Discover the Art of Feng Shui

Are you seeking to create a harmonious and balanced living space? Do you wish to invite positive energy, abundance, and prosperity into your life? Look no further! Our exclusive online Feng Shui course is designed to help you unlock the ancient secrets of this powerful practice.

🌟 What You’ll Learn from this Gurukul 🌟

  • Introduction to Feng Shui principles and history
  • Understanding the Bagua map and its application
  • Enhancing the flow of chi (energy) in your home
  • Creating auspicious spaces for love, health, and prosperity
  • Balancing elements to bring harmony and well-being
  • Tips for decluttering and organizing your space

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Rudraksha: Divine Seeds for Spiritual Journey

A Gurukul by Velu Jayaprakash

Experience the transformative power of the legendary Rudraksh in our upcoming virtual event!

❓ Do you know that a Rudraksh tree can bear Rudraksh beads with multiple mukhis (faces)?

❓Do you want to know how the different faces (mukhis) of Rudraksh can help you in specific outcomes?

❓Are you aware that the type of Rudraksh changes according to person’s numerology?

❓Are you curious to know how the divine power of Rudraksh beads can transform the journey of your life?

In Shiva Purana, Lord Shiva said to Parvati:

Rudraksha vividhaha protastesham bhedanvadamyaham |
Shrinu parvati sadbhaktya bhuktimuktifalapradan

Meaning: There are many types of Rudraksh. Apart from providing salvation, there are many secrets which I’m going to reveal to you. 

In this virtual event, you will get enlightened on:

  • Understand the spiritual significance of Rudraksh and how it will benefit you
  • Explore in-depth about the different types of Rudraksh seeds, their properties, and using them correctly to maximize benefits 
  • Get to know about the various ranges (1 mukhi to 21 mukhis) and how they help in a different situations to different people
  • Immerse in the divine connection, vibrations, and transformations the beads gift us
  • Learn the ways to cleanse the divine seeds to maintain their powerful potency
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Date & Time: 23 -25 May 2023 5-7PM IST

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Contact : Minu +919513580222


If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

Secrets of the Siddhas: Exploring the Mystical World of Mantras

A Gurukul by Velu Jayaprakash

For centuries, mantras have been used as a powerful tool for healing, meditation, and spiritual growth. Today, more and more people are turning to this ancient practice to find balance, harmony, and inner peace. it is a journey through the rich history of mantra, exploring its spiritual, psychological, and astrological aspects. It is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of how mantras work, and how they can be used to transform your life.

We will cover the

  • Basic principles of Mantras
  • More advanced practices of Japa,
  • How to use specific mantras with different types of Japa malas.
  • How to use mantras for various purposes, including healing, manifesting abundance, and spiritual growth.
  • Techniques to help you stay focused and centered, even during times of stress and chaos.
  • How to use mantras to unlock your potential, and to achieve your goals and dreams.

What sets this course apart from others is that it is based on the rich tradition of Siddhas, who have passed down their knowledge of mantras through oral tradition. This means that the wisdom you will gain from this course cannot be found on Google or in books.

If you are looking to deepen your spiritual practice, to heal emotional wounds, or to find balance and harmony in your life, then Mantra is the course for you. Join us on this journey, and discover the power of mantras for yourself.

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Date & Time: 23rd April 2023 8AM to 4PM IST

Enrollment closed!

Contact for more details: Minu : +91 95135 80222