Find the camp nearby to enroll.

The main purpose of our group is to educate, enable and walking with us on the journey of building a stronger child in a holistic way. Even though you made up you mind to enroll your kids or If you are trying to find a camp nearby, We highly encourage you to read the blog and get into our WhatsApp group to other parents.

 Talk to a parent Coordinator:

Remember, Parent Coordinators are doing this as passion, this is not a full job. So in case in if no one attends your call. Please Drop an SMS or Drop the message at the form.
  • India
    • 98452 38383 (Can speak English, Hindi, Tamil)
    • 77602 92062 (Can speak English, Hindi, Tamil)
    • 95660 18329 (Can speak Kannada, Tamil)
    • 99807 41286 (Can speak Kannada, English)
    • 99162 46074 (Can speak Sindhi, Hindi, English, Kannada)
    • 99301 34777 (Can speak Gujarati, Hindi, English)
    • 99161 36285 (can speak Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, English)
    • 98224 33850 (Can speak Malayalam, Hindi)
  • UK:
    • +44 7846 774010 (Can speak English, Hindi, Punjabi)
    • +44 7525 845258 (Can speak English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil)
  • USA:
    • +1 516 808 9647 (Can speak in Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, English)
    • +1 703 403 6641
  • Singapore
    • +65 8322 4966 ⁠ (Can speak in Telugu, English)
  • Email: [email protected]
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For Ayurvedic doctors

We are building an extensive list of Ayurvedic practitioners around the world who promote not only swarnaprashana, but any holistic healing practices relating to women, kids, and family. Please get in touch with us to provide information about your camp details. We will review and publish it.

Fill the form below to contact us directly for:

31 thoughts on “Find the camp nearby to enroll.”

  1. I have got an error message while submitting it.
    “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.”
    Please include me into the group 7989157336 ( Ramesh ) for enrolment.

  2. Hi I ordered the medicine 20 days back, haven’t received it yet. I have not made the payment yet, should I pay first to get the medicines or is there cash on delivery option.
    Please reply to my email – [email protected]

    1. You have not ordered. coz we do not sell. Please take time to under the parenting community and make a request with the right people and at the place. we have sent you a welcome message to your WhatsApp. please read it once.

    1. We can not add you for two reasons.

      1 you have not shared your number
      2 you have not made a request formally by filling the form

  3. Hello Sir/Mam, I have made a request to add me to the group 3 days back. Can you kindly do the needful. Thanks Sapna

    1. Please check your email or whatsapp for a reply.. Please read all the link and understand then make an informed decision. looking forward see you in our community to learn from each other.

    1. we did get your request. since it does not have introduction about you. we did not add you. please send your into to whataspp message. later we will add you.

  4. Namaskar,
    I made a request to join the parents whatsapp group during the 1st week of Ictober. When I didn’t receive any reply, I made another request on 12th October in this page. However, I haven’t a reply yet. Therefore, I am making another request to join the whatsapp group. I had already filled in the form at my first request. I hope the admin would kindly me. I am furnishing my details again.
    Name: Surren.
    Email: [email protected].
    Mobile: +60162207268.
    Country: Malaysia

    Thank you

  5. Namaskar, I had made a request to join the whatsapp group last week. I had filled all details in the form. However, I have yet to receive any notification either via email nor whatsapp. I would appreciate if you could add me ASAP. I m furnishing my details again.
    Name: Surren.
    Email: [email protected].
    Mobile: +60162207268.
    Country: Malaysia

      1. Namaskar,
        Admin, I still haven’t received a reply to join the parents whatsapp group. Request was made during the 1st week of Ictober. Kindly add me please.
        Thank you

  6. To great n honorable group. I waana be part of tour group. 9427572589 Swati Raval jamnagar Gujarat

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