Why you shouldn’t cut nails during New Moon day (Amavasya)?

Diwali from the water in Varanasi, India

Moon has significant influence on us. If you wonder how these bodies in space could affect us, ask a person at beach on a full moon day. Those rising tides are due to the effects of full moon. From common sense, when moon can influence an ocean, think about a human body? Our body consist of more than 50-70% of water, this is even higher in infants. Our brain consist of more than 75% of water. So it should be clear that moon influences our brain, which is translated to thoughts and reactions. Hence the word “lunatic” is derived from the word “Luna” means moon.

All most all traditions and religious rituals gives much importance to moon’s relative position to us on earth. From spiritual-scientific angle this makes lot of sense. At our holistic childcare group, we often remind parents (or even push them in our Whatsapp Group) to follow certain tips. One such thing is, we request them, not to cut nails (particularly toes) during new moon (or Amavasya) in tandem, we advise parents not to cut hair on a full Moon day (or Purnima).

Without exploring more into various religious rituals connected to Moon, We will analyse from a spiritual angle. Life force in our body keeps oscillating all the time, this is relative to various chakras, nadis, surrounding, etc. On a full moon day our life force is at the head level.

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Now exploring further about the connection towards hair’s effect to health will be clear. Hair is the extension of our nadi. there are around 72,000 nadis in our body. Ida, pingala & sushumna were few important nadis that you must be aware of. It is through this hair tip we sense subtle sensation. If you had visited some ancient south Indian temples, Male devotes are requested to remove their tops while entering the main shrine. Because the spiritual energy are sensed through hair in their chest.

On a full moon day, the life force is high and near the top of the body, head, so cutting the hair will affect the nadi and this will affect the life, health of a body on a longer term. In the same lines, on a New Moon day, when you do not see the moon at all, so less effect on us. So, the life force is at foot level. Nails are also an extension of nadi and it is also through this we sense subtle energy. Now you know the reason, we see all ancient spiritual-scientists (or in other words, rishis, yogis or siddha, prophets, healer, etc.) grow a lot of hair and do not cut nails.

Since, the life force is either pulled to top of the head on a full moon day or at the foot level on a new moon day, it creates indigestion problems. That is one of the reason why people choose to fast on this day. This (biweekly fasting) is good for healthy living.

DS181 Subtle
If you are a regular yoga person or a meditater or a person who can sense the inner sensations of your body, you would for sure feel the pulse at a certain location of your body, particularly on full moon or new moon day.

We are a by-products of our ancestor’s karma. Those passed souls on new moon day, settle at ground level, and it is this time, if you show gratitude, they might bless your family. This is 1 of 12th blessing essentials for our growth mentioned in ancient texts.

From Wikipedia.

Even today, traditional workers like masons do not work on Amavasya in India. However, they will work on Saturdays and Sundays. Even High Court judges of 18th century India used to observe Amavasya as a day off. It was the British Rule that brought the Sunday-off principle to Indian industry.

There are plenty of situation we can use moon to our advantage by knowing its position, We will explore this in great details in coming future. Do ask questions or share this with others.

Author: Velu Jayaprakash

Velu Jayaprakash is a social entrepreneur, product manager, techy, photographer, meditator, father of two angels, ancient wisdom seeker, holistic adviser and Soul coach. You can reach him at velu.jayaprakash AT gmail DOT com

43 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t cut nails during New Moon day (Amavasya)?”

  1. Good afternoon guru ,
    Can I have a hair cut on amavasya (no moon day ) is it good or bad ? (Monday – 3rd June – 2019)

  2. Always fight on Tuesdays, Friday’s ,New moon and full moon days with wife. Is it a problem where we r residing or any other reason.

  3. My husband is going for a surgery on 11and12sep that is new moon I believe that we shouldn’t get it done at that time .do any mishap really happen if we have been doing it on new moon

    1. Usually in Medical emergency you should not look into this. If this is something we can plan..(read this as not emergency) then you need to consider this birthstar, that days effect, and so on. I would suggest if this is any medical emergency do not worry all will be for good and natures will, if we can push it by one day then its okay. I always suggest you should check with Professional.

  4. Hi,

    Most of the times, I have heard elders and my husband also stating that “Today is Amavasya, not a day to start anything new”. For Ex: Giving birth to a child, Starting any new business, First School Application, First time admission to school, Making any business Dealings, etc.

    I would like to know what impact would Amavasya have on doing such things.

    Thanks in Advance


    1. Post Amavasya is when the moon waxes, that is, its powers increases towards contribution to growth. Each of these events on amavasya has different effects. It is a complex topic. Usually next of new moon day is very good. Push most of it to next day.

  5. Hi, is there any logic behind not cutting nails on saturday or in the evenings? Would like to understand, thanks in advance

    1. In olden days, they used to cut nails and hair outdoor. In side, these waste might mix into food or infants. The light from oil lamp is not enough. at night kapha will takeover for body to rest. at time it harms the body. and might have disturbed sleep.

      Saturday and Tuesday are related to metals doing more harm. Like Gold is best today. They usually start war on these days..

  6. A full moon is always beautiful.Is it good to have delivery on full moon day? What are the effects of it? How will the child be?

    1. It depends on various factors. you should consult a professional. In general, yes, it is good. Since the moon is at its peak power. the kid might have almost clarity of thoughts and creativity. All the best!

  7. Hi,

    Nice to know that there are people who continue to follow and insist on such things.

    In my family, it is said that one should not cut nails after 6 pm(rather sun set) and also not on tuesdays and fridays.

    It would be good, if you could share some thoughts based on science on the above. I would be happy to hear.


    1. Days to cut nails and not cut nails by itself is a big topic. We will write a detailed one soon. In ancient days, cutting hair or nails are usually done at broad day light and outside house. After six, it was hard to clear and there is a possibility of injury. Also, cutting related activity is better done in influence of sun, and Moon takes over in evening which controls our mind.

      Not only, Tuesday or Friday, you should also not do it on your birthday, birthday star, ekadeasi, etc. We will write a blog soon. Very good question indeed!

      1. Looking forward to a detailed blog, on why we can’t cut hair & nails on Tuesdays, Ekadashi etc. With scientific reasons. Thanks.

  8. Hi,
    I have observed that my business will be fruitful from the start of full moon till amavasya, then from amavasya to full moon i struggle a lot.
    Can you help me understand this better? Is there a remedy or a precaution that i can possibly take?

    1. Thanks for reaching. You should consult professional in this regard. If you are sure about the pattern then
      1. you should focus more activity on Full Moon to New Moon and less of activity. Time is like that.
      2. Daily breath through left nostril (for 21 times twice a day) particularly from new moon day to Full moon day.

      Others regarding, remedy or precaution. you DOB, time place all need to analysed. If you are business is holistic by nature, do let us know, we will share your details to all other parents 🙂 – All the best!

  9. Hi Velu ,

    Thanks for this information , it sounds very scientific and I would like to know more about it like , I have heard that pregnant ladies need to take extra care on New moon day , can you kindly expalin this is this true and if they why and what all precaution we need to take .

    1. On a new moon day, as mentioned before, the life force is at foot level. So, chances of getting foot injured is likely. That is why they say pregnant women are asked to pay extra attention. If you sense, you are lacking moon’s positive energy or confused (this is a clear sign of moon very weak), breath long deeply through left nostril for 21 times. Your mind will be better.

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