Butterfly Meditation

Butterfly Meditation

Just like we must be careful and choosy about the food that strengthens our body, we must be equally watchful of our thoughts entering our mind. In this fast paced life, it’s easy to get drowned in chaos and confusion. The only solution to wriggle out of this is Meditation.

Meditation is the fuel to our soul. It is the beginning and the end of what we are. It is not an option or a chance, but “the perfect solution” to progress in this journey of life.

Be it season, food, or mood, we easily get bored with single option. Variety is the spice of life. It is important to learn few methods so that we implement them according to our needs, apart from refreshing our minds. That’s why our ancestors followed and guided us with various techniques for generations.

I have been learning meditation from the age of 13. After learning from n number of gurus, teachers, books, etc., I lost (invested) my life and future in this. I’m sharing only those methods that I have learnt from my experiences and intuition. If you practice regularly, you will see noticeable changes in yourself.

We started with our first technique which was very successful – D.E.A.R Meditation. This technique focused on chakras to expand our body to 4th layer – intellectual body. This is an ideal method of meditation that helps you in balancing your day-to-day family life while keeping you spiritually centered. We have finished three batches of D.E.A.R meditation successfully at Chennai, Bangalore and Online. You can read the feedback here in comments section.

You can read the feedback here in comment section https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEAc0abByNk&t

It’s time to take the next step and elevate your experience with an advanced technique that will make you go deeper. Since the process is little complex, we will learn it part by part and then assemble it together at the end. Then you can practice it on your own. Depending on the participation, we can come up with a group meditation. This method is for spiritually inclined individuals.

We are opening the doors of opportunity to everyone, irrespective of physical distance @ Hyderabad after successful sessions in Bangalore, Chennai and Online. The upcoming session will be conducted in Hyderabad on Dec 17th (9 AM – 5 PM).

Lets get ready for an energy transformation and fly like a butterfly in your mind!

Date : 17th Dec 2022 (Saturday)
Venue : Montfort Retreat, Montfort Nagar, Prgathi Nagar, Uppal, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500039

RazorPay Link :  https://rzp.io/l/HYD2

Last Day to Register: 14th Dec, 2022

Contact : Minu +919513580222

*Prices may vary post last day

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In case, if you are want HLP WORLD Community to conduct Butterfly Meditation at your place, Please reach out to Minu @ 9513580222. Or you WhatsApp Group Admins.

15 thoughts on “Butterfly Meditation”

  1. Time flies while doing butterfly mediation, after meditation feels calm deep inside. Gratitude to Velu anna.

  2. My sincere gratitude to Velu anna and team for introducing me to butterfly meditation. Wonderful and highly effective. I hope more people get a chance to learn and practice.

  3. Butterfly mediation is a very good one . I felt it’s deep and impactful. Felt like I am doing for a longer time although it’s just for minutes.

    Excellent group, thanks Anna for taking it up and teaching us this amazing technique.

  4. No words can do justice to the experience that one had during the program. Deep and calming. Almost all of us wanted it to continue for longer time. Though it was just 3-5minutes sessions, the feeling was so complete. I would sincerely suggest all parents to enroll the next time, if at all Anna conducts this program again.

  5. Really appreciate HLP Team for butterfly Meditation session, learnt a lot of new things and experienced peace and calmness, thank you

  6. Butterfly mediation was a very good session. It gave a deep experience. Doing it in a group was really energy enriching. Gratitude to Anna to give us yet another new practice to take back home. Another feather in the cap.

  7. Very Good Session. Impactful. Doing minutes of the meditation felt like doing for hours.

  8. I am thankfull for getting a chance to attend this session. This gave me a while new perspective on the spiritual path. The experience was so deep and explicit. Thanks a ton Anna.

  9. Complex but deeper meditation. Very good and quickest one to get calm, peaceful one.this only can be experienced.

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