Coriander Plant – Ancient Herb #3

Start the herbal garden to protect your family, environment and above all, kids at home inculcate the good practice to plan tress and also pass on the ancient wisdom to this life saving herb.

By Franz Eugen Köhler, Köhler’s Medizinal-Pflanzen – List of Koehler Images, Public Domain, Link

Coriander is one of the ancient herbs in treating many ailments like obesity, menstrual issues, controlling kaba and many more.


It can be planted on water bottles with the top lid up to the neck cut off, small baby bath tubs which give more yields, flower pots
(this is the last option).


Coriander seeds are easily available in most of the organic stores. Make sure it is native variety, not hybrid or GM seeds. You can also get in touch with  HLP.Store  for seeds.


Sowing coriander seeds should be done in a even manner as harvesting and watering becomes difficult I’d the seeds and sowed dense in a single place. Better to draw line like markings in the soil and sow the seeds evenly in every row giving space between each row.


Porous soil is best suited for coriander. Make sure the u can stick ur finger inside it. Tats the porous consistency. A mix of coding and vermicompost is an added advantage.


Use sprayes for watering and the stem is very fragile and too much watering is not gud for the plant. All it needs it is wetness.


5 weeks

Important note: Use of scrap water bottles, scrap tubs trays are the best as coriander has very small root so it doesn’t need a shallow pot. I prefer hanging them by kitchen window to get a cilantro breeze inside the kitchen and hanging these greens is the best way to save space.

2 thoughts on “Coriander Plant – Ancient Herb #3”

  1. namastE,

    Here is a wonderful prayer to Trees by the great poet Jagannaatha PaNDita:

    धत्ते भरं कुसुमपत्र फलावलीनां
    घर्मव्यथां शीतभवां रुजां च /
    यो देहामर्पयति चान्यसुखस्य हेतोः
    तस्मै वदान्य गुरवे तरवे नमस्ते //

    dhattē bharaṁ kusumapatra phalāvalīnāṁ
    gharmavyathāṁ śītabhavāṁ rujāṁ ca /
    yō dēhāmarpayati chānyasukhasya hētōḥ
    tasmai vadānya guravē taravē namastē //

    த⁴த்தே ப⁴ரம்ʼ குஸுமபத்ர ப²லாவலீனாம்ʼ
    க⁴ர்மவ்யதா²ம்ʼ ஸீ²தப⁴வாம்ʼ ருஜாம்ʼ ச /
    யோ தே³ஹாமர்பயதி சான்யஸுக²ஸ்ய ஹேதோ​:
    தஸ்மை வதா³ன்ய கு³ரவே தரவே நமஸ்தே //

    ధత్తే భరం కుసుమపత్ర ఫలావలీనాం
    ఘర్మవ్యథాం శీతభవాం రుజాం చ /
    యో దేహామర్పయతి చాన్యసుఖస్య హేతోః
    తస్మై వదాన్య గురవే తరవే నమస్తే //

    I bow my head to worship the wonderfully compassionate Guru, the TREE, who bears the weight of flowers and fruit and leaves for the benefit of others, who suffers from the burdens of a hot summer and the chills of a cold winter for the sake of others, and who even gives up HER or HIS own body for the benefit of others.

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