Spiritual Birthday – Know your exact Birthday

Know your exact birthday! -Velu Jayaprakash

What is Star Birthday?

  • We Indians follow Indian Calendar system instead of the Gregorian calendar. Indian calendars are derived from Solar-Lunar cycle.
  • There are 27 Nakshatras. Each day has a nakshatra. The same 27 Nakshatras gets repeated every month. The nakshatra which you were born is your Janma Nakshatra.
  • We need to make a note of our Janma Nashatra and the corresponding Indian month. There are various online calendars available for you to refer and find out your corresponding Nakshatra and month according to the Indian calendar. Using that we can calculate the date each year when our star birthday comes.


  • A birthday celebration is a part of our culture for generations. It is the day that affects us spiritually. Systemically, the British who invaded us have broken the fundamentals of India and made us inferior to our own culture and practices.
  • When we enter the world, the universe opens and closes many doors, every sec, the vibration from planets, changes, as per our past deeds, we enter the world at a certain point. That exact point is the weakest point. It repeats every 60 years. Each year at that star reference is also called as the birth star. Every month, during the star, we have slightly less weak vibration.
  • The actual birthday is the birth star on that year in native month. It will be a week before or after our English birth date. That is why kids get generally sick, just before their first birthday, which technically is their birthday. 

✅ Do’s on Star Birthday

  • The baby should wake up early morning before sunrises, do a proper oil bath, on that day alone, castor oil is used!
  • He/she should watch the sun for a few secs. Better if the sunlight that hits their solar plexus (in house solar generator).
  • Start the day with sweets and drink water. Then you fast.
  • Visit family deity to seek their blessing. Remember family deity is a super soul. They are neither god nor human but they sacrificed to reach god to protect the bloodline.
  • Visit places where they offer mass prayers like church or mosque which does wonders.
  • Seek blessing from elders from home, guru (if you are lucky) or mentor, well-wishers, spiritual people (irrespective if they are good or bad, their blessings work).
  • You can perform Ayush homa and Homa related to planets that are strong.
  •  In short, we seek blessings not gift.

 ❌ Don’ts on Star Birthday

  • We should not take any gift on that day! This is something we follow unconsciously because we follow at the wrong time. So, we missed a big karmic blunder.
  • We should not do any haircut, nails, eat food that increases tamasic value, etc. as this will affect the prana of the body on a longer run. Many prepare for this big day as per the English calendar and hurt the spiritual body. So, if you are planning for a big day, check our birth star and avoid that day.
  • We are not against the culture of cake cutting and game rituals, but we must also consider healing on our real birthday. This will save kids from various karmic issues and emotional dramas.
  • At the end, before going to bed, you show your gratitude to nature, and check your progress and forgive you and other’s mistakes and move on.

Note: If the kid is sick, please avoid oil bathing etc… and due to restrictions happening now avoid social gatherings.

How to find your star birthday?

Typically, you have to look at the Panchangam to predict your Janma Nakshatra. But these days it is available online. There are plenty of online tools to find out your Birth star. One needs to know the exact Date, Time and Place of birth. Pick any online tool and enter the above-mentioned details in it. That will give your Birth star. Make a note of the star and the corresponding regional month of that year.

How to Calculate your Star birthday for current year?

Once you know the Star and its corresponding regional month, pick a regional calendar for the current year, and go to the particular month and look for the date at which the birth star occurs.

Note : If your birth star falls twice in a month, then you should consider only the second one.The rest of the activities can be performed at your safety and convenience. Stay safe!

Navara Rice Balls

A Women’s health booster
  • Navara rice balls is a power packed energy builder is good for girls who hit puberty
  • It is used to boost milk secretion and regain strength for postpartum moms.
  • It can also be used for children with low weight and to cure back pain.
  • The Rice balls can be used for Menstruation Panic Attacks.


  • Navara Rice Soaked and Sprouted
  • Red Rice
  • Ajwain
  • Garden Cress
  • Fenugreek Sprouted
  • Horse gram Sprouted
  • Dill seeds
  • Dried Ginger
  • Black Sesame Seeds
  • Cumin
  • Cardamom
  • Dry Coconut
  • Melted Jaggery


Roast all the above ingredients until golden brown and it emits a nice aroma. Make appropriate consistency of jaggery and add it to the roasted ingredients along with the grated coconut and sesame seeds.

Stir well until no lumps are formed. Add a little bit of desi ghee and roll it into balls. It can be stored for a week. Make sure to keep it moisture free.

About the Author:

A Parententrepreneur ,wisdom seeker, Ms.Lakshmi Bharadwaj is very well known, old parent from HLP Community. She has been a very active member in promoting ancient wisdom our parenting community from past few years and has many articles and blogs to her credit. She beileves that path to Spirituality is through our body.

Your body is your sanctum. Maintain with divinity – Lakshmi Bharadwaj

Author: Lakshmi Bharadwaj

Lakshmi Bharadwaj, known as OJAS in whatsapp group, is a home-maker and mother of three lovely kids. She comes with a rich tradition that follows home-remedies, which makes her a passionate towards ancient knowledge in Ayurveda naturopathy and herbs. She is one of the sincere and senior member of swarnaprashana watsapp parenting community. She has been constantly guiding new parents and with her continuous selfless efforts on various social and educative platforms. She is a small startup entrepreneur made it a step ahead in collaborating O&S HERBALS with BALAMRIT and MILKMASLA which stood to her expectations with her efforts. In 2015, She was the Parent of the month for her exceptional guidance in home-remedies to many parents in our whatsapp community.

Fruit Fasting Program-LEVEL 1

Your search for best fasting program ends here.

Fasting is a beautiful way to build awareness and focus. It elevates the sense of our connection with the universe. Fasting is one of the ancient practices that our ancestors propagated us to follow. Many religions and communities follow fasting so meticulously for its wide array of proven spiritual and health benefits.

Fasting, if done right, helps to rejuvenate and detox the body and holistically improves the overall health.

Why Fruit Fasting?

Fruit fasting, just like any other fasting technique, creates an environment for the body to heal when the stored toxins are being flushed out of the system. Most of us would have tried one or the other methods of fasting such as Fruit Fasting or Vegetable Fasting or the combination of both, etc. Also, many are stuck in one method of fasting and eager to move forward from one fasting method to dry fasting, which is the highest fasting level towards spiritual awakening. But fasting has to be done from the base level i.e Fruit Fasting and to be taken forward gradually with professional support, whereas random switching over different fasting methods is neither safe nor advisable.

Why HLP Fruit Fasting for you?

We at HLP community have stepped forward to clear the myths around fasting with the help of professionals who also happen to be our HLP Community members. Commencing this month, we have this guided fasting session with coaching and support from our On-Board Naturopath and Ayurveda Practitioners who will be available online to support and clear all your queries.
As every individual is unique, so is their health condition. One fixed fasting plan may not be suitable for all. Hence, the diet for Fruit Fasting is proposed only after careful study about every individual’s health history. Every member after the enrollment process will have a session with our Coaches to discuss the health concerns and zero-in on the fasting diet plans.

Enroll here: https://pages.razorpay.com/hlpfastingL1
  • Enrollment starts on 21st June 2020 ,ends on 30th June 2020.
  • Preparation phase is from 16th July 2020 to 17th July 2020
  • Fasting is from 16th July 2020 to 18th July 2020

Enrollment process as follows:

On Submitting the enrollment form, your Profile with medical history will be analyzed by our Ayurvedic practitioner according to your Prakriti – the Vata, Pitta and Kaph combination.

The analysis will be continued by our Naturopath Practitioner in customizing the fruits diet based on your body type and your preferences to make this fasting journey an enjoyable one rather than unpleasant.

  • You will receive a communication with all the guidelines and schedules for Day 0 – Day 3 of Fruit Fasting.
  • After all, the real Spiritual journey is being at present to enjoy our life without any regrets.

What are the Levels in Fasting?

There are 18 Levels of Fasting. This periodic fasting cycle will be done once every month, commencing on an Auspicious Day.

  • May Month- Level 1 – Fruit Fasting,
  • June Month- Level 2 – Vegetable Fasting and so on…
  • Ending with the Last Level- Dry Fasting which is the highest goal in spiritual awakening.

Is Weight Loss a goal in this fasting?

Fruit Fasting is not a weight loss regime. Weight loss involves an altogether different approach and mechanism. The aim of this fasting program is to detox and reboot your mind, body and spirit.

Is it compulsory to take All the Levels?

We would love to have you travel with us from Level 1 and graduate happily till the highest level which is the Dry Fasting. Or you can choose to try Level-1 and explore your fasting practice gained in this program.

Important Note:

This program is not applicable for

  • Pregnant women
  • Lactating mothers
  • Menstruating women
  • Children below 18 years

Anyone under Serious Medical Conditions ( You will be filling the Health Form once you have enrolled, based on that you will be getting the next steps of the fasting process )

If you are looking forward to experiencing the purest bliss of chanting, meditation practice during your food fasting, then this is your beautiful beginning.

Come join us!!! Let’s Detox our system through this refreshing, rejuvenating and reviving Fruit Fasting Program with an amazing deeper spiritual experience.

Happy Fasting!!!

Fasting is not just a Physical Discipline, it is also a Spiritual Feast – Jentezen Franklin

HOLISTIC Weight Loss & Wellness Program

6-Months Online Support Program to Lose Weight Gradually and Sustain It.

Your Weight Loss Dream becomes a Reality with our 6-Months Online Support Program!
Our Simplexity Diet Solution is HOW, WHAT & WHEN TO EAT

“If you are serious about losing weight in a holistic way… if you can enter this six months commitment… if you want to reinvent your healthy self … then this is the right program for you at the right time.” 


Are you Overweight? You are not alone. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has coined the term “Globesity”, to bring to light the global scale of overweight as a serious public health concern. 

Overweight is the leading cause of other health related issues, to name a few-

  • Heart Disease
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Diabetes
  • Liver Problems
  • Bone & Joint Disorders
  • Psychological Issues & Sleep Disorders, etc
  • This Pandemic induced be-at-home lifestyles with zero physical exercises, add fuel to the already existing health and obesity-related issues.

Weight Loss is the need of the hour, especially for the people transiting between the 30s and 40s and maintaining the right BMI is the key to avoid 90% of the diseases. Taking advantage of this scenario- 

  1. The Weight Loss Industry has come up with lots of tricks to cheat people to loot money in the name of: dietary supplements filled with chemicals, weight-loss surgery that can pose serious side effects and complications, unrealistic diets which cause more harm than good to the body.
  2. Weight-loss industry, being a $70 Billion market in the USA, is booming with programs endorsed by famous dieticians, celebrity doctors, healers, etc. 

“Lose Weight not your Health!” Beware of short-cut diets and fast-track plans to weight loss. The results of such diets are short-term and create health disorders in the body.

The bottom line: That extra weight is a prospect to a lucrative business. And, to gain that money, these companies are willing to stretch the truth of what their products or services can do. However, you must understand the fact that they are more than just fads or fascinating ideas from people under limelight who would have you believe that their recommended supplements or diet plans will bring you the desired weight-loss results you so rightly deserved. 

Hence, we do not want our people to fall prey to this money-minting market. Rather, we wanted to make sure that people reach out to us through their conscious/mindfulness. Unlike network marketing, our Weight-loss and wellness program is purely an informal HLP community’s initiative and the privileged audience is our Whats-app Community parents. 

Our HLP Weight Loss & Wellness Program Focus On:

We follow the food habits passed on to us by our ancestors. We have been consuming certain foods in a certain way for ages/generations. Shifting to a shortcut swiftly from our long followed habit is highly dangerous to our health. We have to take it gradually with time. 

Our HLP community emphasis more on our  

Types of food – Seasonal, Native Varieties, Local

Eating Habits – Eat only when hungry, Munch the food well with saliva, Drink your food, Drink water later on.

These practices that we followed for ages are being ignored or forgotten owing to our current lifestyles. 

Our Holistic Weight Loss Program comes to You with: 

We, the HLP World, take immense pride in launching the groundbreaking weight-loss and wellness program. 

  1. Commence and continue your weight loss journey with the constant support of our HLP community along with the Naturopath Practitioner
  2. Your Nutritious Diet is custom-made by the doctor based on your Body type/Prakriti.
  3. The diet & fitness plan is fine-tuned to your normal routine without affecting your natural and native habits.
  4. You will have one review session per month with the doctors to discuss your progress or concerns. Also, you can reach out to our community or doctors anytime for online support.
  5. Gradual weight loss removes the unwanted body fats and re-balances your body’s metabolism, naturally.
  6. Our Nature-inspired weight loss mantra is HOW, WHAT and WHEN to eat. The good news is we endorse no- 
  • NO Supplements 
  • NO Unusual/ Extraordinary Exercises 
  • NO Medicines 
  • NO Expensive Coaches 

This program is like a catalyst to enable and empower your life’s journey holistically. At HLP.World we are with you to support and walk together in this gradual and graceful path. 

Enrollment process as follows:

6 Months Weight Loss & Wellness Program 1st Batch Begins On: 1st June

Limited to 108 Registrations. Register Now! https://rzp.io/l/hlpweightloss

Enrollment Dates: 21st June-30th June

Duration of the Program: 6 Months

For Whatsapp members : Rs.4200 ( for entire 6 Months ) 

For Non Whatsapp members : Rs.4500 ( for entire 6 Months ) 

One-One Consultation (total of 7 consultations) With Naturopath Doctor: 1st Month you get 2 consultations, 2nd month on-wards you get 1 consultation/month. (Meanwhile, you can also reach out to our community or doctors anytime for online support.)

Currently, we plan to keep the numbers bare minimum with the existing technology set up behind the screen to run this program. However, with the increasing number of enquiries and registrations, we might have to increase the contribution to meet up the technology expansion in future. 

There are a lot of people out there who lost money, health and peace in this race without proper guidance about  ‘WHEN, ’WHOM’ and ‘WHERE’ to approach for the right weight-loss program. We want to make this wellness program affordable and reachable to everyone in need.

Weight-Loss is no more an elite scheme and this is something within the reach of a person with just a mobile phone with an internet connection. So, do make use of this opportunity and share with people who are in dire need. 

Let us all enjoy the journey of Life-style change towards “A HAPPY HEALTHY ME!”

Good Health is your Birthright. It is your responsibility to claim it!

Bach Flower Therapy

Based on your Star Birthday

This is one of the traditional therapies. Basically, it uses flower essence to treat our, emotional pains and trauma, which over time impacted our health. These pains are mostly caused by our karmic imprints. Few from our group have already been benefited by this therapy and seeing a huge shift in their physical and emotional side. After their request, we have finally designed this healing to reach more people who are in need. 

Let’s see what Bach Flower Essence practice is

🌸 This was discovered by Dr Edward Bach, an English doctor, bacteriologist, homeopath and spiritual writer. Initially, it was not well received, but later many healers took this to a different level. When this knowledge reached India, our traditional healers (Siddhas) were able to unlock the hidden potential of this great healing. Why? Because we already have the wisdom with us, which we forgot and now it is taking a huge shift in the healing process. 

🌸If you look deeper, in ancient times, our ancestors had a great knowledge of various flowers, herbs, and everything around them. They used these gifts from mother nature to bring in harmony between body, mind and soul. Based on the specialization, over practice, various medical and lifestyle changes was implemented and attached to a religion.

🌸Then a story of fear and faith was colored so that people will follow it without fail. The main hidden agenda of our enlighten master was to be in peace with us.  Dr Edward Bach, took various flower essence from mother nature and was able to see how it influenced over the human mind. He classified Human beings into various psychological profiles.

🌸When we intake this certain combination of flower essence, it does a great impact on our emotional side of our mind, which is one of the root causes of various health issues we face today. 

🌸Ideally, to recommend a proper essence for your personal needs, you must spend a considerable amount of time with the healer who is well versed in the usage. The healer has to observe few areas, such as: What does the client say, Body language, healer’s intuition, and so on. There are few drawbacks in this method because many fail to express their true emotions, sometimes false body languages etc. may lead to improper combination. There is nothing wrong in these medicines, some may not work for you in the previous case

🌸Fortunately, we in India have a powerful tool that many may not have. Medical Astrology with astrology we can easily decode a person’s mind, the way they think. What happened in their life and where it is leading? So, the mind plays a huge role here. So, based on your birth time we can make various combination of flower essence as designed and proved by Dr Bach to heal able karmic emotional related issues (needless to say, it heals the health part as well). 

Who will benefit from Bach Flower Essence?

  • Persons who are suffering from long term physical pain in their body, like feet, lower or upper back, headache etc, or some issues which is hard to explain to any healer. Deep emotional issues such as Unknown fear, Uncertainty, inability to talk freely, Loneliness, Over-sensitivity, hidden relationship issues, emotional instability etc. 
  • As said many times at the group, we get diseases from various channels. Our own thoughts are one such avenue that creates these imbalances in us, that could lead to various emotional and physical issues. Bach flowers work wonder here. 

Who cannot get this essence?

  • People who do not know their correct birth time, place.
  • People outside our WhatsApp community.
  • People outside India.


According to your birth time and position of planets in your horoscope and current position, you will be given a unique combination of flower essences, you must take it continuously to the recommended cycle. Usually, it will be 12 or 27 months. Remember, every month the combination is different. So you have to daily intake it. Do not give a break. 


One Dose costs Rs 400. You will be taking 3 sets at a time, that is for 3 months (on Pushya days) so it is Rs. 1200 for cycles. Then we will be sending the next set of 3 and so on. Once you enroll, you do not have to re-enroll again. Automatically it will come to you, every three months. And you must make sure you pay on time.

You cannot reuse this for others, what is made will only match you, it cannot be shared as well. This is one the unique healing program, hence we are keeping this only for parents in our community.

July Events – Enrollments Open


  • Decoding Dreams Series v3 Date : 5th July 2020
    After a successful Series 1 &2 of Decoding Dreams, this Webinar will help you to learn and practice how to manifest, time travel and other various remedies in our dreams

For Enrollments visit : https://tinyurl.com/ybxzu7m8

  • Ayurveda for beauty and health by Dr. Lakshmy Date: 12th July 2020
    In this interactive webinar, learn the various ayurvedic therapies for health and beauty that can be practiced at home

For Enrollments visit: https://tinyurl.com/ybf26yr2


Lifeology : From Origin to the Core by RamachandranDates : 6th July – 8th  July 2020
Understand the Birth of the Universe, Pancha Bootha, the Nature’s way of appropriate lifestyle and healing.

For Enrollments visit: https://tinyurl.com/ya79x9fe

3.Special Program – On Demand – (Duration 3 months)

Diploma in Warli Art Date: 9th July

A diploma program for children and adults to explore the creative world of Warli. Learn the traditional motifs, different bases/tools with a lot of theoretical and practical sessions in these Warli Art sessions.

For Enrollments visit : https://tinyurl.com/y7fa79vh


  • Terrace Gardening by Archana TP 11th July 2020

Ever wondered how to convert your terrace into a mini herbal garden? Join this interactive webinar to know more about terrace gardening from setting up, maintenance and growing medicinal plants.

For Enrollments visit : https://tinyurl.com/yczdk57l

  • Special Children – A panel discussion 25th July 2020

A special event for our Special Children. Be a part of this interesting panel discussion to know more about nurturing the needs of the child, Facilitation of learning environment, positive parenting and much more

For Enrollments visit: https://tinyurl.com/y9rwngvm

  • Weight loss Program (or Weight Management For Weight Gain as well) 6 Months Program Commencing from 1st July 2020

The Only LOSS that you feel Happy about is your Weight-LOSS
Here’s our unique Weight Loss program to tune you into a Healthier version of Yourself without compromising your food

For Enrollments visit: https://tinyurl.com/yb39343v

  • Fasting Program
    Guided Fasting program with Coching and Support from our on board Naturopath and Ayurvedic Practioners

Level 1 – Fruit Fasting Date: 16th July– 18th July 2020
For Enrollments visit: https://rzp.io/l/hlplevel1fastingb2

Level 2 – Vegetable Fasting  – Starts on 16th July 2020
Open only for participants who have finished level 1, please reach out to Fruit Fasting Group Admin for enrollment link

Level 3  – Fruit Fasting   –  Starts on 16th July 2020
Open only for participants who have finished Level 1 and Level 2, please reach out to Fruit Fasting Group Admin for enrollment link


  • Bach Flower Therapy – Based on Birthday
    Floral essence to heal your body and mind, thus adding a positive fragrance to your life
    For Enrollments visit: https://forms.gle/uEcVX4XuzcMLX4Yq8
  • Medical Astrology Reading – Online Report
    For people who are spending a lot in medicinal expense, this will give you a clear direction
    For Enrollments visit: https://pages.razorpay.com/medicalAstro

Enrollments close on 30th June 2020

Special Children – A Panel Discussion

Every child is gifted , they just unwrap their packages at different times

Every Child is different and unique. The children as a whole self are very special and each of them is gifted with treasure of package by the nature. The treasure inside each child can be hunted by the caregivers with the help of the environment. There are lot of approaches specially designed to meet the needs of the child with the love and encouragement from the family.


  • Nurturing the needs of your child
  • Positive Parenting
  • Facilitation of Learning Environment
  • Support from Family

Join us for the inspiring discussion by Priya Ravichandra, Gayathri to know more about their experience and thoughts!

Date: 25th July, 2020

Time: 5 pm to 7 pm

Join us here https://www.facebook.com/groups/holistic.living.parenting/ to follow the FB Live session

Contact (Mrs. Minu Amar) : +91 95135 80222

Every child has special way of adding joy to everything they do !!!


Terrace Gardening-HLP Webinar Series

By Archana TP

Archana TP, mother of a 3-year-old who is a part of our magazine and forms creation team. She is an avid gardener, crafts lover and upcycling enthusiast. She has immensely contributed towards the magazine creation and various other areas of our HLP community. Archana is an ardent follower of holistic practices and our HLP community.

Are you interested in setting up your own roof garden?

Do you want to learn about art of growing herbs at home?

Do come and Join us for the exclusive webinar on Terrace Gardening and nourish your Soul!

Topics on Focus

  • Preparation of your Roof top
  • Preservation and Manuring of plants
  • Essential plants in your garden
  • Edible Weeds

Date: 11th July

Time : 9 am-10 am IST

Where: Facebook Live

Join us here https://www.facebook.com/groups/holistic.living.parenting/ to follow the FB Live session

CONTACT : +91 95135 80222 ( Mrs. Minu Amar)

Small space or big space doesn’t matter, lets make it a green space!


DIPLOMA In Warli Art

The Art of Warli- for the Artist in You by Iswarya Vignesh

Let’s explore this fascinating tribe and learn their unique style of painting.

India- a land blessed with impressive variety of culture and tradition along the diverse geographical features and climatic conditions. Different tribes and adivasis lived in this country with their own lifestyle, traditions, culture, food habits and rituals. But they all had one thing in common-“NATURE IS THEIR GOD”. They lived as an integral part of the nature. One such community is WARLI tribes of Maharashtra, one of the oldest tribes of India. Though historians predict that Warli art tradition can be traced back to the Neolithic period, this art came into the limelight only by 1970’s.


The art of warli gained its popularity at national and international level mainly because of the simplicity of the art- be it the shapes or the colours and materials used. Warlis lived in a minimalistic way, Dance and Music are the part of their life which can be seen in their art too. They have deep sense of respect towards the nature. All the instances from their day to day life became the motifs of their painting. These motifs along with the instances from their daily life are drawn in the loose rhythmic pattern. In short, they passed their legacy and tradition to the next generation through this art form.

Traditionally these paintings were done on the wall by the women of the family only for special occasions like wedding and harvest time. In late 70’s these people started adding more motifs of their social life and started drawing many creative pictures which helped this art to gain more popularity nationally and internationally. All their stories were just expressed with two basic colours- red from the earth and white from the rice.


With increased popularity of this art, there are many short-term workshops and courses being conducted by various artists. A day or a week’s workshop might give some basic knowledge about certain motifs, but mastering this art needs continuous training and tremendous effort to express our life and thoughts in this simplified art form.


  • This 3-month diploma course is designed in such a way that you will be getting the video lessons every Thursday of the week.
  • Number of lessons might vary between 5-8 per week based on the chapter.
  • Variety of innovative themes and motifs will be given as individual assignments every week based on the age and level of expertise.
  • This continual guidance will inspire and serve your unique creative needs and freedom to practice at your own pace.


  • Detailed history of warli tribes, their customs and traditions
  • How to draw human characters in warli
  • How to draw pet animals and wild animals in warli
  • How to draw birds and reptiles in warli
  • How to draw various natural elements like river, mountains,trees etc
  • How to draw different dance forms in warli
  • How to draw devotional works in warli
  • How to draw Celebrations , theme painting and many more…


We as a community have always given importance to our ancient wisdom. Having this in mind, we have designed this diploma program in such a way that- 

  • You will get to learn the lifestyle of warli tribes. 
    We will be sharing many interesting facts about the warlis every week- about their minimalistic lifestyle , customs and traditions etc from which you will be able to get a picture of how our ancestors were able to lead a simple and meaningful life.
  • Significance of traditional motifs which is used in this art form for ages 
    For centuries together, warlis were using many traditional motifs. There is a reason behind every motif and its chosen based on the occasions/celebrations. Its important for us to know the hidden meaning and also how our ancestors came up with a ritual for every motif to pass on to the next generation in art form.
  • How to use a simple graphic vocabulary to depict the day-to-day life
    As said earlier, this art became very popular by adding more socio-cultural elements of today’s world. By the end of this program you will be able to fraw this abstract art with the narratives of your own day-to-day life/unforgettable events in your life/true or fictitious stories/your own comics etc.
  • How to paint with natural and artificial colours 
    Traditionally warli is not a permanent art, its a temporary painting done on the wall for every occasion. In today’s modern world, with so many base ,mediums and tools for painting available around us-we will be introducing a new base /tool/ medium every week to explore and have fun in learning
  • Regular assignments, projects and quizzes 
    This session is going to be a good combination of theory as well as practical art class. To make it more interactive and tap your creativity part, we will be giving age appropriate weekly assignments, monthly projects and also quizzes


  • Right hemisphere of your brain is associated with creativity, emotion and being intuitive. Warli art is a simple creative tool to experiment and explore your creative side of your brain.
  • Creating art is considered a therapy to touch the meditative aspect in your soul.
  • Engaging in art helps you to develop imagination and free-thinking.
  • You will be provided support to work through creative doubts and blocks.
  • Inputs to practice and develop as an artist. This is the perfect opportunity for you to realize your artistic potential.


Event start Date: 9th July,2020 (3 months)
Age group : 10+kids to adults
Class Timings: 5 pm to 6 pm IST
Medium : Google Classroom

Enroll Here: https://pages.razorpay.com/HLPWarli
Last day to Enroll: 30th June,2020
For more details contact Minu : +91 95135 80222

Eligiblity criteria: Only your willingness to explore the artist in you. Even a nonartist can draw beautiful Warli art at the end of this session.

This is not a live event. Regular assignments, projects and quizzes is included. This session is going to be a good combination of theory as well as a practical art class.

Learn this tribal art which is simple yet deep enough to speak volumes about our ancestor’s lifestyle. It’s time to learn and spread this indigenous art form to our future generation.

Art enables us to find and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Thomas Merton

Lifeology: From Origin to the Core

An Exclusive eGurukul by Ramachandran

Understanding the formation of Universe

The whole universe revolves around the Pancha Boothas. So, it is of utmost importance to understand the appropriate propositions of bonding with each element in our life. Each of the five elements has a unique character, and every individual has a special affinity towards one or more of them. Understanding the 5 elements can help us harmoniously balance our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

  • Do you know the role of the five elements (Pancha Boothas) in our lives?
  • Do you know how to be in sync with Nature for healing and Harmony?
  • Do you know the connection of Ether with our mind?

In this e-Gurukul, you will learn

  • The Birth of the Universe, the role and characteristics of the Panja Bootha
  • The significance of our role in connection with the 5 elements, i.e Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether, and how they help us in the healing process whenever there is a need.

The sessions will take you through the basic understanding of Nature’s way of Lifeology, how the elements get connected to our human system and the coordination from our side to balance these energies in our body for that ultimate healing process.

Join us and explore the amazing interconnection between Nature’s Role and Our Role to re balance the elements and energies of the body.

Date : 6th, 7th, 8th July

Time: 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.

Where: Online Interactive eGurukul Session from the comfort of Home

Enroll here: https://pages.razorpay.com/lifeology

Contact : +91 95135 80222 ( Mrs. Minu Amar)