Unlocking Financial Wisdom

Navigating Prosperity Through Timeless Wisdom ~
A 2Day Gurukul by Velu Jayaprakash

True spiritual growth flourishes when the foundation of financial planning is strong, nurturing the soil from which our higher aspirations bloom. With EMI’s, Loans, with Wrong Coverage of Insurance, it is impossible to live a peaceful life and grow spiritually. Many people end up giving their youth to Banks and end up in a illusion of financial security. It is time to wake up and relook into one of most important accept if financial planning that will safe guard your life, your old age, and protected the loved once.

In this Gurukul you will learn the following:
A Holistic Approach to Financial Planning
Setting Goals: Align Your Finances with Your Dreams
Multiplying Money: Time-Tested Strategies for Wealth Creation
Fail-Safe Wealth Multiplication: Balancing Risk and Growth
Financial Retirement: Paving the Way for a Secure Future
BONUS – WILL Drafting: Ensuring Your Legacy and Intentions Are Honored

But it’s not just about money – it’s about holistic wealth. Discover how nurturing your financial well-being aligns with your spiritual growth. Remember, true abundance extends beyond riches; it’s about finding balance and peace in all aspects of life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your financial journey and unlock a prosperous future. Reserve your spot today!

The real story behind this Gurukul topic-

A heartfelt encounter with a parent from our community left a profound impact on me. They shared the story of their 16-year-old special child, who requires constant care and cannot function independently. With aging parents, they grappled with the weighty concern of ensuring their child’s well-being and financial security after their passing. This poignant moment spurred me to delve deeper into the realm of finance, recognizing its role as a fundamental life skill often overlooked.

Guiding them through a holistic perspective on financial planning, I witnessed a transformation in their outlook. It dawned on me that economic wisdom goes beyond spreadsheets and investments; it’s a tool for safeguarding our loved ones’ futures. Another instance etched itself into my consciousness – a 55-year-old community member, once deeply entrenched in the IT world, found himself abruptly laid off. His financial stability shattered, and his responsibility to provide for his daughters’ future loomed large. In this moment of crisis, we stepped in, weaving a plan that offered hope and security.

These encounters, with their stories of illusion shattered by life’s realities, underscored the urgent need for a paradigm shift in financial planning. Media-driven illusions often cloud our judgment, pushing us into uncharted territory. The realization that well-intentioned plans can go awry hit home. From these poignant experiences, the seeds of a transformative workshop were sown – a workshop designed to empower our community, to debunk myths, to teach the true essence of financial security, and to foster holistic growth. Together, we embark on this journey to unlock financial wisdom that transcends illusion, leading us toward a future of genuine prosperity and well-being.

Testimonial from this parent –

“In the embrace of uncertainty, where our special child’s future felt fragile, our community emerged as a beacon of hope. The financial planning guidance by Anna became a lifeline, illuminating a path we never thought possible.
Through his guidance, we not only learned to navigate finances, but uncovered a profound way to safeguard our child’s journey. Armed with a solid plan, we face tomorrow with renewed strength, knowing our child will thrive long after we’re gone. His support reached deeper than numbers; it was a heartwarming gesture that whispered, ‘We’re here for you.’ Today, we’re resilient, fortified by the assurance of a secure future. This transformation is our community’s gift, and we’re forever grateful.”

– [Name undisclosed], Touched Parent


Day 1 – If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here
Day 1 – If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here
Day 2 – If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here
Day 3 – If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

D.E.A.R – 5 Days of Meditation – Batch 4

Drop Everything And Recharge with Velu Jayaprakash

23rd October – 27th October 2023

The most demanded need of our community ever since we started the WhatsApp Groups is – MEDITATION . Almost everyone I have met in person or online, everyone wants to learn & practice it. I did not take this seriously initially, as I believe, if we do not have a proper body, it is hard to even sit for that long.

I have spent many years in the community trying to make the shift in all our lifestyles with holistic and home remedies to help with all common ailments. But I realize the battle with food is an ongoing one. As we research more and more and help people to come out of this toxic food, the mafia itself is transforming at greater speed with the media to make it even more challenging.

Additionally, pandemic and lockdown created too many psychological issues in everyone’s mind that it might take generations to recover. Over a decade, as a community, I strongly now believe that many of our parents here are now ready with the shift we have already implemented in our lifestyle .

The time has finally come to start sharing this wisdom with all of you . My intuition has given a green signal to go ahead! I have learnt and practiced various types of meditations from various gurus, self taught teachers and many masters. But everything I found is not a direct approach, I felt there is some hidden agenda or some catch or some drawback in every process that I have followed. Over my years of practice I have refined a few methods with the help of some real Siddhas, who are not in Social Media or on the Internet to arrive finally to one of the best ones.

I have followed it for years and it these methods does not require any prerequisites. When we stop doing those fancy meditations, we are back to square one, the same monkey mind will wake up. But what you are going to learn now is something that will transform your life and even if you stop it(which you might not). In case you did, you will stay at that elevated level for a long time.

So here we are with D.E.A.R -Drop Everything And Recharge ! On these 21 days, I will be guiding you step by step daily on how to MEDITATE. You might wonder if you can sit for an hour and meditate ??? Then get ready to discover yourself !!!. I will guide and meditate along with you and expand my Pranamaya Kosha to accommodate you all. I don’t have to be in person to make you all feel the experience. You will feel it wherever you are in the world.

Who can enroll?

🚩 One who wishes to learn meditation and don’t know where/how to start.
🚩 One who believes that they can spend 1hr out of 24hrs for their own wellness which may have multi folded results in all aspects(with their past, previous, present or future lives)
🚩 One who finds the only one reason to join and NOT give 100s of excuses.
🚩 One who can commit to attend regularly on time and practice sincerely.

Enroll only if you agree to these conditions

🚩 Daily you will be up and ready by 4.45 AM IST. Join the session daily before 4.55AM IST. Post 5.05AM IST entries will not be allowed. Kindly respect everyone’s time and efforts.
🚩 You should be MUTE in Audio, UNMUTE in Video. YOU can also MUTE other senses too :).
🚩 NO Discussions, directly dive into the ocean of meditation. You listen to my voice and follow what I say for the next 1 hour. If you want to go for natural urges, leave quietly and come back without much delay.
🚩 NO recording allowed nor will we be sharing any recorded files. As this is heavily customized as per that particular day. I will refine various things to various people based on the need and as a channel. So there is no benefit you get from recordings.

Few Feedbacks received from Batch 1 members

“60 minutes to a better you” is the simplest way to describe this program. I had tried meditation before but couldn’t sit more than 10 minutes due to neck stiffness. Under Velu Anna’s guidance I have been able to sit through the whole hour with ease. The guidelines are practical and easy to follow. These 21 days have made me a calmer person. So if you wish to improve yourself this is surely the path. Thank you Velu anna and the HLP team for this opportunity!


This the most practical introduction to meditation that I’ve had. Though I missed couple of sessions I’m happy I completed. At least 3 different people have told me that I’m glowing. From feedback perspective I feel in the initial sessions there were many comments on correcting people’s postures etc. I feel this could have been shared individually without affecting the flow of the meditation. Of course I leave it to the team to find the best way possible. Otherwise it was a great experience. Never seen so many 5ams continously in my life before. I wish to continue practicing.

Priya Thej

Was part of this beautiful 21 day journey. It brings in calmness, peace with one self. I wasnt sure if i could sit for 1 hour in meditation but it was totally possible with Velu’s guided meditation even from day1. Throughout the day had meditative effect, could resent to sit for meditation anytime. Thank you so much Velu anna for sharing this meditation process. You are such a wonderful soul.


I was lucky to be a part of the first batch of 21 days of meditation. It was a beautiful experience for me especially on the 21st day. I felt really blissful. If someone wants to start meditation or want to learn authentic way of doing meditation then please do enroll. Infinite Gratitude to you Sir for sharing your valuable time, knowledge and experience with all of us


Always wanted to do a meditation class but very skeptical of Joining the classes. But any class at HLP, has been very knowledgeable and techniques have been very effective This 21day journey of meditation has been wonderful and learnt a lot about myself and my body and my personal challenges


Feel really blessed to be part of the first batch, this is my first ever meditation class and am grateful that I didn’t miss even a single day of class and was on time and could sit through the whole one hour.. looking forward to practice it daily and enjoy the benefits of it


It’s a wonderful experience . Every day gained a new experience . So many changes in my body (my sleeping time, food cycle and awakening up early morning )… whether I did the meditation in correct procedure I don’t know but I tried my best and deeply followed ur instructions Anna … Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.. feeling blessed to have this session!


I was part of this 21days meditation, it has been amazing experience. I enjoyed it. It made me calmer ,focused and gave me clarity of thought. So many great things I learnt and best is that we have to behave normal and breathe normal and just have to be aware all the time ( tried many meditations before where they tell to concentrate, to visualize etc). Best ever experience


Thanks for giving the wonderful start of different lifestyle, which I was trying to do it for long time. This 21 days of program, helped to achieve or change things in me like first and foremost waking up by 5.00 am. Even after having a stressful work schedule and restless sleep due to kid’s health issues could able to manage whole day without any issues, thanks to meditation session. Thanks for this wonderful knowledge.


Being a person with zero idea about meditation, these 21 days of D.E.A.R have taken me on an incredible journey. It brought a new and unique experience every day. There’s still a long way to go, and I’m enjoying my baby steps towards a wonderful journey to my inner self.

Find more testimonials here

Lets D.E.A.R together !!!
Date : 23rd- 27th October 2023

Time : 5 AM – 6 AM IST
Register Here: https://rzp.io/l/DEARB4Oct

Register before: 22nd October 2023, 03.03 p.m. IST
Venue : Online , Zoom session

Contact : Mareeswari +919566025481
Note : The introduction video is about the first batch of D.E.A.R Meditation which was a 21days Program. This Batch 4 event is for 5 days from 23rd October to 27th October 2023

Self Introspection of our community 2020 – Survey Result

Year after year, we are growing stronger & bigger. As a community, we have ventured into various projects. Every year we conduct a survey to collect internal feedback of our Whatsapp group and retain the serious members. (others are moved into a NO REPLY GROUP) This year, we got an overwhelming response from our community. Thanks for trusting us, being honest and being you.

Below are the results of the survey. Every single comment is a valuable input for us and we are taking this very serious to work on those to improve ourselves and the HLP community.

Holistic Practices implemented by our HLP community members

How many attended the Gurukul sessions

Number of people who like to join the Core team

Ancient Wisdom Transformation Survey 2018

Our whatsapp group grows bigger day by day. Yearly once, We conduct a survey to understand each other and realign our focus, so that we as a community can gear up for next year.

Important reasons are

  • This helps identify the inactive parents who block the space in the group. They do not respond to the survey, We know they do not read the message. So we move them broadcast group and make space for new parents. We cannot keep new parents waiting to join us.
  • It is always good to push ourselves out of comfort zone. So we reshuffle the group so new parents, new friends, new ideas.
  • Parents in our group for more than a years know this ritual. So please fill the survey there are hardly 5 questions. Be honest and share our thoughts…

Happy to share the survey results in public. Happy to see soo many parents want to join to revive our ancient wisdom.

Various Whatsapp Groups.

Various Groups

As mentioned in your welcome message, there are various groups the core teams handles. Let share the it, as many parents are confused that we run many group, technically there are many group we do not own, to clarify I am share the group we officially support. They are 🌼 Aloevera 🌼 Brahmi 🌼Chandan 🌼 Amla 🌼 Tulsi 🌼Shatavari 🌼Turmeric

The above group is same where we discuss all holistic topics. Admins make sure any thing interesting from each other group is passed on to others. So you will not miss any action from other group. Since the parents are in large volumes, we created different groups.

Follow are specialized group with specific purpose, To join ping admins. these groups are
👉 Sanjevani group – This is a dedicated group of parents who only seek and offer blessing to each other. To join ping admins.

👉 A2 Milk group – This group is only for A2 users from A2 project and parents who are in waiting list for milk in A2 project. Here there is no discussion about the wisdom, it is only restricted to Accounts & Logistics of the project. solo admin.

👉 Nalla group – This group is a set of dedicated parents, who at a regular interval, use the ancient food ingredients to come up with new recipes. There is no discussion, But moving forward we are open for discussion, once they share the recipes with photo, we blog it. So that other parents who switch to natural / organic food can follow. Unless you contribute, do not join the group.

👉 Parenting group – few parents use this discuss about the next parenting blog, etc. we will add more parents into this group as the survey or based on their passion. You have to be a contributor here. This group is not about parenting discsion, rather, they come up with blogs, workshop etc.. for parenting that needs to feed into the group..

Support Group

Without this group the whole project, community of selfless service will fall. They are the foundation. If you like to join this group and contribute. Feel free to ping the admins.
👉 Accounts group – This is a group, where the team discuss about swp accounts & tracking, etc. This is group is the fuel for all projects. Amazing set of dedicated parents. To join ping @98732 50616 (Esha) @98943 92720 (Arty) and @98867 09180 (Sandhya)

👉 Parent Coordinators – This is a group has parent’s numbers at the blog, basically, they get calls from new parents to know about the group or swp, they usually talk to them in local language and help to understand our group and introduce them the whatsapp group.

👉 The Core Group – This is a mother of all group, all the FW are reviewed, administration related discussion and so on happens here. Currently this group is big with less active parents, we will soon reduce the size, and will add more active parents. to join – ping admins. You can be quite here, it is a committed group.

There are n number of small group created between parents for a specific purpose.

5th Year Celebration of our Holistic Whatsapp Group – Awards

its 5 years, its time to share our gratitude to those noble souls who build this community with their bare hands.

When you start something new from regular life, call it a startup or group or passion. The first thing that you face is criticism, you have to walk the path alone, until you reach a milestone. At this junction you will attract more like minded people, then magic happens, the efforts proliferate from here.

In the last 5 years, countless parents, dr, healers did their little things to unmeasurable things to keep the community alive either by take up a task, or connecting us to right dot or motivating us or sharing their resources. It is time to go back in time and find those lovely souls, who deserves a big applause. Now is the time to say You are awesome!

It does not matter if they delivered or not, because, we believe in ancient script that says not to look for results. But we would like to appreciate their sincere efforts.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Following are few souls nominated by core team and my own assessment. Moving forward we will do this ritual of thanking key parents every year.

👉 Dr. Lakshmy
For her committed service to arrange swp every month. When every dr in town is turning swp into outreach plan. She is someone who believed the cause.

👉 Ojas a.k.a Lakshmi
She did an extraordinary job in turning this group into a home-remedies platform in earlier days, single handedly managed all groups 24×7. Even now, she is part of various FB groups and whatsapp groups attracting like minded parents.

👉 Sri Nandhini
She was the first parent to broaden the whatsapp group into a parent-made home remedies. Later and till date, is part of every projects. Name it HLP Store or Nalla group, her involvement at various level is inevitable.

👉 Divya
A committed parents who helped the group open into various dimension with her question of the day post and later she took charge of translation group. Till date, she and various parents have send many audio notes, translation etc. She is there at every level of the community project.

👉 Ananth
A parent who does all the odd and undoable task. His commitment at early stage of our stores project (manual invoice) and A2. is commendable. He is part of all most all projects for the community.

👉 Anusha
A parent who took an impossible task for talking to huge number of parents in our group to collect feedback. This data helped to make a strategic decision in maintaining the quality of the group. Needless to say, the first two webinars, and other projects.

👉 Priydarshini
She set a new benchmark for admins. In fact she is only person whom you can count for all old interesting post. Now she is a key part of this good cult.

👉 Rakhi
First parent who took responsibility of actually organizing the swp accounts. Single handedly she was maintaining the accounts in a stage when tracking parents was almost impossible. She did an amazing work in tracking parents who vanished from group to make sure they are committed to the cause.

👉 Arthy, Sandhya & Esha
Join the accounts team, we have till date never had a conf call. Yet, this is one group that was active and kept the project running till date.

👉 Yamini
Needless introduction, a parent who added immense knowledge of parenting and education into the group. Helped us by sharing some new ideas and feedback studying other groups related to special child & parenting. Beautifully capturing the moments into newsletter.

👉 Ishani
A committed parent with her expert tips on parenting, hand holding social media of SWP fb page. A parent who constantly looking to showcase our group at various external circles. She single handedly executed udaipur event in collaboration with round table, women’s circle and flern.

👉 Saranya
Current home remedies and receipe expert in our group. Always willing to experiment with new recipes and making sure parents query are answered with her home remedies.

👉 Suja & Sujitha
A parent would could jump on all ad-hoc project when needed and good admin who too stores most of the important notes.

👉 Anupama
Came up with a first social media plan for swp and HLPstore projects.

👉 Tanushree
Came up with a plan to refine our stores website. She along with few parents are doing to upscale the look  in terms of content and visuals.

👉 Neeraja
Not many know her, She almost completed swp accounts into an android app. Due to technological challenges we had to drop this 1 year of hard work. She and her husband also stepped into audio translation of siddha book at critical situation.

👉 Roopa
Needless introduction for her regular contribution of shlokas, stories to make our kids learn ancient language and implant spiritual thoughts in their mind.

👉 Anand
A parent who shared his healing wisdom with indian classical acupuncture and body-mind-spirit audio lessons.

👉 Savithri
A parent who handles all our youtubeing our video such as shlokas or anand ji’s lesson. Being in US complimented us in many ways, the work was happening around the clock.

👉 Vijaya Reddy
A humble spiritual parent, who did a great work in feedback team. Did a great contribution in eliminating 1 dangerous white, salt. It if because of her the salt donation project is running.

👉 Rajashaker
He is back bone to stores project. Without him, the team’s hard work and research would be in paper alone.

👉 Seethalakshmi
Parent contributed a lot of recipes in nalla group to promote the use of traditional food. In the earlier days, she did an amazing work to keep the Community Store project alive.

👉 Yazhini & Chitra
For regularly take up the translation work and delivering on time.

👉 Sri Ram
Parent who has home remedies for all most all basic illness. He regularly contributed herbal gardening blog.

👉 Hridya
Notably she identified rare Ayurveda books and shared them to Dr Lakshmy and team. An active parent in herbal gardening.

👉 Swati Tomar
A parent spend countless nights in designing Swarnaprashana information architecture of our blog. She also regularly keep updating good products in market into store’s intelligence. A poser house of ayurvedic remedies.

👉 Tejaswini
Outstanding contribution in the earlier days of newsletter and content.

👉 Anusha Hemanth
High energy parent who would jump into any ad-hoc project. She also connected our products to various retails and export opportunity.

👉 Mahendra
He helped the team with proper custom made box to make sure the initial days Chyawanprash was delivered to parents undamaged.

👉 Jerry
A parent who is broadcast, who till date supports us by making blue cap arka bottle.

👉 Smitha Ravi
For opening the door of parenting category in our blog. She did a brilliant job in patiently connecting all data over internet and consolidating it for other parents.

👉 Ruchi Gupta
She did a unique approach in helping Community Store to promote in their community by putting up a stall  and the value added products made by her. All she did without the knowledge of the team as a gesture.

👉 Aruna
Oldest member and a dear friend, for her unconditional support for people who are in need with her NGO. Always a good connected to quality likeminded parents into our community.

👉 Amruta Zhope
She was kind enough to share her late grandfather’s diabetic herbal medicine to help other parents in our community.

👉 Ashwini Hanji
She went extra miles to source some of the natural food ingredients for HLP Store’s experiment in native varieties. She also took daily extra time in early days to publish all home remedies in to blog. She used to work after school hours. (she is a CS teacher in KV)

There are many good souls in our group who made us what we are today.

Ancient Wisdom Transformation Survey 2016-17

Our whatsapp group grows bigger day by day. Yearly once, We conduct a survey to understand each other and realign our focus, so that we as a community can gear up for next year.

Important reason are

  • This helps identify the inactive parents who block the space in group. They do not respond to the survey, We know they do not read the message. So we move them broadcast group and make space for new parents. We can not keep new parents waiting to join us.
  • It is always good to push ourselves out of comfort zone. So we reshuffle the group so new parents, new friends, new ideas.
  • Parents in our group for more than a years know this ritual. So please fill the survey there are hardly 5 questions. Be honest and share our thoughts..

Happy to share the survey results in public.

Which areas would like the group to focus on?

Home remedies
Healthy living
Healthy lifestyle
No comments
Ancient practices
Spiritual practices, Food practices
Child development
Ancient wisdom
Home Schooling, Parenting depends on Child’s Age
Inspite of lifestyle changes, some people tend to have some or other ailments. Would be great if we could have a team of ayurveda, homeopathy doctors who have history of treating common diseases successfully
Ancient herbal knowledge Home remedies Healthy living
Am still a learner… trying to understand the practices and applying into everyday action.
Art forms too
Meditstion and spiritual practices in general
Website can include more details
Organic in house (read flat) farming. Material supply like seeds, mud etc..,with appropriate write up on how to grow depending on the location eg Hyd is a hot PLC vs Kerala humid, so the method of growing n watering varys so we need to have all this written in our database to help next set of new parents or generation. Involving n meeting up of each city parents n helping increase production through the ancient ways to help reduce cost so that products are affordable.
Parenting/grooming for toddlers thinking…Ancient techniques of grooming socially the kids. Guidance for how we can keep our kids away from bad habits they learn in schools. Training to the parents to become a healer like reiki etc….Art of healing…
Need more posts on ancient knowledge
Adolescent health
Child food recipe with month and quantity Women health benefits Growing vegetables at home
Healthy recipes for kids and adults, pregnancy tips diet plans, day to day life.
Spiritual aspects like meditation,how to teach kids to meditate ,at what age to start teaching them, how to implement it at schools for better behavioral development.
Natural way in building the immune systems
Continue to revive the ancient wisdom, parenting tips for raising healthy kids with healthy minds, more about siddha and ayurveda as a way of our living
I think group is already doing a wonderful job..but few areas would be how to make perishable organic products available locally at cheaper rates thru a trustworthy source..HLP is doing an amazing job…but for us to move into fully organic lifestyle this is a must.
Vedic way of rearing children
Parenting, Reviving ancient practices, Motivating parents to keep on track and keep trying, holistic living, growing our own food, being a community that supports each other, child development, spiritual practices we can adopt
Providing information about how to replace bad practices
Parenting. Ancient remedies. Indieginious food.
Holistic parenting. Child behaviour. How to inculcate our culture and beliefs in our children.
Cooking oil
Still more on how to increase the mind power and how to manifest positive vibrations.more and aura science
Ancient rituals
Everything natural
The current focus on immunity and holistic parenting are my need.
Would focus more on ancient practice’s which we aren’t aware off;
traditional cooking
Preventive remedies
Natural ways to reduce weight
Healthy lifestyle. Food as medicine
Building immunity in children Using products grown naturally for better and healthy lifestyle. Eleminating allopathic medicine to natural n safe cure… treating issue from the root. Holistic approach towards living a healthy life and a constant in achieving the same… and spreading the knowledge for betterment.
I am happy the way the group is going ahead.
Parenting issues like bringing up the child in this competitive world
Home remedies for kids, weight loss and cholesterol management for adults. General mental and physical health management.
to focus more on kids overall devolpment
Yoga postures and pranayama, and a detailed list of do’s and don’t for bringing up kids and an ultimate list of foods to begiven to them with timing and season wise.
All the areas which are currently covered.
On matters relating to childbirth and pregnancy.
Siddha medicine and ancient agriculture
Holistic practices, reasons behind festivals. To know more about ancient practice and reason why our ancestors followed it so that we can implement in our life and educate our kids. PARENTING.
Ancients way of living and helping others.
Child care, Ancient practices, coping up with current lifestyle changes
More on parenting
It would be helful in child upbringing in a holistic way
Changes in food habits and lifestyle; Parenting; More sharing of experiences by others on changes they have adopted and difference they have seen.
In a general sense – Ayurveda, Siddha knowledge, interesting temples and culture and maybe some relevant astrological insight
Ancient wisdom, Spirituality, Science behind the belief, Positive motivation. Need weekly updates as posted in early days by Velu sir i.e based on each day what can be do’s & don’ts.
Childcare and general healthy habits
Parenting workshops if possible
Ancient healing methods /ancient recipes
Availability of products for remedies/ holistic products to tier 2 cities
More Focus on issues with Adults as well
Overall holistic development
Ancient way of life , organic food , health
Healthy food
Physical , mental and emotional growth of children and must have foods for everyone to avoid deficiencies.
Parenting and health
Children’s immunity development, ancient holistic methods for treating various disorders
Preventive measures Emotional n spiritual wellbeing
The topics currently being discussed are good.
Food and holistic practice
The current focus of the group is fine
Ancient food and natural healing of health
Focus more on lifestyle ailments and their cure through ancient remedies
Home remedy organic products
Holistic, we can continue the topics which are folowing
Home remedies and self awakening through ancient ways
Children’s health, Pregnancy care
Ancient wisdom- healthy practices which can be adopted regularly..and ofcourse home made remedies for kids and adults
On health issues and general knowledge
Traditional methods
Enlighting us with traditional way of living
i think focus should b all over human development…
It gas focussed on everything
Conduct workshops/meets regularly
Would like to see More on meditation,yoga and more about the importance of good food(both recipes and veggies)
Mental Development
Herbal remedies for babies
Immunity,healthy foods
The group is heading in right direction and needs to focus on ancient texts alittle more

Please mention few things you like about the group?

Ancient remedies
Ancient wisdom
Focussed,Authentic info,Genuine people
Home remedies
Immediate response
Immediate response to queries
1. Wealth of Knowlegde, 2. Helping other parents, 3. Different views on Holistic approaches
Ancient knowledge and Parenting discussion
Interactive. And good suggestions
Home remedies/ holistic approach towards traditional practices
Knowledge base and the groundedness of the team
Very organized and organic. Lots of very helpful informatuon
People are ready to share their knowledge and help fellow group members
People are happy to help. Admins are excited to answer. Sharing of knowledge.
Love the blessing part.
Team effort
Holistic wellness
Caring and trust among the members Experienced parents Instant help when required Incline us to move towards natural remedies and food
Avoiding the medicines and antibiotics for small problems like cold and cough.Going for home remedies. Oil bath importance. Everything, everything.
I like the group for the wealth of knowledge that one acquires be it food, lifestyle, spirituality,help when needed(in form of suggestions) ,basically everything is done with good intention.
Immediate solutions given by parents for our speedy recovery
I have come to know so much about the meaning of our rituals, why we need to follow them, about the influence of nature on us, etc. Also i have come across the precious swp with arka which is so effective. I have been introduced to the world of organic living which i can blindly trust. I have come to know a completely holistic way of living and sharing regarding food, medicine, practices etc. In a nutshell this community has literally opened a new world and a new way of living to me for which am very grateful and thankful.
A big learning process of ancient practices, holistic approach to our routines..
Honest discussion
Ancient wisdom, spiritual knowledge sharing (like Saduragiri travel coming up), parenting and child development tips, support
Focused, helping, act as a vast knowledge base, motivating towards healthy living
I like the knowledge shared. The explanation of why and how. Ancient remedies. Holistic parenting. I am awe for the knowledge shared here. It makes me immensely happy and blessed that I am part of this community. It’s a blessing for my children also.
It is very supportive. I have found answers to many of my queries without even asking. And i have also learnt so much about our own traditional system
Helping others to lead a healthy life
Very caring,helping to widen knowledge about our tradition and ancient customs,remind us about healthcare and ancient safe methods.
All admins r very talented n co-operative
It is very focused
Immediate response to doubt raised by any member, irrespective of how New they may be.
Anytime parents are ready to help; got to know abt the ancient practices; learnt lots and lots of home remedies; parents positive words which motivates other parents which I liked to the core.
All are verfy friendly and answers query very promptly.
Holistic approach, consistent response from admins and experts
Giving importance to holistic practices, oil bathing concept, homemade solutions for everything, most importantly I like we get genuine reasons for things like y we tie hip thread, y ear piercing is important, annaprashan etc.before knowing to this group I thought it just rituals now I came to know the importance of it.
I like the way people help each other with ancient wisdom. Also I love the immediate response for the queries.
Prompt response to the queries. Constant approach in sharing the ancient wisdom through simple procedure for better future Easily approchable and warm nature of admin towards other parents. Vast database of knowledge… which shows pure, dedicated and hard working people… who have put together the entire wisdom in such a beautiful way on website and through blog… that all questions in mind to particular issue is penned.. all questions are answered completely at all forums.
Very helpful parents and getting to know out ancient traditional food and following it. Helps to inculcate clean habits.
Queries are answered instantly
The motive of every individual to get back to living like ancient days is really encouraging.
the ancient knowledge the admins got
Amazing participation, getting new infos, the amazing effort to bring back the traditional foods back into our community..
I like to be part of this group as it shares the details about the roots of everything connected to our original, ancient practises. It helps my logical mind to believe the advices given by elders. This year, it really helped me to grow as a mother in breast feeding as well as home remedies for sicknesses in children. Heart filled gratitude to the founder and the group!!
Very nature friendly holistic and spiritual outlook on health matters. Velu sir takes special interest on queries that do not have a definite answer and provides expert opinion.
Helping each other, gained many holistic information which I have never heard before, great platform for learning. Overall its agreat group which gave me lots of idea about parenting as I have intoduced many holistic things in my kids life. Right time I have joined this group.
Quick response for needed people
You get to clear all your doubts on ancient practices and food, smoothing words from the parents
Various topics discussed, introduction of unique things like subhasitas, A2 milk, home grown herbs, dedication of the people like Velu Anna, Nandhini, Yamini, saranya and priya in helping others parents in the group.
Holistic approach towards life. Enlightment towards natures way of living. Very importantly simple home remedies.
Members are so willing to help and guide you.
The wealth of information, but mainly the drive and helpful nature of people I have had the opportunity to interact with. Thank you 🙏
Parents are well connected to help each other at any time. Learning more valuable things from every message.
Inputs of parents for any problem
Instant home remedies.. Discussions on parenting
Interactive, active,valuable suggestions
Very supportive
Utterly helpful; taking effort to make lives of others heathier
Parents being very supportive and responsive to queries of everyone
Ancient wisdom about our food, knowledge about how to cure ailments with the things easily available at home
Everything but most important is lifestyle change & adopting better practice
Really appreciated , so many are replying for queries with home remedies
Very informative, interactive and giving the right knowledge about food
Unity and admins dedication
Active participation, following rules with no junk messages Details about the blog articles
Parents helping each other
Selfless knowledge sharing
It covers all aspects of the daily routine and health.
I like home remedies, use of traditional food and traditional practices.
I just joined the group and I have been liking the health-related discussions most of all
It’s absolutely providing knowledge in aspects of health and food.i have practised few methods for my 11 months son and got great results. Even I shared those msg with my friends who are not in group and found good results.
Holistic views on health related issues
Group member’s response
Co operation of members, ready to help nature, proactiveness..
Focussed approach and readiness of Members to help each other
Immediate or late I got answers for my queries.. Many things I was not aware.. Group gave me clearity about things like milk, wheat, Swp etc. I like the products too.. They are really pure like ghee, honey et..
Velu sir’s Reinventing oil bath, eliminate 5 whites, sri ram organic farming
Scientifically reasoning ancient beliefs and an endeavour to reintroduce it in todays world
A parent when i need and messages in the group the immediate response and care from other parents is awesome
Its very organised and I has helped me aand my family friends to the core
Everyone tries to help one another with their knowledge / practices, when there is a need
Community work
Bringing closer to using traditional/holistic living
Prompt reply
sharing knowledge is one of the most appreciating aspect of this group…this is really v helpful in day today life.
Everthing .helpful knowledgeable ppl.and an eye opener for me to be in the group.feels like my holistic family of friends
Helping/ knowledge sharing nature of people in group
all are ready to help
The selfless helpful tips and solutions offered by all that too instantly.
Ancient recipes Focused
Informative group and everyone help eachother
Traditional remedies,fast response
Dedicated group where parents are benefitted with ancient knowledge and better life style advices.
The contribution each parent gives to the group and the effort taken to implement it
Being always there for the help with answers to our queries based on parents personal experiences

What are the areas we should improve in the group?

Reducing Home Remedy questions
Suggestion of good experienced knowledgeable doctors, healers etc across India.
I consider myself a learner thus will not be able to comment on this question. Kindly excuse.
Nothing, as of now.
We need to see if we can store these amazing information so we here other than just whatsapp messages because it gets lost. Akso nee parents don’t have access to previous messages. Just classifying and putting these messages in somewhere like Google docs or blog would be surely helpful
Website , infornation passing to the group
Should inform d parents to look into remedies already there in website before posting, n we need Sunday gap
Just joined the group so can’t suggest. It seems to be good now. May be the rest of the 3 whites be addressed and the products be our in the site soon.
More ways/ methods to adopt to protect oneself from negative vibes, how to get rid of black magic, training on parenting.
Avoid repetitive queries
Need age appropriate group for adolescent children.
More information needs to be updated on the site so that repetitive questions can be avoided and we can use those information without interrupting the group unnecessarily…
I like the group and giving the response to people in need is great. Thank you so much for taking time and educating. So much effort and good heart. God bless you all.
There is already a plethora of information exchanged regularly.So, I am happy with the way the group in functioning.
In my point of view, we are sailing in the correct path of finding the ancient widom in the holistic way.
Nothing i can think of
The group is becoming more like a remedy helpline, which is corrected to a great extent..but grouping parents as per kids age category with few worthwhile admins would tackle the case…my opinion
Nothing much
May be more webinars of knowledge sharing.
Please make the website more user friendly. It is a little difficult to find relevant articles in the website.
NA-i am new to the group
Areas of healthy body mind and soul.How to obtain the same.
I think I ppl covered each n everything
Nothing as yet
I want this group to continue the good work. Thank you
Some questions which parents ask are unattended sometimes. And they keep a remainder saying plz respond to my query which I asked yesterday…I’m very sure that we all are busy.. But at end of day we should make sure there are no unattended queries..
none so far
I won’t say improvements just a suggestion we should get Community Store products whenever we want instead of only 5 days. This will help us to use more of natural products.
Food recipes I guess
To early for me too answer as I am a new parent recently joined the community… but going forward will keep sharing my views on areas of improvement… if felt the need so for any particular issue.
Not mature enough to suggest such holistic group.
Answer queries of inactive parents like me. I do not respond but read all the conversations.
Nothing in specific.
it will be better if the group provides weekly bulletin of health
Find a solution to send the healthy foods and medicines outside India also, so that the numerous helpless Indians who are living without any support to live a traditional Indian life can also get the benefits.
Right now, can’t think of any.
As this is a diverse group, I think everybody is doing their best.
Availability of products in site
Other than always discussing about remedies for few illness, it would be useful for us if you share many ancient practices. This group has many gurus who have lot of knowledge in holistic and ancient things… so would like to hear many things from you all and enlighten ourselves and guide our kids in right path.
Child Development and Care
More webinars…
Its improving gradually in a positive way. Nothing as such.
Too early for me to comment. But maybe taking backup of previous discussions and posting it online for all community members to access (like an archive) will help a lot of new members and maybe reduce repeat questions. Also an app for the website would be great to easily browse blogs etc. on phone.
Having not been around for very long I trust the direction is in good hands.
When new members are added attach the Swarnaprashana blog address, so it might avoid repeated question regarding remedies. Weekly choose a topic for healthy discussion.
Lengthy conversation thread
Group is doing great..
Focused topics can be discussed on particular days,regular introduction of people and what they do.
Spoc on case of emergency or for certain areas
Improvising and adding more products .. which u are already doing so it’s natural that group shall improve
I am new. Should take sometime to provide any improvement areas.
If any topic is discussed in detail,then it would help if you put the update on the blog so everyone can refer it. Sometimes it is difficult to go back and search in whatsapp.
More approachable to new parents …feel lost at times
NA,iam very new to this group..just joined 1 week back
Making one page with all items and easy to order
Maybe a monthly periodic email summarizing all the important discussions will be better.
To keep the group more focused, connected and dedicated .
Collating all the information.
Pregnancy and post delivery
As I m very new to the group, I don’t think something is missing here. I m satisfied alot with the areas you have been covering here.
Every month one topic should be discussed as topic of the month….and we should have some experts discussing it….it can be notified before hand so that those who have any queries they can put it forward
Tracking payments of swp
Not required .. it is the best .. and topics come random as per need which are best answered.. also to organise the meetings in north region
As per my knowledge I am very satisfied with what group is going on.
Website to include discussion of common remedies in whats app group…it has been done partially, but sometimes when needed we cannot recollect chat and cannot find the same in website
Sometimes the topics are re discussed many times.
Feedback be given for products bought
As of now nothing..
Ignoring questions from people in need, importance of day to day ancient practices
Team is doing the great in improving our lives.cant ask for anything more but SAY THANK YOU
Liking it this way
repetition of queries should be avoided
As u have mentioned the remedies for cold n cough..please separate for child and adults as it gets confusing about the dosage.secondly if you could take money yearly for swp.
Nothing as such now as most of things/current issues are covered.
all herbs r not available …try to help with familiar herbs
Sharing the knowledge mostly via site. If possible why can’t we publish a newsletter say monthly for a beginning. It can include a short study or personal experience, feedbacks, who is who (behind the screens), can keep a quiz (tracking answers might be a nice issue). We can include so many good articles too.
Documenting all the practices
Nothing according to me.
To record the sessions that happen so that the parents who missed it can be benefitted
Not focusing on same things repeatedly
It’s perfect for me.
Right now doing good
I think everything is going well
This group is beyond my expectations. I’m still in learning curve . Would like to grow with the group and explore and go hand-in-hand.
More knowledge on Siddhas
About being inter-dependent and once in a while have a theme of writing letters

Coriander Plant – Ancient Herb #3

Start the herbal garden to protect your family, environment and above all, kids at home inculcate the good practice to plan tress and also pass on the ancient wisdom to this life saving herb.

By Franz Eugen Köhler, Köhler’s Medizinal-Pflanzen – List of Koehler Images, Public Domain, Link

Coriander is one of the ancient herbs in treating many ailments like obesity, menstrual issues, controlling kaba and many more.


It can be planted on water bottles with the top lid up to the neck cut off, small baby bath tubs which give more yields, flower pots
(this is the last option).


Coriander seeds are easily available in most of the organic stores. Make sure it is native variety, not hybrid or GM seeds. You can also get in touch with  HLP.Store  for seeds.


Sowing coriander seeds should be done in a even manner as harvesting and watering becomes difficult I’d the seeds and sowed dense in a single place. Better to draw line like markings in the soil and sow the seeds evenly in every row giving space between each row.


Porous soil is best suited for coriander. Make sure the u can stick ur finger inside it. Tats the porous consistency. A mix of coding and vermicompost is an added advantage.


Use sprayes for watering and the stem is very fragile and too much watering is not gud for the plant. All it needs it is wetness.


5 weeks

Important note: Use of scrap water bottles, scrap tubs trays are the best as coriander has very small root so it doesn’t need a shallow pot. I prefer hanging them by kitchen window to get a cilantro breeze inside the kitchen and hanging these greens is the best way to save space.