Studies show no toxicity on Swarna Prashana on Albino Rats

We found yet another extraordinary work by Dr.Vinarma Sharma: Toxicity Study of Suvarna Prashana in Albino Rats, KLE University.

Albino Grey Squirrel
Long term use of Suvarna Prashan has been recommended for neonate and claimed as a wide range of therapeutic efficacy in classics. Its modified form Swarnaprashana may have some unknown toxicity profile.This study was done to find out of possibility of toxicity of swarnaprashana.

The study shows that no sign of toxicity was observed in the chronic level of administration in Albino rats. No mortality and abnormal behaviour changes were found. Maximum increase in weight was observed in the Swarnaprashana group.

The present study shows that no signs of toxicity when used for longer term.

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