The perfect learning corner for Holistic, Spiritual, Ancient and Ancestral practices

Types of Events

Physical Gurukul

There are some subjects that need a proper initiation or personal demonstration which is tough to do online. This is so that everyone can have an experiential learning. Topics of such magnitude are covered in Physical Gurukul for a day or two and in some cases, it could be monthly once for few months. A few being Soul Healing, Healing Trees, Seed Therapy, Palmistry, and many more falls in this bucket. Recently, we started to experiment with recording these sessions providing some more online support for the people who are not able to attend physically.

Special Events

The community needs more support as it grows. We cater the majority’s needs in all the ways we can. This includes some events which are conducted on need basis. It may happen once or twice in year.

eGurukul – Online

Though we are doing our best to dive into the ocean of ancestral wisdom in the form of small snippets, such as Webinar, some topics are too vast and deep and cannot be learnt and understood in a 3-hour format. Those topics are handled in the form of e-Gurukul, that will be usually, 2.5 hours for 3days. Here we go in depth of a subject to make sure the members after the session can practice and become an expert. Recorded version for this is provided with a WhatsApp group support. The access of these recordings will be for lifetime.

Webinar – Online

As time went, we understood that we can not solve or heal ourselves with the Home Remedies discussion with just a WhatsApp Chat. Hence, we decided to unlock the pandora box and share what all we learned, used, practiced in healing. On those lines we designed short Webinars. Webinar is an online session usually designed for 3-4 hours. This covers various snippets covering ancient system of spirituality, healing, and lifestyle. This is an online session and later recorded version will be proved. Since knowledge is infinity, we usually do not repeat a session unless this requires an upgraded version.

Mode of Teaching


In-person sessions where personal guidance and in depth knowledge is shared with an interactive approach with all participants

Free Follow up

On Need Basis

Follow up sessions are conducted for enrolled participants for the doubt clarification on need basis at regular intervals.

WhatsApp Group

Open for Lifetime

A dedicated WhatsApp group is created with a set of Admins and participant’s to support through out the session which is open for lifetime.


After the Course Completion

Certificates for Physical Gurukul and an e-Certificate for Online Gurukul is given after the course completion for all the participants .