Understanding Dreams Series – v3 -Webinar

Unlock the hidden messages from your Subconcious Mind through dreams

Dreams is one of the enchanting and enigmatic subjects addressed by every culture and science. Our Hindu mythology and philosophy have numerous findings and age-old wisdom related to this mystifying topic.

Dreaming is a bridge between our conscious and unconscious mind that allows travelling back and forth between what we think we know and what we actually know. Most of us think that dream analysis requires stringent rules to follow but the truth is that there are no prescriptions or written formula to decode dreams.  

This being said, dreams play a significant role in human psychology and you are going to understand what dream is, how you could direct it to our advantages, etc. in this webinar.   We are here to help you journey through your dreams and understand the hidden codes they are trying to convey you.

Understanding Dreams v3 – What is in store for you?

After a successful Series 1 of Decoding Dreams,and Series 2 of learning auspicious signs, Yantra, Tantra this Webinar will help you to learn and practice how to manifest, time travel and other various remedies in our dreams.

This session carries you through into
  • Decoding many more auspicious signs in your dreams
  • Ways to travel time in dream!
  • Protecingt from Black Magic using dreams!
  • Remedies for bad dreams!
  • … And  Much more as time permits
  • People who are able to notice good signs at dreams and have implemented the Mantra & Yantra taught in Dream 2.
  • People who have done Dreams 1 + able to decode at least one dream or able to get into the meditative state of one dream.


  • People who have not done Dreams 1 and Dreams 2, can enroll for recorded version now. And join the dreams 3 live or recorded version later.
  • The contribution is Non-refundable. In case, if you missed the registered event due to personal reasons, the contribution can be used in the next event. Else it will remain lapsed.

Date : 5th July 2020

Time : 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. (IST)

Venue : Online Webinar from the comfort of your home

Avail the recording of this past event: https://rzp.io/l/webinar-recordings

Contact : +91 95135 80222 (Mrs. Minu Amar)

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” Carl Jung

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

Decoding Dreams Webinar – 1 &2

A webinar to help you understand about dreams and how to decode it.

Finally, after the successful completion of our Live lockdown webinar series, we started our long awaited first Webinar Series on Dreams in the month of May. Thanks to some new parents who joined us to understand and decode the process of dreams. We began with understanding different types of dreams and effects of dreams in our day to day life. We discussed about the methods to decode dreams and were able to do it with few of the parents during the session. We will be doing the series of dreams sessions with the interested parents from our first webinar series in the upcoming months. It was really great to see parents from US stayed up still late night 4 AM to attend this session.
Amazing spirit.

My gratitude to technology team, Subash and Karthik for making this long-awaited Session happen online during this lockdown period.
Thanks to Minu for coordinating with the parents.

Avail the recording of this past event: https://rzp.io/l/webinar-recordings

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

Here is are few feedbacks that we received from parents.

Hieee!! I’m a super fan of Velu Anna’s sessions (which I guess is usual )…Unfortunately I have not got too many opportunities though. I had signed up for this session with a lot of curiosity/questions and what I got is more than I expected….” Sirisha Kambadur

Loved the way the whole webinar progressed and the step by step approach actually helped…. Enjoyed every bit of it and for me it was also to do something different…. Over all – super happy.” – Radhika

“Today’s dream decoding technique, was another fascinating topic decoded for me.I remember my dreams from very young age and wanted to understand it, so with each topic samskaras, swarnaparshana, dream decoding my euphoric state keeps going higher. Thank you Velu, for the knowledge and in depth explanation.“-


One good thing i learned today is karma…. nice explanation about how  we should cook and give not just giving donations.” -Dr. Jagruti K Jani

Today’s workshop was great! ty Anna!… The take-home message is to reflect on d day’s happenings@ bedtime & release the negative emotions & sleep relaxing each n every joint . Yoganindra….” -Divya Nadiyanselvam

“I was looking forward to this workshop for a long time. It was an amazing session with lot of learnings.  Thank you so much Anna for the one of a kind topics!!! Like every time, it was a great learning and experience..” – Divya Chittoor

“Dreams, is one of the subject which I wanted to learn, know and understand more.. I thoroughly loved the session session yesterday.. Bundle of knowledge.. At the end I felt I was in hypnotic state .. Not sure if was was or it was coz the time was 4am in the US.. But I had a deep sleep n went into a dream where I was watching a Dream..thank u Anna for taking time to give us this knowledge..Gratitude.”-Chitra C

“As always an amazing ,knowledgeable, exciting content from Velu Anna.. I m waiting to decode my dream as it is always disturbing and make me scared every time I get it… thanks Anna…” -Minu Amar

I was fascinated by name of topic itself. There was lot of curiosity quotient attached to it..I was waiting this for a long time to take place in Gurukul..the explanation was simple. Made me more aware. Thanks Anna for lovely session” -Kanmani

“As always it was a very unique session beautifully presented. The dream decoding part was the best! Even I felt numb and chill after the decoding session. I wish I had been more attentive, I had to prepare lunch and skipped some portions here and there. I wish the recorded version is shared!” -Ruchi

“It’s been really awakening Session on Decoding Dreams had never seen such thing.Especially the Dreams Category Slide & then the Decoding the Dream Slides were really amazing.Anna your an Ocean of Knowledge to any subject to touch or you . It was totally different & amazing experience.I have dream does have some meaning but never knew you your set can decode your own dreams in such a simple practical way that’s so amazing .Thnkyou Anna for an awakening session on Dreams a actually it’s a beautiful Subject in it.”


“Had a good deep sleep yesterday.  Generally it will take sometime for me to sleep yesterday  as soon as I went to bed , I slept within 5 to 10 min.As soon as I got up today I got a good answer for something which I was thinking about for a long time. Thank you very much Velu for sharing your knowledge and clearing our doubts about dreams.” – Jyothsna

“Dream is a fascinating subject and the one that interests me the most. Velu anna told us how we can ask (in the process train) children to remember dreams. Had an  interesting event as soon as my daughter woke up she, on her own, told “Amma in my dream me and you went to Velu uncle’s color therapy class and I painted earth there. Hoping to decode dreams and unlock the treasure it can offer in various walks of life.Gratitude to Velu Jayaprakash Anna” – Shilpa Sudhakar

Hello everyone.  For me this workshop was an amazing experience. I could not believe how in a matter of 3 min i felt as i was in a trance and could decode a dream that i had seen sometime back.
I was left with a severe headache after the session but the night sleep helped.  The entire night i drifted from one dream to another.. The first thing i did this morning before coming out of the bed is take a few min to remember my dreams.Thank you for teaching us these techniques that can give us a key to understand the messages that have been sent to us in our dreams… Which otherwise wud have gone unnoticed.
“- Ritu Jain

“Thanks To Mr.Velu, As usual this session helps to have different vision on a known aspect,knowledge shared about How to sleep and what need to done before sleeping,how dream is helping us,how to look for solution through dream and that 3 minute dhyana will be very helpful,pls share the recording of that Webinar.
 It would be helpful,if PPT or small AV is shared to have a clear vision on certain Dhyana Techniques in each session, for example if we get it for  yoganithra in yesterday’s Session that would be helpful.Once again thanks To Mr.Velu” – Arun Kumar”

“Hi everyone. Had read that our dreams carry message, but did not think that at individual level I could interpret my own dream. Session was presented in simple way , full of knowledge. Definitely want to understand what messages I am missing.  Also Please share if possible the recording . Would like to revisit certain parts once again. Thanks.” – Neepa Kankaria

” Thanks for the wonderful session. Realised after the class that dreams carry information to us” – Marees Aravindh

Marees Aravindh

Today’s dream decoding technique, was another fascinating topic decoded for me.I remember my dreams from very young age and wanted to understand it, so with each topic samskaras, swarnaparshana, dream decoding my euphoric state keeps going higher.Thank you velu, for the knowledge and in depth explanation.” – Radhika

Author: Priyadarshini Somasundar

Priyadarshini is an Engineering graduate in Electronics and Communication. She used work for Dell, Later shifted to Chennai after marriage and worked in Ericsson as system analyst. I have always been passionate about our tradition and curious to know about our ancient wisdom and practices, which made me join this group.