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It was accidentally started by a parent to remind other parents about Pushya Nakashatra dates to administer Swarna Prashana. Slowly parents, Ayurveda doctors and various alternative healing professional stepped in and the group evolved into an active holistic group.

A word of caution here, if you want to join, expect some buzz sound in your mobile quite often! If you prefer only important update and do not want be in group you can join our Broadcast list. Here, we will send some updates and interesting post from other group. You will not see other members but you get the gist once in a while.

Again, as we grow, we learn more. Some times, things go off track, So we decided to follow or remind simple guideline to be part of this group. (We do not like to call this a rules) They are very simple to follow.

Remember, advice given in the website / Whatsapp group are only for the purpose of information and is not substitute for medical advice. Please contact your doctor before making any lifestyle changes. Read terms and conditions, Disclaimer here

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    1. We do now have your mobile number. please make a proper request with your mobile number. then we can add you to boradcast list. all the best.

  1. Hai.plz add me in your wattsapp group.its very important for me.I have already submitted my mobile number 8142642280.plz add me.

  2. Hi I have filled in all the details and submitted the request, do I get a confirmation msg if my number is added.

  3. Hi Mam – I have filled in the details but seeing error on submission . Kindly help in adding me to the whatsapp group

  4. Hello Mam . Myself Dr Vaishali Bose . I have filled in the form correctly. But as I try to send it it shows some error . Can you look into it plz ? My no for whatsapp is +919913699807 . I would like to be a part of your group . Thanks .

    1. Sorry We can not add you. You have to make a proper request by filling the form and share your details. After review and verification. We will add you.

  5. Hello Admin… I have given all the detail but still i am not added in the group. Request you to add me to whatsapp group.

    1. You are already added at the group. Thanks. As you know, it is a team work of parents in their free time. So it will take time.

  6. I have filled up the form with all required data but it gives me validation error. I tried to submit multiple times but same error.
    My info
    I am Hiren. I have one 4 yrs old daughter Krisha. I am software proffessional in Pune. We have already started using swarn Prashan treatment for my daughter in Jodhpur which is my wife’s native. We would like to know other centres in Gujarat and Pune. So that we can continue the treatment when we go to Gujarat and Pune. We believe in such treatment as we have seen the benefits in the children of relatives.
    Kindly include my number +91xxxxxxxxxx to whatsapp group.

    1. AS you know, this is a informal group of parents running the blog. please wait, one the parent will add you shortly.

    1. Please wait, as this is not our full time job, there are few parents who will review the request and add them one by one.

    1. If the details and introduction is not clear. our parenting team will not add them. Please call us. We will add you.

  7. Hi,
    I have filled the form for adding my number in the whatsup group and still i have not received any reply. It would be so grsteful if you add my number in this group.

    1. If the details and introduction is not clear. our parenting team will not add them. Please call us. We will add you.

  8. I had sent my details requesting to add me to watsapp group. But I have not received any response. Pls add me

  9. Hi,
    I had sent my details requesting to add me to watsapp group. But I have not received any response. Pls add my no 5168089647 to watsapp group.

      1. Hi Admin/team,

        I am Pushpa and I had filled the form to join your Whatsapp group, however I have not got any invite till date.
        My number is 9845449133. I am very much interested in joining this group and learn lot of things about Ayurveda, parenting, ancient food, home remedies etc. Please add me to you group.


        1. As you this is not a full time, it all parents in their free time formed this community. weekly or biweekly we add new parents after verifying. If you are still not added, then you might have missed to give a proper information, like introduction. Do call one of the parents to clarify the issues..

  10. Hello,
    i have made an equiry earlier about joining up with what app, but it seems i have not been added yet can some one please take care of that
    my number is +61 467931091

  11. Please add me. My number is 90xxxxxx28. I am having 2 kids and iam really interested in knowing about the products.

  12. Hi I have a 3.5 year old son and interested to join this group to learn and unlearn lot of things.pls do add me..9686*****9.thank you.

  13. Hi I am swati from Hyderabad. Till now I have given only ayurvedic and holistic treatment to my baby. I want to continue this under your guidance. Searching for pure and true swarna prashna for my 7 month old baby. Please add me to watsapp group and share contact for swarna prashna.

  14. Hi
    Ie been giving swarnaprashana for my 2.5 yr old daughter for past 6 months in a ayurvedic center in indiranagar and i want to continue the same. Ive shifted recently to marthahalli area so woule like to be part of this group so that i can continue the same. Please add me. Thx
    MY mobile 98xxxxxx02

  15. I am interested in starting SwarnaPrashna for my son. I got to know about this from my friend. Please add me.

  16. Pls add me, my number 0044xxxxxxx10. I’m a mum if two girls and particularly interested in knowing more about science behind common practices we follow in out routine life. Thanks .

  17. I am a mother of a 2.5 year old toddler and am Chennai based,as of now.Please add me to the group.
    My number is 99xxx xxx62

  18. I am basically from bangalore… I regularly follow more health tips….
    I am interested to join in your watsapp… Please add me 88xxx xxx65

  19. Please add me to your wattsapp group.. I am a working mother and had few issues relating to son’s speach delay…
    Swarnaprashana I am not able to get it regularly administered to my son 🙁
    My number is 99xxxxxxxx88

  20. Hi, I am the parent of a 1.5 year old and a newborn. I am interested in learning more about our culture, practices and their significance so I can learn from them and in turn teach good practices to my kids. Please add me my number is +1-860-XXX-XXX4. Thanks! 🙂

  21. i am a parent of an year old child, would like to get myself added into this group. I have been following SwarnaPrashana from my child birth and it contains wonderful tips and explanations. Please add me to this group, my contact details is +91-9xxxxxxxxx04.

    1. It does not matter where you are, as long as, you are passionate about reviving our ancient wisdom, we are welcome! 🙂

    1. As you read from the comments below. one of our parents will call you and after verification we will add you to the group.

  22. Hi please add me. Originally from Pune but now based in Singapore. I tried adding the number given to my wats app but unable to +6592313824

    1. Hi Renu, thanks for reaching. one of our parents will verify you to make sure you human and have real interest in parenting and holistic childcare. Then we will add to our groups. Welcome.

  23. Dear sir since i am running my unique learning program for kids from age 6 month to 3.5 years….it will be benifiacial me to join any such group related to child development and care.

    1. Shamshir, one of our parent volunteer will talk to you soon. Just to make sure you are not a computer 😉 and than add you. Welcome to holistic parenting!

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