5th Year Celebration of our Holistic Whatsapp Group – Awards

its 5 years, its time to share our gratitude to those noble souls who build this community with their bare hands.

When you start something new from regular life, call it a startup or group or passion. The first thing that you face is criticism, you have to walk the path alone, until you reach a milestone. At this junction you will attract more like minded people, then magic happens, the efforts proliferate from here.

In the last 5 years, countless parents, dr, healers did their little things to unmeasurable things to keep the community alive either by take up a task, or connecting us to right dot or motivating us or sharing their resources. It is time to go back in time and find those lovely souls, who deserves a big applause. Now is the time to say You are awesome!

It does not matter if they delivered or not, because, we believe in ancient script that says not to look for results. But we would like to appreciate their sincere efforts.

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Following are few souls nominated by core team and my own assessment. Moving forward we will do this ritual of thanking key parents every year.

👉 Dr. Lakshmy
For her committed service to arrange swp every month. When every dr in town is turning swp into outreach plan. She is someone who believed the cause.

👉 Ojas a.k.a Lakshmi
She did an extraordinary job in turning this group into a home-remedies platform in earlier days, single handedly managed all groups 24×7. Even now, she is part of various FB groups and whatsapp groups attracting like minded parents.

👉 Sri Nandhini
She was the first parent to broaden the whatsapp group into a parent-made home remedies. Later and till date, is part of every projects. Name it HLP Store or Nalla group, her involvement at various level is inevitable.

👉 Divya
A committed parents who helped the group open into various dimension with her question of the day post and later she took charge of translation group. Till date, she and various parents have send many audio notes, translation etc. She is there at every level of the community project.

👉 Ananth
A parent who does all the odd and undoable task. His commitment at early stage of our stores project (manual invoice) and A2. is commendable. He is part of all most all projects for the community.

👉 Anusha
A parent who took an impossible task for talking to huge number of parents in our group to collect feedback. This data helped to make a strategic decision in maintaining the quality of the group. Needless to say, the first two webinars, and other projects.

👉 Priydarshini
She set a new benchmark for admins. In fact she is only person whom you can count for all old interesting post. Now she is a key part of this good cult.

👉 Rakhi
First parent who took responsibility of actually organizing the swp accounts. Single handedly she was maintaining the accounts in a stage when tracking parents was almost impossible. She did an amazing work in tracking parents who vanished from group to make sure they are committed to the cause.

👉 Arthy, Sandhya & Esha
Join the accounts team, we have till date never had a conf call. Yet, this is one group that was active and kept the project running till date.

👉 Yamini
Needless introduction, a parent who added immense knowledge of parenting and education into the group. Helped us by sharing some new ideas and feedback studying other groups related to special child & parenting. Beautifully capturing the moments into newsletter.

👉 Ishani
A committed parent with her expert tips on parenting, hand holding social media of SWP fb page. A parent who constantly looking to showcase our group at various external circles. She single handedly executed udaipur event in collaboration with round table, women’s circle and flern.

👉 Saranya
Current home remedies and receipe expert in our group. Always willing to experiment with new recipes and making sure parents query are answered with her home remedies.

👉 Suja & Sujitha
A parent would could jump on all ad-hoc project when needed and good admin who too stores most of the important notes.

👉 Anupama
Came up with a first social media plan for swp and HLPstore projects.

👉 Tanushree
Came up with a plan to refine our stores website. She along with few parents are doing to upscale the look  in terms of content and visuals.

👉 Neeraja
Not many know her, She almost completed swp accounts into an android app. Due to technological challenges we had to drop this 1 year of hard work. She and her husband also stepped into audio translation of siddha book at critical situation.

👉 Roopa
Needless introduction for her regular contribution of shlokas, stories to make our kids learn ancient language and implant spiritual thoughts in their mind.

👉 Anand
A parent who shared his healing wisdom with indian classical acupuncture and body-mind-spirit audio lessons.

👉 Savithri
A parent who handles all our youtubeing our video such as shlokas or anand ji’s lesson. Being in US complimented us in many ways, the work was happening around the clock.

👉 Vijaya Reddy
A humble spiritual parent, who did a great work in feedback team. Did a great contribution in eliminating 1 dangerous white, salt. It if because of her the salt donation project is running.

👉 Rajashaker
He is back bone to stores project. Without him, the team’s hard work and research would be in paper alone.

👉 Seethalakshmi
Parent contributed a lot of recipes in nalla group to promote the use of traditional food. In the earlier days, she did an amazing work to keep the Community Store project alive.

👉 Yazhini & Chitra
For regularly take up the translation work and delivering on time.

👉 Sri Ram
Parent who has home remedies for all most all basic illness. He regularly contributed herbal gardening blog.

👉 Hridya
Notably she identified rare Ayurveda books and shared them to Dr Lakshmy and team. An active parent in herbal gardening.

👉 Swati Tomar
A parent spend countless nights in designing Swarnaprashana information architecture of our blog. She also regularly keep updating good products in market into store’s intelligence. A poser house of ayurvedic remedies.

👉 Tejaswini
Outstanding contribution in the earlier days of newsletter and content.

👉 Anusha Hemanth
High energy parent who would jump into any ad-hoc project. She also connected our products to various retails and export opportunity.

👉 Mahendra
He helped the team with proper custom made box to make sure the initial days Chyawanprash was delivered to parents undamaged.

👉 Jerry
A parent who is broadcast, who till date supports us by making blue cap arka bottle.

👉 Smitha Ravi
For opening the door of parenting category in our blog. She did a brilliant job in patiently connecting all data over internet and consolidating it for other parents.

👉 Ruchi Gupta
She did a unique approach in helping Community Store to promote in their community by putting up a stall  and the value added products made by her. All she did without the knowledge of the team as a gesture.

👉 Aruna
Oldest member and a dear friend, for her unconditional support for people who are in need with her NGO. Always a good connected to quality likeminded parents into our community.

👉 Amruta Zhope
She was kind enough to share her late grandfather’s diabetic herbal medicine to help other parents in our community.

👉 Ashwini Hanji
She went extra miles to source some of the natural food ingredients for HLP Store’s experiment in native varieties. She also took daily extra time in early days to publish all home remedies in to blog. She used to work after school hours. (she is a CS teacher in KV)

There are many good souls in our group who made us what we are today.

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