Rudraksha: Divine Seeds for Spiritual Journey

A Gurukul by Velu Jayaprakash

Experience the transformative power of the legendary Rudraksh in our upcoming virtual event!

❓ Do you know that a Rudraksh tree can bear Rudraksh beads with multiple mukhis (faces)?

❓Do you want to know how the different faces (mukhis) of Rudraksh can help you in specific outcomes?

❓Are you aware that the type of Rudraksh changes according to person’s numerology?

❓Are you curious to know how the divine power of Rudraksh beads can transform the journey of your life?

In Shiva Purana, Lord Shiva said to Parvati:

Rudraksha vividhaha protastesham bhedanvadamyaham |
Shrinu parvati sadbhaktya bhuktimuktifalapradan

Meaning: There are many types of Rudraksh. Apart from providing salvation, there are many secrets which I’m going to reveal to you. 

In this virtual event, you will get enlightened on:

  • Understand the spiritual significance of Rudraksh and how it will benefit you
  • Explore in-depth about the different types of Rudraksh seeds, their properties, and using them correctly to maximize benefits 
  • Get to know about the various ranges (1 mukhi to 21 mukhis) and how they help in a different situations to different people
  • Immerse in the divine connection, vibrations, and transformations the beads gift us
  • Learn the ways to cleanse the divine seeds to maintain their powerful potency
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Date & Time: 23 -25 May 2023 5-7PM IST

Avail the recordings :

Contact : Minu +919513580222


If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

8 thoughts on “Rudraksha: Divine Seeds for Spiritual Journey”

  1. The session on Rudraksha with Velu Anna was very enlightening with true facts, meaning, reasons and explanation. It was an interactive class, clearing our doubts fears and confusions. I got clarity on how where n when to use. The manthras and the periodical energizing process was also explained very elaborately. It is a complete know how on the divine seeds. Immense gratitude to Velu Anna and his team.

  2. Rudraksha has been one of the mysteries that i have been waiting to decode. The workshop covered in detail types of Rudraksha and how we can select the right one either according to our birth chart or depending on the issues being faced. The knowledge was presented in a simple yet effective way that was easy to understand and implement. Thanks to the HLP team for yet another amazing session.

  3. I came without prior experience with gurukal. After the class I took this weekend to explore the recording and my notes. To be honest I didn’t expect to gain these amount of knowledge on rudraksha. I was able to share insights to my family members which made them relook at their own rudraksha and if they are wearing the right one. They shared these reference are not found or even heard from rudraksha shops. We are blessed to be born as Indians and I feel even more blessed to learn the forgotten wisdom that we’re imparted to us by our ancestors through HLP. I didn’t became an expert in rudraksha but I definitely became more wiser! Thanks Anna and the team!

  4. Till attending this Gurukul was not aware that so many information behind Rudraksha… thanks for it… thank you HLP team

  5. Good session on Rudraksha and its benefits. Significance of using different mukis of rudrakshas for spiritual powers and good knowing which rudraksha has to be used by different rasi people.

  6. Thank you for such a great wisdom Anna. Very informative , interactive, and you patiently explained it . my perception of having/wearing Rudraksha has totally changed after attending this session.
    Gratitude for sharing the knowledge

  7. I had attended my first gurukul with HLP this past week. The gurukul I attended was about Rudraksha and it was very informative from beginning to end on what are the benefits on using per each face, who should use it, how to cleanse it and energize it etc. Thanks to Velu Anna for patiently explaining everything.

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