Jatakarma – Concise Ancient Immunisation Activitiy

September Fifteenth, Twenty Twelve
In today’s world when it comes to holistic childcare or wellness of the family, we have lot more options than ever. In the quest of finding the right procedure to build an over all healthy child seems to be an endless loop. Like a light at the end of the tunnel, current generation parents are indeed going back to the roots. It is surprising to see our ancestors have derived certain activities that is not only enhances physical or physiological growth, but for complete spiritual growth. Let us go back in time, and see what they did when a child is born.

We would strongly advice you to treat this article for information purpose only and seek your Doctors or right professionals if you want to follow it. We would like to thank all our parents in our whatsapp group who constantly kept us encouraging to publish something like this.

Immediately after birth

Very first thing when a baby arrives, they wanted to start with a positive impression on the baby, because babies can record consciously. The father would recite a Sloka in baby’s right ear.

“Angaadangaat sambhavasi hridayaadadhijayase|
Atma vai putranamaasi sa jiva saradassatham||”

Shathayuhu shathavarshoasi deerghamayuravapnuhi
Nakshatrani disho ratrirahashcha tvabhirakhshathu”

-Ashtanga Hridayam

Which means “You are born from each of my limbs. Heart is the abode of desire, called ‘Putra”, you are indeed my Atma (form). May you live a hundred years.”. The very first thing baby hears or get blessed is, “live a hundred years” Wow! What a positive thought our forefathers had!


Woman breast-feeding a boy, Crafts Museum, New Delhi, India

From this point onwards, one of the six childhood saṃskaras starts, this is called Jatakarma. They first cut umbilical cord. Today in the west and some hospitals in India, do allow fathers to be part of delivery and he gets a chance to cut umbilical cord, this situation fosters a healthy bonding with the new born.

Post cutting of umbilical cord, father chants a sloka and administers mixture of gold bhasma, ghee and honey. They might have done this for two reasons, firstly they would welcome the new born with sweet taste, which will trigger baby’s taste buds. Secondly, normal mother would take three days to lactate, until then, this mixture called as swarna prashan will give necessary nourishment. While administering father would chant the following sloka

“Jatakarma pashyame sharadaha shatham jeevame sharadaha shad am shrunuyama sharadaha shatham

Medham te Devassavita medham Devi Saraswati|
Medham te Asvinou deva vadhattamam pushkarasraja||”

“May the effulgent Savita Deva, Saraswati Devi and Asvini Devas wearing lotus garlands bless you with Medha (power of retentive memory).” 

“Tvayi medham tvayi prajam tvayyagnistejo dadhatu|
Tvayi medham tvayi prajam tvayeendra indriyam dadhatu|
Tvayi medham tvayi prajam tvayi Suryo bhrajo dadhatu||”

“May Agnideva bestow on you retentive memory, progeny and splendor and power. May Indra bestow on you retentive memory, progeny and power of Indriyas (sense organs). May Surya bestow on you retentive memory, progeny and brilliance.”

The very next thing after blessing the child with long life, now, they enable and bless the baby with cognitive power.

On the first day, they used to give three type of gold based mixture with mantra japa, like :

  1. Gold and vacha
  2. Gold, vacha, brahmi, kushta, haritaki with ghee and honey
  3. Gold, amalaki, chorrnam, ghee and honey.

They also placed the sacred nine grains called as navadhanyam mixed with turmeric water powder near the head side for 7 days. Each grains represent one the cosmic planet that influences the baby to attend positive support form this planets. Turmeric was mixed to drive away insects. There is also a hidden message in nine grains, which we will explore in our forthcoming article.

From day one to first birthday day, a lemon was kept near the head to observe the negative vibrations.

Second day and third day, yashimadhu ghrtam would be give, by this time, mother would be able to lactate. In case of delay in lactation, they used to give fresh butter.

Mother’s feed

Illustration Acorus calamus0

By now, mother starts to feed her baby. At this stage mother would offer the right breast first with the following sloka.

“Ayam kumaro jaraam dhayatu dirghamayuh:|
Yasmai tvam sthanaprapyayayur varcho yaso balam||”

“May this child, by suckling, drink old age and long life. (may live a long life). O breast, enable this child to develop long life, brilliance, fame and strength.”

In some case, mother may not be able to lactate, the best alternative was to give goats milk

While feeding, a pot of water is placed at the head side of the baby. Following mantra is recited.

“Aapassuptheshu jagratha rakshaamsi niritho nudadhvam||”

“O Waters, while we sleep, you be awake and drive away demons from here.”

Pot of water can be placed at the head side of the baby till they sleep peacefully alone and pour this water to baby’s birth star plant, this washes away the negative energy. Even adults can follow this to protect them from bad dreams.

In lines to heal the birth wound, and nourishment overall growth, by applying cloth soaked in ghee on the head, If you read our article why they tonsure babies and healing property of ghee, you would know ghee would act as a amazing healer for skull development for baby.

They also used to wear vacha on hands, legs, neck and head. Precious gems were in use during olden days along with horn of cow or ox or deer. All these would help baby to heal and protect their nonphysical body.

Fumigation would be started with vacha, ashtagantha and few more herbs to strengthen their breathing path, protect from cold and purify air around that area. Mantras were chanted during morning and evening daily.  By the tenth day they perform Naming ceremony known as Namakarana, which we will write in detail later.

It is astonishing to see our ancient peripatetic knowledge and practice is far advanced than we think, and in fact with no side effects! read that again. In our continuation of this article we will list of exact herbs and proportion that starts from day 1 to age 12.

Author: Velu Jayaprakash

Velu Jayaprakash is a social entrepreneur, product manager, techy, photographer, meditator, father of two angels, ancient wisdom seeker, holistic adviser and Soul coach. You can reach him at velu.jayaprakash AT gmail DOT com

Studies show no toxicity on Swarna Prashana on Albino Rats

We found yet another extraordinary work by Dr.Vinarma Sharma: Toxicity Study of Suvarna Prashana in Albino Rats, KLE University.

Albino Grey Squirrel
Long term use of Suvarna Prashan has been recommended for neonate and claimed as a wide range of therapeutic efficacy in classics. Its modified form Swarnaprashana may have some unknown toxicity profile.This study was done to find out of possibility of toxicity of swarnaprashana.

The study shows that no sign of toxicity was observed in the chronic level of administration in Albino rats. No mortality and abnormal behaviour changes were found. Maximum increase in weight was observed in the Swarnaprashana group.

The present study shows that no signs of toxicity when used for longer term.

Source here

Why do kings and queens wear golden crown?

France-001310 - Gold Crown

In continuation with, Swarna (gold) bhasma the healer, Now, we know why ancestors give so much importance to gold. No wonder it is the main ingredient in swarnaprashana. Apart from the usual medical and cosmetic benefits, gold has huge impact on spiritual life. Understanding this more deeper will unlock the mysteries of, why various religious practices used gold.

We are constantly influenced by many factors, such as food we take, environment we live in, the genetic patterns we carry (or more appropriately karma). The next core level influencer would be the planets and stars. From our recent article (on why you should not cut nails on a new moon day) it will be very clear. Gold as metal always has a special effect towards planets, it always pulls the positive cosmic energy and suppresses the ill effects. That is why in many worship places, they used to cover the roof or walls with gold.

The Golden temple...

The intensity of influence, from these cosmic bodies, varies with different objects. Over 1000s of years in search and medication our spiritual scientist discovered some stones had better response from specific planet and, in return these stones had greater influence on human physical, psychological and psychic senses. Over a period of time, they turned into precious, as many people wanted to balance their negative effects.

Even in olden days, it was hard to all to get access to gold or precious stones. So, a common place for worship created to place these items, in that way, everyone can experience or get the benefits. Just like, the oxygen parlor, where people visit today, to inhale breathing fresh oxygen in exchange for some money. These ancient wellness centres was upgraded with medical plants, spiritual rituals, specialized medical portions were given to people who visited them. The end goal was simple, to help human in the journey of self-realization and to maintain positive health. Over a period of time, like all projects, this was forgotten.

aura 2007 08 23
Every living thing or non living thing has an aura, it changes with your thoughts, food, or even when we touch any metal. Gold and precious stones has positive effects on our aura. From the time of kirlian device invention, scientifically there are continuous attempt to read aura. Apart from attracting cosmic energy or cleansing the aura, these precious stones particularly, diamond and coral, does have an amazing capacity to store primordial sounds. Like a USB memory drive. Recently there was scientific paper published saying that, you can store more data over a glass. Think about diamond?

According to the spiritual research foundation, “gold opens crown chakra gold should be worn above waist The gold bead will pick up more energy from the surroundings and give the meridian a boost. Gold is warm and dilates the tissues and relaxes the injured area, permitting repair to be a little faster.” From reflexology and acupuncture point of view, electrical meridians (is like a electrical circuits) of the body are the electrical circuits are influenced by gold. Gold also can be used as a sort of jumper wire that allows the energy to go from one meridian that is normal and strong to one that is weaker and not functioning as well.

Brazilian gemstones

Is it for this reason, Kings and Queens wear golden crown with precious stones. This is not for showing their richness, but to get all positive energy that is needed to make decision that is going to affect their entire nation for generations. Over period of time, this reason got vanished and the deeper knowledge of these metals and stones were lost or perhaps kept in secret and, it was used for ornamental purpose. Even in some worship places, they have a similar crown with precious stones, they used to chant those primordial sound and the vibration is stored. When anyone visits, the crown is placed over their head for some time get the benefits.

Similarly, Apart from metals and precious stones, even certain fresh flower has more aura enhancing effect. It is for this reason at the time of wedding in India they wear garlands made from flowers. This is just to enhance their clarity of self. Over a period of time, the flower turned into plastic.

Author: Velu Jayaprakash

Velu Jayaprakash is a social entrepreneur, product manager, techy, photographer, meditator, father of two angels, ancient wisdom seeker, holistic adviser and Soul coach. You can reach him at velu.jayaprakash AT gmail DOT com

Swarna (gold) bhasma the healer

Today is Pushya Nakshatra, to administer Swarnaprashana (why?). Gold or swarna is the key elements in swarnaprashana. So we decided to write a detailed view about gold for the benefits of everyone.

Golden LaughGold is the most loved and valued metal on earth. It is precious because of its uniqueness and wide applications. It is also an important metals for healing. The use of gold in medicine is seen throughout the history of civilization, especially in Indian and Chinese medicines. Edible form of gold is used in higher end form of food and beverages. Eating gold is always part of gastronomic luxury even today. Cosmetic industry uses gold in their premium products for anti-ageing.

The use of gold compounds in modern era began in twentieth century after the discovery of gold cyanide having bacteriostatic properties. The use of ant arthritic gold compounds have been in use since the introduction of the popular drug aura fin in 1985. Which is still one of the most effective drugs for reducing inflammation in joints the efficacy of gold in treatment of arthritis was better understood after Second World War. Subsequently gold therapy was introduced and now it is accepted as a part of medicine called chrysotherapy. The gold drugs were used in treatment of variety of arthritis and skin problems such as utricaria and psoriasis. The search for new therapeutic uses of gold other than rheumatoid arthritis has led to some interesting advances and achievement of major miles stones in cancer treatment.

Modern medicine and surgery finds lot of scope in its potential application most of the applications are largely related to the excellent biocompatibility and inertness of this versatile metal. Gold is resistant to bacterial infection and has been used in surgeries and implants that are at risk of infection. That is why our ancestors chose gold for piercing ears. Gold is radiopaque which means gold plated stents offer best visibility under X-ray, enabling them to be positioned accurately during surgery.

Nanotechnology is one of the most advanced technique in modern medicine. Gold nanoparticles possess vast potential for a variety of biomedical applications in imaging, diagnosis and therapeutics. Gold nanoparticles represent a major achievement in nanotechnology and milestone in cancer treatment. A potent anticancer compound attached to a gold nanoparticle can be delivered directly and accurately to a tumor without affecting the surrounding tissues. This is a major step forward towards cancer treatment.

Gold-quartz placer nugget (derived from auriferous Precambrian basement rocks; Elk Creek, west of Rt. 285, southeast of the town of Lead, northern Black Hills, western South Dakota, USA) 1Gold is used as nano particles in the form of colloidal gold, magnetic nano-gold particles, nano-gold sphere, nano-shell, nano-rods, gold cluster. Gold colloids are sold in market as mineral supplements that enhances brain function for sharper mental ability.

Ayurvedic medicines uses gold mainly in bhasma form. Bhasmas are one of the unique preparations in Ayurveda, they can be said to be one of the most ancient applications of nano-technology. Studies establish that these herbo-mineral formulations are nearer to nano-crystalline materials of modern era, similar in physico-chemical properties. The action of bhasmas can be compared to the bhasmas are readily absorbable, adaptable and assimilate without being toxic these attributes of bhasmas are comparable with the action of NPs in the body which are also biodegradable, biocompatible and non-antigenic in nature, Gold bhasma contains globular particles of gold with average size between 56 to 57nano metre. The gold bhasma and the gold nanoparticles prepared by modern method are quite comparable.

Swarna (gold) bhasma has been used in treatment of many diseases and for rejuvenation for ages. It is considered the best rejuvenators to improve longevity and prevent antiaging. This natural aphrodisiac is used in treatment of infertility and sexual weakness. It improves intelligence, memory, and speaking capacity. Impaired intelligence, loss of memory, pscychosis, epilepsy and many other nervous problems are treated with swarnabhasma. It increases digestion, and improves strength and immunity. Asthma, Malabsorption syndrome, dyspepsia, muscular weakness, general debility, and many other major illness involving Vata are treated using gold bhasma. The properties to improve metabolism of blood formation, digestion, assimilation, excretion and purification, and nervous coordination all the diseases of Vata and Kapha imbalance respond quickly to use of Swarna Bhasma. Swarna bhasma is usually given orally mixed with honey, ghee or milk.

In ancient text Ashtanga Hridaya Sutrasthana, it is mentioned that, if someone uses gold bhasma for a few months, the toxins cannot do any harm, just like a water drop that cannot touch the leaf of the lotus flower.

Gold posses lot of antioxidant properties and it is very beneficial for babies who were delivered with difficulty. During the process of delivery, oxidative stress to the baby and this can be relieved with the antioxidant properties of swarna bhasma in the swarnaprashana.

According to the acharyas, gold should be fed to the infant even before the breast milk secretion happens. Hence, it became a part of essential sixteen samskaras mentioned in ancient texts for pediatrics.

Do read our next article to know more about gold’s benefits (from a spiritual angle) in “Why do kings and queens wear golden crown?