Traditional Cooking Vessels & Materials

A YouTube live event by Jaya Subramaniam

Jaya Subramaniam, is a former assistant professor in a reputed institution. She is a video creator and YouTube enthusiast. Jaya has a great interest in learning the traditional methods cooking practiced by our ancestors in the past. She is very keen on learning on food which balances our body and holistic living practices to align our energies. Jaya is also a part of our holistic living community.

Do you want to know the healthy way of cooking?
Are you having hard time seasoning your traditional cookware?

Topics on Focus:

  • Introduction to cooking materials and vessels
  • Different kinds of cooking materials
  • Preparation and Seasoning of vessels
  • Limitations and advantages of traditional cookware

Do come and Join us for the exclusive webinar on Traditional cookware and nourish yourself with healthy living!

Event date: 10th October,2020
Time: 9 am to 10 am
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Shanti Karma – Lessening our Karmic Baggage

An exclusive Online Webinar by Velu Jayaprakash

It is better to win over self than to win over million enemies

Lord Mahavir

Every soul takes birth to unload the karmic baggage and complete the birth cycle to attain liberation. During the birth cycle the purpose of each soul is to live the life to its fullest potential to unpack the unmanifested karmas. The karmic timer begins to work as soon as the human soul is born on this earth. The mother and father’s karmic imprints impact the life of the human soul until the age of 8.

 A karmic report of a human soul is created from the age of 9. The human soul is burning its past life karmas until the age of 12 and the karmas of present life will slowly begin from the end of the 12th year. It is very essential for us to understand the meaningful shanti karma rituals performed between the ages 9 to 120 years to help the soul uplift to the greater level of awareness. Shanti refers to the Homa ritual which are spiritually fulfilling experience in one’s lifetime with blessed seekers.

Do join us for the enlightening eGurukul and understand the types of shanti karma performed at specific years.

Event date: 4th October,2020

Time: 9 am to 12 pm

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Last day to enroll: 30th September,2020

Ancient Ayurvedic Recipies

-Online webinar by Dr. Lakshmy

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


The age old traditional ayurvedic ideology of food has been evolving for generations. Ayurveda involves food as a healing tool for the wholesome development of body, mind and soul. Our traditional food recipes help us in balancing our body’s energies aligned with anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Are you interested in learning the traditional healthy snack varieties made by our ancestors?
  • Are you eager to know more about the ancient recipes for good nutrition and health?

Here is the right place for you to learn more about the our ancient ayurvedic recipes of various snacks, soups, beverages, desserts and panakas to pamper you and your family with the home-made menu.

Join us for the delightful webinar by Dr. Lakshmy and flavor yourself with handful of healthy recipes!

Event Date: 18th October 2020

Venue: Online

Time: 9 am-12 pm

Last Day to Enroll: 15th October 2020

Contact for more details: Minu : +91 95135 80222

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Agnihotra and Pyramids

An exclusive Webinar by Velu Jayaprakash

Pic Courtesy for Agnihotra: HLP team Egurukul


It is a healing fire from our ancient science to purify our surroundings from external pollutants as well as profound contamination arising from negative emotions and bad thoughts. The curative methods help us in cleansing the negative vibrations and deeds stored deep inside a human soul. It is very beneficial in improving the overall health and energy levels.


Pyramid is one of the powerful healing techniques to heal and balance the chakras and our environment. It is made up of a simple pattern which has supernatural powers to absorb the cosmic vibrations to heal our body, mind and soul. The power of pyramid is very remarkable which helps the human soul concentrate deep within.

Join us for the HLP exclusive eGurukul on Agnihotra and Pyramids. Lets understand the Ancient practices and decode the methods to purify our environment and healing properties .

Date: 12-14th october
Time: 9 am to 11 am
Venue : Online
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Last day to Enroll: 30th September

6-Months to Reverse Diabetes Naturally

Online Program Guided by Naturopath

Are you looking for a quick overnight fix to Control Diabetes which doesn’t work? 

Or, Are you looking for a Holistic Lifestyle Change as a Solution to STOP Diabetes? 

Holistic Living & Parenting Community Presents You

6-Months Online Program to STOP Diabetes

Experience fewer cravings & feel satisfied for longer periods with our Wholesome Diet Plans.

  • Plant Based Diet Plans
  • Fitness Plans
  • Yoga & Mudras
  • Supportive Community

Living with Diabetes no longer means adhering to dull Diet Plans.

We have a Rainbow Diet customized for YOU!

STOP Diabetes in its tracks and Feel Energised, Focused and Productive. 

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Graduation Day Celebrations!!

“Warmest Congratulations to all the beautiful Souls…” 

A Big Praise to all the Committed soul towards completion of-
Our Scientific and Spiritual Fasting Program Level-We are Joyous to be able to provide our Fasting Enthusiasts a safe and supportive space for the the various level of fasting retreat.

You believed that you can win this fasting challenge, and you made it!!!

Looking forward to seeing you on our subsequent Fasting Level 4, to enjoy mind, body & soul reset.






A Traditional Recipe for Aadi Season

Adi kummayam is traditional authentic recipe made in Aadi masam specifically on Tuesdays and Fridays Due to the onset of monsoons, It is an excellent recipe to balance the vata, Strengthen the bones, joints and backbone in our body. It is a nutrition recipe to strengthen the uterus for girls who hit puberty, pregnant ladies and women in their postpartum phase. Adi kummayam is a perfect recipe during this lockdown for protein consumption.It helps in curing constipation.


  • Whole moong or yellow moong 1/4 cup.
  • Matta rice or Blackrice 1 cup.
  • Whole urad dal or white urad 1/4 cup.
  • Palm jaggery.
  • Elaichi.
  • Cashew chopped.
  • Kismiss soaked and drained.
  • Sesame coldpressed oil 1 whole cup.
  • Desi ghee 1/2 cup.


Dry roast moong dal, urad dal and rice until they turn brown. Keep it aside and let it cool down. Grind to fine powder and sieve if required. In iron kadai, make palm jaggrey syrup to required consistency. Add ghee, Sesame oil and Elaichi to the jaggery mixture.

Keep stirring well by adding sieved flour slowly until the kummayam flour dissolves well with no lumps. Top it with chopped cashew and kismiss. Grease the steel plate with ghee. As the whole concoction gathers together, pour it in the steel plate and let it semi dry. Cut to pieces and serve. Enjoy the tasty Adi kummayam recipe!

About the Author:

A Parententrepreneur ,wisdom seeker, Ms.Lakshmi Bharadwaj is very well known, old parent from HLP Community. She has been a very active member in promoting ancient wisdom our parenting community from past few years and has many articles and blogs to her credit. She beileves that path to Spirituality is through our body.

Your body is your sanctum. Maintain with divinity – Lakshmi Bharadwaj

Adolescence: Understanding their mind

An Interactive Session by Diana Manoshi

The changes during adolescence are not something to just get through. They are qualities we need to hold onto, to live a full and meaningful life in adulthood

Daniel Siegel

Diana Manoshi is a consulting psychologist with 13 years of experience. She is an active participant of our HLP community who loves to explore and learn different healing methods. Diana’s love for the various therapeutic methods holds her strong vision to integrate the natural healing methods to her practices among the adolescents.

You are invited for the interesting webinar by Diana Manoshi to know more about your growing adolescents!

Topics on Focus:

  • Emotional and physical changes of adolescents.
  • Support from the adults in the Environment.
  • Understanding the Changing patterns of Adolescents.
  • Social needs and Setting up environment for exploration.

Date : 8th August
Time : 9am – 10 am ( 40 min session ,20 min Q&A )

Where: YouTube LIVE

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Spiritual Bath

A Rejuvenating online Webinar by Velu Jayaprakash

Wash away your troubles with some bubbles


The Spiritual Science behind the bathing involves a soothing and restorative practice that heals the body, mind, and soul. The Ancient bathing techniques has been proven to be a therapy for both physical and mental wellbeing. Unlike the regular bathing method, these cleansing practices can be carried out using herbs and accessible plants available at your home. Spiritual bathing will help you to maintain a sense of harmony, vitality, and bliss in your day to day lifestyle.

Takeaways from online Webinar

  • Understand the Art of spiritual hygiene practices
  • Unravel the therapeutic bathing techniques.
  • Various cleansing procedures based on seasons and special occasions.
  • Discover various bathing practice for personal, emotional and physical needs.
Do you want to explore the art of ancient bathing for healing?
Do you want to spice up your regular bathing with simple rituals?

Come and join us for the online Webinar and immerse yourself in the restorative healing practices!

Mark your Calendar: 09-Aug-20

Location: An Exclusive Online Session

Time: 9 a.m – 12 noon

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Last Day to Enroll: 31st July, 2020

Spiritual Birthday – Know your exact Birthday

Know your exact birthday! -Velu Jayaprakash

What is Star Birthday?

  • We Indians follow Indian Calendar system instead of the Gregorian calendar. Indian calendars are derived from Solar-Lunar cycle.
  • There are 27 Nakshatras. Each day has a nakshatra. The same 27 Nakshatras gets repeated every month. The nakshatra which you were born is your Janma Nakshatra.
  • We need to make a note of our Janma Nashatra and the corresponding Indian month. There are various online calendars available for you to refer and find out your corresponding Nakshatra and month according to the Indian calendar. Using that we can calculate the date each year when our star birthday comes.


  • A birthday celebration is a part of our culture for generations. It is the day that affects us spiritually. Systemically, the British who invaded us have broken the fundamentals of India and made us inferior to our own culture and practices.
  • When we enter the world, the universe opens and closes many doors, every sec, the vibration from planets, changes, as per our past deeds, we enter the world at a certain point. That exact point is the weakest point. It repeats every 60 years. Each year at that star reference is also called as the birth star. Every month, during the star, we have slightly less weak vibration.
  • The actual birthday is the birth star on that year in native month. It will be a week before or after our English birth date. That is why kids get generally sick, just before their first birthday, which technically is their birthday. 

✅ Do’s on Star Birthday

  • The baby should wake up early morning before sunrises, do a proper oil bath, on that day alone, castor oil is used!
  • He/she should watch the sun for a few secs. Better if the sunlight that hits their solar plexus (in house solar generator).
  • Start the day with sweets and drink water. Then you fast.
  • Visit family deity to seek their blessing. Remember family deity is a super soul. They are neither god nor human but they sacrificed to reach god to protect the bloodline.
  • Visit places where they offer mass prayers like church or mosque which does wonders.
  • Seek blessing from elders from home, guru (if you are lucky) or mentor, well-wishers, spiritual people (irrespective if they are good or bad, their blessings work).
  • You can perform Ayush homa and Homa related to planets that are strong.
  •  In short, we seek blessings not gift.

 ❌ Don’ts on Star Birthday

  • We should not take any gift on that day! This is something we follow unconsciously because we follow at the wrong time. So, we missed a big karmic blunder.
  • We should not do any haircut, nails, eat food that increases tamasic value, etc. as this will affect the prana of the body on a longer run. Many prepare for this big day as per the English calendar and hurt the spiritual body. So, if you are planning for a big day, check our birth star and avoid that day.
  • We are not against the culture of cake cutting and game rituals, but we must also consider healing on our real birthday. This will save kids from various karmic issues and emotional dramas.
  • At the end, before going to bed, you show your gratitude to nature, and check your progress and forgive you and other’s mistakes and move on.

Note: If the kid is sick, please avoid oil bathing etc… and due to restrictions happening now avoid social gatherings.

How to find your star birthday?

Typically, you have to look at the Panchangam to predict your Janma Nakshatra. But these days it is available online. There are plenty of online tools to find out your Birth star. One needs to know the exact Date, Time and Place of birth. Pick any online tool and enter the above-mentioned details in it. That will give your Birth star. Make a note of the star and the corresponding regional month of that year.

How to Calculate your Star birthday for current year?

Once you know the Star and its corresponding regional month, pick a regional calendar for the current year, and go to the particular month and look for the date at which the birth star occurs.

Note : If your birth star falls twice in a month, then you should consider only the second one.The rest of the activities can be performed at your safety and convenience. Stay safe!