Priya, Chennai

Even I want to share my gratitude to the group and to all people from whom I have learnt so many valuable things and become a better person
I have inculcated so many best practices in my day-to-day life.It all started after my son. I wanted to bring him up with the knowledge that our ancestors have gifted us.The right practices and traditions. These are jus few..
✍Dint want to Pierce his ear , afraid he can’t handle it.But after knowing the reason behind this samsakar ensured we got his ear pierced n tonsured his head
✍Oil bathing weekly twice keeps your body light and balanced.
✍Silver and black hip thread after knowing it activates certain nerves n absorbs heat
✍No whites in the kitchen.
✍Swarnaprashana another important samsakar I started which has increased his immunity several folds n also good development in his growth not just physical but it’s more with his cognitive skills.
✍started using lot of millets n cold-pressed oils and helped me reduce all the baby fat and keeping the entire family healthy.
In short, my lifestyle has become very disciplined n healthy.I am more aware of wat I eat and what I do.
Thanks Anna for making this happen n meet so many wonderful souls.
There is loads to write but stopping it as it might get boring😬

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