Aadhya’s Mother Sandhya, Bangalore

My honest feeling… I initially felt this group is just like any other group who basically discuss about their kids issues, health, growth etc. Like usually happens in the MOB groups. Soon I realized that this is one of the most professional and well focused group I have met. One confession to make, I spoke to a parent (from the group) for the first time on SWP and he gave me all the knowledge he could for 45mins. 👒 hats off for tolerating me then 😉. In spite of that I was still not 100% convinced or rather I should say I was scared to start SWP for my 5 month old daughter while we are all dominated by the allopathy vaccinations / treatments etc. After thinking over for about a week I could somewhere sense the maturity and innocence in their voice when they explained me about SWP and took a risk to start SWP for my daughter when she was just 5 months old. Dr. Lakshmy nevertheless was and is always by my side for all the questions I have about myself and my daughter. She has supported me regardless. Now my daughter is 1.4 yr old and she is a healthy, active and naughty little girl. I must also say that during my pregnancy the allopathy doctors detected hypothyroidism in 5th month and of the famous renowned doctor in Bangalore said to me that it could be possible that my child could be mentally challenged because of the thyroid. I took a chance started SWP. By God’s grace today she is doing all well. Special thanks to the wonderful team who works behind to always ensure that I have received SWP at least a week or two before Pushya. Today I am very proud parent of this amazing fraternity. Keep it going Dr. Lakshmy and parents team. Hats off and thank you all. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏

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