the scorching sun rays heats up the earth leaving it dry and hot. The sun sucks moisture from the earth seizing the energy from humans, plants and animals leaving them dehydrated. The earth seems to be burning with heat and animals feels suffering from fever by the effect of hot wind and consequent sweating. The trees have no shade under them because of falling of ripened leaves The birds and animals find rescue in the rivers and water bodies making them very muddy. The rivers and ponds get dried up quickly.

So goes the description about Summer in AsthangaSangaraha.
In Indian Calender Grishma ritu or summer falls in the period – Jyeshta and Ashadha (Mid May to Mid July). Summers for tropical countries like ours have to be considered seriously as diseases are known to spread quickly at this time. As the agneyaguna or the fire element increases in summer the moisture in the body reduces causing the increase of dryness. Energy loss from the body will be at higher rate. As the kapha is in a decreased state with vata increasing the natural vital energy or the bala will be less at this time and the immunity will be lower.

Dehydration is the one of the major problems in summer In a scorching summer heat people sweat up to 2-3 litres of sweat per hour. Plenty of water is the best way to prevent dehydration. Water kept in fresh mud pots treated with roots of ushira, sariba will retain the energy loss because of dehydration. Tender Coconut water, buttermilk, sugar-cane juice, are considered ideal summer drinks since ages.

The food and activities should be such that it combats the hot and dry qualities of the atmosphere. Sweet, cold and liquid foods are suggested in summers as they increases the kapha and brings back the moistures sucked out by the summer heat. A diet with rice, milk, ghee and diary products is the.

Summer fruits are the best naturally available nutritious food to maintain the balance of the doshas. Watermelon, Mango, Sugarcane, dates, grapes and other juicy fruits seasonally available are to be used.

Traditionally many beverages are prepared during summer like aam panna, raga, Panak Panchsara, lassis, many varieties of panaka, Sherbat, etc.

Ayurveda describes summer recipies like shadanga paneeya, mantha, hima, phanta, sakthu gulkand

Other common problems related to indigestion happens quite often because of low agni. Wrong diet and activities causes the vitiation of doshas. Also the digestive fire tends to get impaired quickly as the vital strength is weak and later it causes aama leading to many problems like diarrhoea, gastroenteritis. As a preventive measure the diet should be sweet, light, less fatty and more of liquid in nature and avoiding the the salty hot pungent tastes.

Summer skin problems such as prickly heat, heat rash, etc. are managed with cool showers or bath in pools and anointing with sandal paste.

Avoid in summer

  • Pungent, sour and salty foods and food that produce too much heat in the body
  • Too much exposure in the hot weather.Going out in the hot sun
  • Strenuous exercises
  • No alcohol or wine taken in summer months can cause weight loss, flabbiness of body, acidity
  • Sexual inter courses inappropriate at this time because of body weakness.


  • Day sleep is permitted as there ll be long days and shorter nights and due to hot and exhausting sun
  • Light thin cotton cloths keep the body cool
  • Annoitment of chandan over the body and perfumes
  • Cool and pleasant moon rays
  • Head dress prepared with garlands of petals from lotus and lily
  • Enjoy the cool breeze from the fan prepared with palm leaves dipped in sandalwater

Easiest way to beat summer is to perform Oil Bath with Gingerly Oil. It is a must!

Read More about Ancient Oil Bath.

Summer should be enjoyed in places having beautiful lakes,ponds forests gardens, having flowers with fragrance. The days should be spent indoors in building equipped with water fountains. The nights in the open under the cool moon rays with sweet smelling flowers all around.

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