“Food itself is medicine!” – Ancient siddhas

In the world of medicines with harmful side effects, genetically modified food, chemically treated drinks, busy lifestyle, electronic distractions and unpredictable environment, it is a challenge for parents to help kids become strong and sharp. Swarna Prashana is a natural remedy which is time tested, is being practiced for 1000’s of years by our ancestors  and that builds overall health and intelligence naturally without causing any harmful side effects. Learn more about, What is Swarna Prashana? or Find the ayurvedia camp near by here.

Today it is popularly known as an ayurvedic immunization program or "ayurvedic way of vaccination" promoted by many ayurvedic professionals. It is sometimes known by other names like, Swarna amruta prashana, Swarna prashana, Swarna prashan, Swarn prashan, Swarna bindu prashana or Suvarna prashan.

This project was initiated by group of like-minded parents who are passionate about reviving our ancient wisdom to rejuvenate their lifestyle with spiritual-scientific values. It was started by a group of parents, along with ayurvedic doctors and healers, to educate and enable a time tested practice called as Swarnaprashana, to bring up a healthy child in a holistic way.

In a short time, with the positive influence of social media like WhatsApp, the group proliferated to worldwide holistic parenting community. The group was appealing and attracted various people from different backgrounds like Gynecologists, Naturopaths, Medical astrologers, Organic farmers and other unique healers in a single platform. All such dots connected to form a fabulous human, called a parent.

Though it started accidentally, we in the WhatsApp community know, it is for reviving our ancient wisdom, today this platform has created many parent turned entrepreneur by sharing home-remedies, we call them ParentPreneur, and Entrepreneur who only focus on ancient products, We call them AncientPreneur. Learn more about the virtual team of parents here.

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