Shivaratri 2023

~The Stillness of Night: A Journey to Inner Peace

Experience the transformational power of Shivaratri like never before ~~ by observing a night-long vigil, we have the opportunity to delve deep within and harmonize with the cosmic energy. Just as we cleanse our colon three times a year, oil bath twice a week, fast once a week or two, sacrificing sleep for a night at least once a month or once a year, can bring about miraculous changes in our health, body, and mind.

“Our ancestors were far more advanced than we give them credit for. They meticulously studied the effects of different days on our well-being. Shivaratri offers us the chance to reset our internal clock and reconnect with our deeper roots. The ancient gospel Thirumandriam, as written by Siddha Thirumoolar, highlights that ” Shivaratri is a transformative night of spiritual awakening, where we can experience the oneness of our individual consciousness with the supreme consciousness.”

lets look into some of benefits of sleep fasting –

📿 The body and mind are naturally inclined towards stillness and introspection during the night.
📿 It helps to regulate the circadian rhythm and promotes deep sleep.
📿 Improving insulin sensitivity, reduce inflammation and promotes longevity
📿 Regulates, body’s energy system, improves flexibility and balance and promotes mental calmness and clarity.
📿 Psychologically, reduces stress and anxiety and promotes positive emotions and relaxation.

✨💫✨ “Embrace an unforgettable night with a program designed to captivate your senses. Immerse yourself in a diverse array of spiritual, psychological activities, and classic games that will keep you fully engaged from dusk till dawn.” ✨💫✨

Join the movement and elevate your consciousness as a collective. Evolve together with us

Date & Time :
18th Feb 6 PM – 19th Feb 6AM

Venue :

Montfort Spirituality Center, Indira Nagar,

🌟 “Unite with us and take the leap towards a heightened state of consciousness. Embrace evolution, together as one.” 🌟

2 thoughts on “Shivaratri 2023”

  1. It was one of the memorable shivratri sleep fasting..a magical night for transformation of life..thanku velu anna for making it happen and wonderful session.

  2. Initially I was not sure will I be able to awake the whole night… finally made it. Thanks everyone who helped to stay awake. Thank you velu anna for sharing the unknown information about shivaratri. Wonderful session. Felt very active and happy throughout the event. Thanks to the entire team.

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