Traditional Cooking Vessels & Materials

A YouTube live event by Jaya Subramaniam

Jaya Subramaniam, is a former assistant professor in a reputed institution. She is a video creator and YouTube enthusiast. Jaya has a great interest in learning the traditional methods cooking practiced by our ancestors in the past. She is very keen on learning on food which balances our body and holistic living practices to align our energies. Jaya is also a part of our holistic living community.

Do you want to know the healthy way of cooking?
Are you having hard time seasoning your traditional cookware?

Topics on Focus:

  • Introduction to cooking materials and vessels
  • Different kinds of cooking materials
  • Preparation and Seasoning of vessels
  • Limitations and advantages of traditional cookware

Do come and Join us for the exclusive webinar on Traditional cookware and nourish yourself with healthy living!

Event date: 10th October,2020
Time: 9 am to 10 am
Join us Live @:

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