Sade Sati/Ezharai sani – Saturn Transit Remedies for all 12 Rashis

A HLP.World Exclusive webinar of 2021

Saturn Transition – A phase of psychic, karmic and emotional influences. The time to repay, let go and forgive

Ezharai Sani or Sade Sati is a phase in an individual’s life spanning seven and half years clubbed with challenges and difficulties. Saturn transit is about the Sani Graha exiting one Rashi and entering another Rashi. But, Saturn’s transit is always considered to have eminent effect on individual’s life path compared to the other eight planets. Also, it is believed that this specific time period comprises of a lot of struggles and hurdles.

The Ezharai Sani or Sade Sati in real life is the time to repay the karma accumulated in our past or present life. It is the time of accomplishments and completion of our pending duties.

So, on popular demand from our HLP Whatsapp Members, we are here with the webinar about Sani /Saturn transit and it’s impact and influences on every Rashi.

Topics on Focus
  • Saturn’s position with respect to each rashi.
  • Karmic influences of Saturn on human mind.
  • Understanding the transit.
  • Remedies to be followed by each rashi people.

Please join us for this interactive HLP.World webinar to understand the karmic impacts of Saturn’s transit on one’s life path.

Date: 23rd Jan,2021
Time: 9am to 12pm
Venue: Online
Avail the recording of this past event:

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

14 thoughts on “Sade Sati/Ezharai sani – Saturn Transit Remedies for all 12 Rashis”

  1. Sade Sati is one of the interesting topics as it is related to astrology. It was very interesting to lean and understand how planets influence on us and simple remedies can make a big difference.

  2. After this webinar my understanding about Sadi Sati and Saturn planet changed. It was a very interesting webinar which on for more than 4 hrs.

    Thanks Anna, the leaning and understanding of this webinar yields a wonderful results
    when we implement it. Thank you team for organizing it.

  3. Wonderful session. Very helpful in such tough times . Thanks to Velu Anna and team . Ad always the session has given lots of information and knowledge that was lost !! The recordings provided will be always helpful to go back and refer as and when needed.

  4. Really helpful, these insights gave me lot of relief from the fear of Sade Sati !! Thanks Velu Anna and team for organising such and important session .

  5. Very glad to have been getting the right knowledge from Velu Anna. Especially deep topics like these. Very helpful to manage around when we understand the science behind practices.

  6. My sincere thanks to Velu anna for this session. Remedies and practices of what we want to do during each phase are simple yet powerful. After knowing in detail it removes my fear over the Saturn transition and guides me towards positvity. This webinar is a reference material for all.

  7. It was just not a webinar to understand the Shani Transit but we could get an insight of how all the rashis are mapped. Moreover, we could get an understanding that these are all transient things and we can go beyond by meditation and prayers. This webinar made me realise and deep dive into the planetary positions versus deep dive into our inner self. An opening webinar!

  8. I learnt a lot about the Sade Sati. Honestly i did see things happening to the types Velu Anna described for different Rashi s. Atleast this helped us keeping positive attitude and be aware of things before hand.
    Also when Anna said, if you feel connected to God nothing really matters, it is like that. So knowing it was to create more connections to God for me.
    Thank you Anna for your wonderful knowledge.

  9. This program gave me clear understanding of what to follow on daily basis when Saturn is in 8th, and seven and half years of transition periods. Thank you for Velu Anna and organizer’s efforts..

  10. I have learnt to accept my lessons of saturn and i feel he is the best teacher. I could literally relate my life lessons and the sade sati effects when anna was taking this class. Saturn is definitely a great teacher, the mind should just accept whatever comes your way…when he completes 7.5 years, the blessings from saturn is life changing.
    Human population should have collective prayers and chanting and being gratefull for this god.

  11. After this webinar came to know about Sani phases… Will be more helpful to people undergoing 71/2 transit…

  12. Good learning about Saturn transit in each phase of rashis and impact on us. Nicely presented simple remedies to be followed in Saturn transit period.

  13. This webinar is the best reference material for remedies for saturn phases. All of us are always ruled by some or the other phase of saturn. By referring this webinar, we can follow relevant practises for all the different phases and be shielded to the extent nature permits!

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