Unlocking Financial Wisdom

Navigating Prosperity Through Timeless Wisdom ~
A 2Day Gurukul by Velu Jayaprakash

True spiritual growth flourishes when the foundation of financial planning is strong, nurturing the soil from which our higher aspirations bloom. With EMI’s, Loans, with Wrong Coverage of Insurance, it is impossible to live a peaceful life and grow spiritually. Many people end up giving their youth to Banks and end up in a illusion of financial security. It is time to wake up and relook into one of most important accept if financial planning that will safe guard your life, your old age, and protected the loved once.

In this Gurukul you will learn the following:
A Holistic Approach to Financial Planning
Setting Goals: Align Your Finances with Your Dreams
Multiplying Money: Time-Tested Strategies for Wealth Creation
Fail-Safe Wealth Multiplication: Balancing Risk and Growth
Financial Retirement: Paving the Way for a Secure Future
BONUS – WILL Drafting: Ensuring Your Legacy and Intentions Are Honored

But it’s not just about money – it’s about holistic wealth. Discover how nurturing your financial well-being aligns with your spiritual growth. Remember, true abundance extends beyond riches; it’s about finding balance and peace in all aspects of life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your financial journey and unlock a prosperous future. Reserve your spot today!

The real story behind this Gurukul topic-

A heartfelt encounter with a parent from our community left a profound impact on me. They shared the story of their 16-year-old special child, who requires constant care and cannot function independently. With aging parents, they grappled with the weighty concern of ensuring their child’s well-being and financial security after their passing. This poignant moment spurred me to delve deeper into the realm of finance, recognizing its role as a fundamental life skill often overlooked.

Guiding them through a holistic perspective on financial planning, I witnessed a transformation in their outlook. It dawned on me that economic wisdom goes beyond spreadsheets and investments; it’s a tool for safeguarding our loved ones’ futures. Another instance etched itself into my consciousness – a 55-year-old community member, once deeply entrenched in the IT world, found himself abruptly laid off. His financial stability shattered, and his responsibility to provide for his daughters’ future loomed large. In this moment of crisis, we stepped in, weaving a plan that offered hope and security.

These encounters, with their stories of illusion shattered by life’s realities, underscored the urgent need for a paradigm shift in financial planning. Media-driven illusions often cloud our judgment, pushing us into uncharted territory. The realization that well-intentioned plans can go awry hit home. From these poignant experiences, the seeds of a transformative workshop were sown – a workshop designed to empower our community, to debunk myths, to teach the true essence of financial security, and to foster holistic growth. Together, we embark on this journey to unlock financial wisdom that transcends illusion, leading us toward a future of genuine prosperity and well-being.

Testimonial from this parent –

“In the embrace of uncertainty, where our special child’s future felt fragile, our community emerged as a beacon of hope. The financial planning guidance by Anna became a lifeline, illuminating a path we never thought possible.
Through his guidance, we not only learned to navigate finances, but uncovered a profound way to safeguard our child’s journey. Armed with a solid plan, we face tomorrow with renewed strength, knowing our child will thrive long after we’re gone. His support reached deeper than numbers; it was a heartwarming gesture that whispered, ‘We’re here for you.’ Today, we’re resilient, fortified by the assurance of a secure future. This transformation is our community’s gift, and we’re forever grateful.”

– [Name undisclosed], Touched Parent


Day 1 – If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here
Day 1 – If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here
Day 2 – If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here
Day 3 – If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

Mysteries of Mehendi

A Webinar by Velu Jayaprakash

Did you know that you can remove Drishti with Mehendi?

If you answered no, then you need to learn about one of nature’s finest herbs – Mehendi. Mehendi or Henna is not just designing art or patterns to decorate hands and feet. It is one of the oldest botanicals that has a lot of health and spiritual benefits. The history of using this aromatic green leaves goes beyond Indian history; its usage can be traced to Babylon and Ancient Egypt. Beauty queen Cleopatra used it to enhance her beauty.

Our ancestors were a bunch of smart, intelligent people who knew the multiple benefits of mehendi. Realizing its importance and value, they designed traditions to incorporate it in our lives. But as time flew, we forgot them, and today they have become a mere beauty tool. For example, due to the cooling properties of Henna leaves, people living in desert found its paste, when applied over the body, provides air conditioning effect. The cooling lasted until the color faded. This led to the birth of applying mehendi on hands and feet. It became an integral part of wedding tradition in order to reduce the stress of the bride and bring prosperity in her new chapter of life. For, mehendi is believed to bring love, luck, and prosperity. Apart from these, mehendi was also used against black magic.

When it comes to health and wellness, mehendi plays a pivotal role. From curing headache to arthritis, treating skin conditions to hair problems, detoxifying to reducing fever, this medicinal herb works like magic for almost all problems! Get ready to be enlightened about the unknown, underutilized benefits and healing properties of this aromatic, evergreen botanical.

In this WEBINAR, you will learn:

🌿 The various health benefits
🌿 How to treat skin conditions
🌿 Removing Drishti
🌿 How to attract Abundance and prosperity
🌿 Improve mental health & many more…

And the story doesn’t end here. In fact, this is just the beginning. And we will show you the way forward in our Webinar session.
Join us to explore more about this hidden beauty and make your life aromatic with this nature’s gift.

Date: 17th April 2022

Time: 9 am – 12 pm

Venue: Online

Avail the recording of this past event: https://rzp.io/l/webinar-recordings

Contact: Minu +91 95135 80222

PS: This is not a mehndi design class


If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

Here are few testimonials we received –

Mysteries of mehendi webinar was really very knowledgeable, very informative, all these years we were simply using mehendi leaf, but after session I see mehendi leaf as divine, and the leaf sent by god to solve many of problems, thank you so much Velu anna for wisdom you shared, and for lot of tips you shared during session

Lekha N

Mehendi webinar was an Awesome webinar… much needed webinar for parents with a girl child… should pass these information to our next generation


I had thought that henna was a art and applied to beautify the hands during marriage and festivals, but I got to know so many things through this class, from now on when ever I see mehendi hands I can correlate to my knowledge from this class…

Nalina P

Again this wonderful webinar ..I just know mehandi is used to remove body heat and add beauty to hands etc. But when I attended this webinar ,I came to know many secrets behind it in every aspect I would say It is really mysterious session ..As every mother and parent ,all must listen to this beautiful facts and bring changes into our lives naturally .. Amazed to know the story behind this mehandi plant How it brings prosperity in family ,how it smoothens irregular periods and how to prepare kajal for dristi removal and many more .. Every one must cherish this session and restore this knowledge .. Once again hearty gratitude to Velu Anna for sharing this amazing knowledge & wisdom to us .. We will follow this remedies and update our experience.

Hima Bindu

Thank you Anna for the wonderful session. Didn’t know Mehendi had so many benefits and importance.

Architha Injam

Sharing my experience of the webinar on mehendi Which all of us enjoy beautifying the hands. Thank you to Velu, to enrich our ancient knowledge about the mehendi, how it came to be a tree that gives us the red colour, the significance to apply it and its divinity. Thank you🙏 for the beautiful session


It was a different topic and interesting session.. How easily available common plants can help us so much. Thank u and waiting for the follow up session

Anusha Sriram

Class was very interesting i used henna only for hair and hands, The other uses are to remove drusti ( one of the powerful method), invoke mahalakshmi, various uses of mehndi, to treat uterus related problems, Anna gave new insight on henna leaf and seeds which has different benefits. A heartful gratitude to share his wisdom with me.

Sandhya P Rao

Such simple solutions and remedies for various issues were presented. The fact that mehandi’s divinity is equal to or even more than the Tulasi plant is an eye opener. Definitely getting a mehandi plant for home soonest!..:)🙏

Minu Amar

Decoding Dreams Webinar – 1 &2

A webinar to help you understand about dreams and how to decode it.

Finally, after the successful completion of our Live lockdown webinar series, we started our long awaited first Webinar Series on Dreams in the month of May. Thanks to some new parents who joined us to understand and decode the process of dreams. We began with understanding different types of dreams and effects of dreams in our day to day life. We discussed about the methods to decode dreams and were able to do it with few of the parents during the session. We will be doing the series of dreams sessions with the interested parents from our first webinar series in the upcoming months. It was really great to see parents from US stayed up still late night 4 AM to attend this session.
Amazing spirit.

My gratitude to technology team, Subash and Karthik for making this long-awaited Session happen online during this lockdown period.
Thanks to Minu for coordinating with the parents.

Avail the recording of this past event: https://rzp.io/l/webinar-recordings

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

Here is are few feedbacks that we received from parents.

Hieee!! I’m a super fan of Velu Anna’s sessions (which I guess is usual )…Unfortunately I have not got too many opportunities though. I had signed up for this session with a lot of curiosity/questions and what I got is more than I expected….” Sirisha Kambadur

Loved the way the whole webinar progressed and the step by step approach actually helped…. Enjoyed every bit of it and for me it was also to do something different…. Over all – super happy.” – Radhika

“Today’s dream decoding technique, was another fascinating topic decoded for me.I remember my dreams from very young age and wanted to understand it, so with each topic samskaras, swarnaparshana, dream decoding my euphoric state keeps going higher. Thank you Velu, for the knowledge and in depth explanation.“-


One good thing i learned today is karma…. nice explanation about how  we should cook and give not just giving donations.” -Dr. Jagruti K Jani

Today’s workshop was great! ty Anna!… The take-home message is to reflect on d day’s happenings@ bedtime & release the negative emotions & sleep relaxing each n every joint . Yoganindra….” -Divya Nadiyanselvam

“I was looking forward to this workshop for a long time. It was an amazing session with lot of learnings.  Thank you so much Anna for the one of a kind topics!!! Like every time, it was a great learning and experience..” – Divya Chittoor

“Dreams, is one of the subject which I wanted to learn, know and understand more.. I thoroughly loved the session session yesterday.. Bundle of knowledge.. At the end I felt I was in hypnotic state .. Not sure if was was or it was coz the time was 4am in the US.. But I had a deep sleep n went into a dream where I was watching a Dream..thank u Anna for taking time to give us this knowledge..Gratitude.”-Chitra C

“As always an amazing ,knowledgeable, exciting content from Velu Anna.. I m waiting to decode my dream as it is always disturbing and make me scared every time I get it… thanks Anna…” -Minu Amar

I was fascinated by name of topic itself. There was lot of curiosity quotient attached to it..I was waiting this for a long time to take place in Gurukul..the explanation was simple. Made me more aware. Thanks Anna for lovely session” -Kanmani

“As always it was a very unique session beautifully presented. The dream decoding part was the best! Even I felt numb and chill after the decoding session. I wish I had been more attentive, I had to prepare lunch and skipped some portions here and there. I wish the recorded version is shared!” -Ruchi

“It’s been really awakening Session on Decoding Dreams had never seen such thing.Especially the Dreams Category Slide & then the Decoding the Dream Slides were really amazing.Anna your an Ocean of Knowledge to any subject to touch or you . It was totally different & amazing experience.I have dream does have some meaning but never knew you your set can decode your own dreams in such a simple practical way that’s so amazing .Thnkyou Anna for an awakening session on Dreams a actually it’s a beautiful Subject in it.”


“Had a good deep sleep yesterday.  Generally it will take sometime for me to sleep yesterday  as soon as I went to bed , I slept within 5 to 10 min.As soon as I got up today I got a good answer for something which I was thinking about for a long time. Thank you very much Velu for sharing your knowledge and clearing our doubts about dreams.” – Jyothsna

“Dream is a fascinating subject and the one that interests me the most. Velu anna told us how we can ask (in the process train) children to remember dreams. Had an  interesting event as soon as my daughter woke up she, on her own, told “Amma in my dream me and you went to Velu uncle’s color therapy class and I painted earth there. Hoping to decode dreams and unlock the treasure it can offer in various walks of life.Gratitude to Velu Jayaprakash Anna” – Shilpa Sudhakar

Hello everyone.  For me this workshop was an amazing experience. I could not believe how in a matter of 3 min i felt as i was in a trance and could decode a dream that i had seen sometime back.
I was left with a severe headache after the session but the night sleep helped.  The entire night i drifted from one dream to another.. The first thing i did this morning before coming out of the bed is take a few min to remember my dreams.Thank you for teaching us these techniques that can give us a key to understand the messages that have been sent to us in our dreams… Which otherwise wud have gone unnoticed.
“- Ritu Jain

“Thanks To Mr.Velu, As usual this session helps to have different vision on a known aspect,knowledge shared about How to sleep and what need to done before sleeping,how dream is helping us,how to look for solution through dream and that 3 minute dhyana will be very helpful,pls share the recording of that Webinar.
 It would be helpful,if PPT or small AV is shared to have a clear vision on certain Dhyana Techniques in each session, for example if we get it for  yoganithra in yesterday’s Session that would be helpful.Once again thanks To Mr.Velu” – Arun Kumar”

“Hi everyone. Had read that our dreams carry message, but did not think that at individual level I could interpret my own dream. Session was presented in simple way , full of knowledge. Definitely want to understand what messages I am missing.  Also Please share if possible the recording . Would like to revisit certain parts once again. Thanks.” – Neepa Kankaria

” Thanks for the wonderful session. Realised after the class that dreams carry information to us” – Marees Aravindh

Marees Aravindh

Today’s dream decoding technique, was another fascinating topic decoded for me.I remember my dreams from very young age and wanted to understand it, so with each topic samskaras, swarnaparshana, dream decoding my euphoric state keeps going higher.Thank you velu, for the knowledge and in depth explanation.” – Radhika

Author: Priyadarshini Somasundar

Priyadarshini is an Engineering graduate in Electronics and Communication. She used work for Dell, Later shifted to Chennai after marriage and worked in Ericsson as system analyst. I have always been passionate about our tradition and curious to know about our ancient wisdom and practices, which made me join this group.