Adolescence: Understanding their mind

An Interactive Session by Diana Manoshi

The changes during adolescence are not something to just get through. They are qualities we need to hold onto, to live a full and meaningful life in adulthood

Daniel Siegel

Diana Manoshi is a consulting psychologist with 13 years of experience. She is an active participant of our HLP community who loves to explore and learn different healing methods. Diana’s love for the various therapeutic methods holds her strong vision to integrate the natural healing methods to her practices among the adolescents.

You are invited for the interesting webinar by Diana Manoshi to know more about your growing adolescents!

Topics on Focus:

  • Emotional and physical changes of adolescents.
  • Support from the adults in the Environment.
  • Understanding the Changing patterns of Adolescents.
  • Social needs and Setting up environment for exploration.

Date : 8th August
Time : 9am – 10 am ( 40 min session ,20 min Q&A )

Where: YouTube LIVE

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Minu Amar : +91 9513580222
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Spiritual Bath

A Rejuvenating online Webinar by Velu Jayaprakash

Wash away your troubles with some bubbles


The Spiritual Science behind the bathing involves a soothing and restorative practice that heals the body, mind, and soul. The Ancient bathing techniques has been proven to be a therapy for both physical and mental wellbeing. Unlike the regular bathing method, these cleansing practices can be carried out using herbs and accessible plants available at your home. Spiritual bathing will help you to maintain a sense of harmony, vitality, and bliss in your day to day lifestyle.

Takeaways from online Webinar

  • Understand the Art of spiritual hygiene practices
  • Unravel the therapeutic bathing techniques.
  • Various cleansing procedures based on seasons and special occasions.
  • Discover various bathing practice for personal, emotional and physical needs.
Do you want to explore the art of ancient bathing for healing?
Do you want to spice up your regular bathing with simple rituals?

Come and join us for the online Webinar and immerse yourself in the restorative healing practices!

Mark your Calendar: 09-Aug-20

Location: An Exclusive Online Session

Time: 9 a.m – 12 noon

Avail the recording of this past event:

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

Spiritual Birthday – Know your exact Birthday

Know your exact birthday! -Velu Jayaprakash

What is Star Birthday?

  • We Indians follow Indian Calendar system instead of the Gregorian calendar. Indian calendars are derived from Solar-Lunar cycle.
  • There are 27 Nakshatras. Each day has a nakshatra. The same 27 Nakshatras gets repeated every month. The nakshatra which you were born is your Janma Nakshatra.
  • We need to make a note of our Janma Nashatra and the corresponding Indian month. There are various online calendars available for you to refer and find out your corresponding Nakshatra and month according to the Indian calendar. Using that we can calculate the date each year when our star birthday comes.


  • A birthday celebration is a part of our culture for generations. It is the day that affects us spiritually. Systemically, the British who invaded us have broken the fundamentals of India and made us inferior to our own culture and practices.
  • When we enter the world, the universe opens and closes many doors, every sec, the vibration from planets, changes, as per our past deeds, we enter the world at a certain point. That exact point is the weakest point. It repeats every 60 years. Each year at that star reference is also called as the birth star. Every month, during the star, we have slightly less weak vibration.
  • The actual birthday is the birth star on that year in native month. It will be a week before or after our English birth date. That is why kids get generally sick, just before their first birthday, which technically is their birthday. 

✅ Do’s on Star Birthday

  • The baby should wake up early morning before sunrises, do a proper oil bath, on that day alone, castor oil is used!
  • He/she should watch the sun for a few secs. Better if the sunlight that hits their solar plexus (in house solar generator).
  • Start the day with sweets and drink water. Then you fast.
  • Visit family deity to seek their blessing. Remember family deity is a super soul. They are neither god nor human but they sacrificed to reach god to protect the bloodline.
  • Visit places where they offer mass prayers like church or mosque which does wonders.
  • Seek blessing from elders from home, guru (if you are lucky) or mentor, well-wishers, spiritual people (irrespective if they are good or bad, their blessings work).
  • You can perform Ayush homa and Homa related to planets that are strong.
  •  In short, we seek blessings not gift.

 ❌ Don’ts on Star Birthday

  • We should not take any gift on that day! This is something we follow unconsciously because we follow at the wrong time. So, we missed a big karmic blunder.
  • We should not do any haircut, nails, eat food that increases tamasic value, etc. as this will affect the prana of the body on a longer run. Many prepare for this big day as per the English calendar and hurt the spiritual body. So, if you are planning for a big day, check our birth star and avoid that day.
  • We are not against the culture of cake cutting and game rituals, but we must also consider healing on our real birthday. This will save kids from various karmic issues and emotional dramas.
  • At the end, before going to bed, you show your gratitude to nature, and check your progress and forgive you and other’s mistakes and move on.

Note: If the kid is sick, please avoid oil bathing etc… and due to restrictions happening now avoid social gatherings.

How to find your star birthday?

Typically, you have to look at the Panchangam to predict your Janma Nakshatra. But these days it is available online. There are plenty of online tools to find out your Birth star. One needs to know the exact Date, Time and Place of birth. Pick any online tool and enter the above-mentioned details in it. That will give your Birth star. Make a note of the star and the corresponding regional month of that year.

How to Calculate your Star birthday for current year?

Once you know the Star and its corresponding regional month, pick a regional calendar for the current year, and go to the particular month and look for the date at which the birth star occurs.

Note : If your birth star falls twice in a month, then you should consider only the second one.The rest of the activities can be performed at your safety and convenience. Stay safe!

Bach Flower Therapy

Based on your Star Birthday

This is one of the traditional therapies. Basically, it uses flower essence to treat our, emotional pains and trauma, which over time impacted our health. These pains are mostly caused by our karmic imprints. Few from our group have already been benefited by this therapy and seeing a huge shift in their physical and emotional side. After their request, we have finally designed this healing to reach more people who are in need. 

Let’s see what Bach Flower Essence practice is

🌸 This was discovered by Dr Edward Bach, an English doctor, bacteriologist, homeopath and spiritual writer. Initially, it was not well received, but later many healers took this to a different level. When this knowledge reached India, our traditional healers (Siddhas) were able to unlock the hidden potential of this great healing. Why? Because we already have the wisdom with us, which we forgot and now it is taking a huge shift in the healing process. 

🌸If you look deeper, in ancient times, our ancestors had a great knowledge of various flowers, herbs, and everything around them. They used these gifts from mother nature to bring in harmony between body, mind and soul. Based on the specialization, over practice, various medical and lifestyle changes was implemented and attached to a religion.

🌸Then a story of fear and faith was colored so that people will follow it without fail. The main hidden agenda of our enlighten master was to be in peace with us.  Dr Edward Bach, took various flower essence from mother nature and was able to see how it influenced over the human mind. He classified Human beings into various psychological profiles.

🌸When we intake this certain combination of flower essence, it does a great impact on our emotional side of our mind, which is one of the root causes of various health issues we face today. 

🌸Ideally, to recommend a proper essence for your personal needs, you must spend a considerable amount of time with the healer who is well versed in the usage. The healer has to observe few areas, such as: What does the client say, Body language, healer’s intuition, and so on. There are few drawbacks in this method because many fail to express their true emotions, sometimes false body languages etc. may lead to improper combination. There is nothing wrong in these medicines, some may not work for you in the previous case

🌸Fortunately, we in India have a powerful tool that many may not have. Medical Astrology with astrology we can easily decode a person’s mind, the way they think. What happened in their life and where it is leading? So, the mind plays a huge role here. So, based on your birth time we can make various combination of flower essence as designed and proved by Dr Bach to heal able karmic emotional related issues (needless to say, it heals the health part as well). 

Who will benefit from Bach Flower Essence?

  • Persons who are suffering from long term physical pain in their body, like feet, lower or upper back, headache etc, or some issues which is hard to explain to any healer. Deep emotional issues such as Unknown fear, Uncertainty, inability to talk freely, Loneliness, Over-sensitivity, hidden relationship issues, emotional instability etc. 
  • As said many times at the group, we get diseases from various channels. Our own thoughts are one such avenue that creates these imbalances in us, that could lead to various emotional and physical issues. Bach flowers work wonder here. 

Who cannot get this essence?

  • People who do not know their correct birth time, place.
  • People outside our WhatsApp community.
  • People outside India.


According to your birth time and position of planets in your horoscope and current position, you will be given a unique combination of flower essences, you must take it continuously to the recommended cycle. Usually, it will be 12 or 27 months. Remember, every month the combination is different. So you have to daily intake it. Do not give a break. 


One Dose costs Rs 400. You will be taking 3 sets at a time, that is for 3 months (on Pushya days) so it is Rs. 1200 for cycles. Then we will be sending the next set of 3 and so on. Once you enroll, you do not have to re-enroll again. Automatically it will come to you, every three months. And you must make sure you pay on time.

You cannot reuse this for others, what is made will only match you, it cannot be shared as well. This is one of the unique healing programs, hence we are keeping this only for parents in our community.

To subscribe click here, remember to join our community, only then we can process your form.

Ayurveda for beauty and health

An Online Webinar by Dr.Lakshmy

Ayurvedic therapies for health and beauty that can be practised at home.

Ayurveda is a life transforming science which help us to maintain the inner health and beauty. It is a rejuvenating lifestyle medicine to our entire being. It suggests simpler hands on remedies which can be followed as a part of our day to day routine at our home. These practices help us in nourishing our health which boosts our beauty.  

Highlights of Webinar

  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Foot Care
  • Detoxification and Beauty
  • Rejuvenation and Anti-aging

Join us and learn some fresh homemade Ayurveda therapies that are more beneficial and cheaper than the options available in market.

Date : 12th July, 2020

Time: 9 am to 12 pm

Where: Online Webinar from the comfort of Home

Avail the recording of this past event:

Contact : +91 95135 80222 ( Mrs. Minu Amar)

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

Minimalism – Living with less

Presented by: Priyadarshini

Take away from the webinar:

  • It’s important to understand the difference between what we want and what we need and that is what minimalist living is all about.
  • Think twice and analyze the stuff you throw in the dustbin
  • Cut down upon stuff that comes in single use plastic – milk, oil, vegetables, fruits, groceries, personal care products, cleaning supplies etc. that come packed in plastics, sanitary napkins, aluminum foil etc. They are bad for us and for the environment
  • To cut down, buy from the local farmer’s market, carry your own bag, and use steel or recyclable/reusable bottles. Buy stuff in large quantities, if plastic cannot be completely avoidable in urban set up.
  • Switch to homemade natural shampoos, soaps, toothpastes, detergent etc. Segregate and compost kitchen/wet waste. Dry waste put it in a bottle and create ECOBRICK.
  • Commercially available diapers and menstrual pads are toxic to self and environment as they have plastic in it. Use cloth diapers and cloth pads instead
  • Avoid online food delivery services and opt to dine-in a restaurant. Minimize online shopping.
  • Travel “zero waste” the cool way – carry cloth bags with you, take your own water bottles, carry bamboo cutlery or reusable cutlery kit (a spoon, a fork, a straw, a napkin, bottle), carry snacks, say no to straw, take ice cream in a cone and not cup, your own tiffin box to get leftover packed etc.
  • Move to refrigerator free life – Make food, idli/dosa batter etc. in small batches. To store, pour water in a clay pot and keep the batter/food vessel in that (but try and make small quantities).
  • To store greens, keep root in a glass of water or cover with a wet cloth, keep chillies without stalks, curry leaves can be stored air dried, keep onions and potatoes separately, buy tomatoes half ripe and half unripe. Again, buying small quantities helps as we also get to eat fresh and need not worry about storage.
  • A/C free home – Keeping home well ventilated, to reduce heartiness and warming the house during day u can use dark curtains in the afternoon to block the light during day, wearing light cotton clothes and eating right food and lifestyle practices would help you live without ACs in summer
  • Negligible/zero electricity bill lifestyle – switch off appliances when not in use, wash clothes in the washing machine only when full load, switch to non RO filtration water (saves both water and electricity).
  • Last but not the least, important note: do not dump now whatever you have at home and jump into minimalist living. Use whatever you have till the end of its lifecycle and now when you have become aware, next whatever you are buying, be conscious about that. Do not become an impulsive shopper.
  • The 5 Rs..Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair and Rot important Rs to be reminded for minimalistic living

FAQs from the Session

1. How to replace a plastic bucket?

Answer – “Plastic bucket can be replaced with brass
bucket. Those were also used by our elderlies. Not only does it eliminate plastic, it also has good health benefits”.

2. Which is the best BYO (bring your own) disposable cutlery in market?

Answer –“Whatever we use at home, carrying that would be more than enough. Just carry as per your requirements and what is available at your home”

3. How to store milk/butter?

Answer – “Buy milk in lesser quantities. We buy it from a local milkman. Everyday buy it fresh just for one or two times worth of consumption. Butter – keep it in vessel and then keep in clay pot filled with water, in cool and dry place, away from sunlight. For refrigerator less living, we need to plan our consumption of perishable items. Buying in small quantity ensures we need not worry about storage and also consume fresh food”

4. How to avoid diapers?

Answer –“There are many brands and varieties of reusable cloth
diapers available in market, kindly explore. Commercially available diapers are hazardous for the kids as well as environment.”

5. I have tried using menstrual pads but I have found them difficult to clean, what to do?

Answer – “Soak them in warm water overnight and wash them in the morning. It would be easy to clean that way. Keep a separate bucket or tub for the same. Use natural products for cleaning. Disinfect using turmeric and salt in water. Sun drying is extremely important. Following these methods, I have been able to use cloth pads for more than two years.”

6.Even though we avoid a lot of plastics we do get accumulated of pick up carry bags. Where I can carry my bags we do otherwise there’s a lot. I do not wish to dump them so I have put all the plastic bags in a box in my house. I couldn’t find a recycling team here what else can I do?

Answer – “Try to recycle the same or give them
away to vegetable or fruits or flower vendors as they still need to use those”

7. How are you managing with perishables given this Covid lockdown time? Since we cannot step out frequently right now?

Answer – “I am buying vegetables for 5 to 7 days at a go. Vegetables like carrots and beetroots can stay fine without refrigeration for 3 to 4 days. Vegetables like drumsticks that need moisture to be retained, I keep them on a thin cloth and cover with another thin white cloth and keep the cloth damp. I also use sundried vegetables. Also, sticking to two meals a day and using papads etc in our meal. Meal planning is the keyword”.

8. How to store homemade sprouts?

Answer – They cannot be stored. Must be consumed fresh

9. What are the best suggested ways of water conservation?

Answer –Reusing the water which we wash rice n dals, water the plants with this water. Instead of shower use bucket for bath. Slow the water in the tap by changing the valve setting, close the taps while brushing the teeth, etc.

10. Can ginger garlic paste be stored in glass containers.? I heard it is not good to store in glass.

Answer – You can add a few drops of lemon juice and Little turmeric when grinding ginger garlic paste. Yes, it can be stored in glass containers. It is safe.

11. I travel a lot and I am a vegetarian, so I need to carry ready to eat. There is a lot of plastic…any alternatives?

Answer – Carry a reusable cutlery kit. Like napkin, spoon, steel box, bottle etc.