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Dear all ,

I felt like sharing my part regarding the birthday of my son .

Ten years ago when my son was born we were not given too much of hope about him. Although I had a normal delivery my son was born with low apgar score, was there in the ni u for three days and we took him to all kind of places till one year.

I remember sitting with my 28 day old son in parijma ( a center for differently abled children) waiting for his brain test , when an elderly man who was a stranger blessed my son and said he’ll be fine . That’s the day I started believing in blessings.

Now my son is an active boy who is a voracious reader and a budding tabla player .

Both my kids have allergies which use to make them sick almost every month for two years now. It was like I had either one of the kid at home for fifteen days a month .

I started giving them Swarnaprashana and arka since April this month along with home made chwanprash (since a month and a half). Their rate of falling ill has drastically reduced and even if they fall sick they recover fast and are active during the sickness too.

Thanks to Dr Lakshmi and other people who are behind this.

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