Stage 1 – Weaving pearls of wisdom to connect with the beautiful baby inside you

pregnant-woman-1512961_640Congratulations! So, you have seen the two pink lines and you are feeling elated, happy, excited, overwhelmed, scared, responsible. You might be experiencing very strong emotions, the reality might not have sunk in as yet. So, now, what do we do next?

I would love to share what I did when I commenced my journey of motherhood. I started talking to my baby, the little human being that had come to me. This might feel weird to a few mothers and very natural to a few other. However, once we are able to shift our mindset, we as human beings rise to a higher level of consciousness.

I read these eloquent lines somewhere on the Internet and these lines resonated with me on a much deeper level since it fully encapsulates our feelings as mothers.

When someone is expecting, she is not “expecting a child” she already has one. She is not “going to be a mother” she already is a mother. The baby is not “on the way” the baby has already arrived.  If we are going to change the way society treats unborn children, “we have to change the way we talk about them”.  

And, let me just add, we will have to shift our perspective on how we perceive unborn children.

My very good friend and the founder our community, Jayprakash Velu (better known as Velu) has spent years researching the origin of the journey of the soul.  He has spoken to Siddha gurus, ayurvedic practitioners, midwives, holistic healers and from years of his dialogues with these noble souls and deep meditation, he has some very delicate and beautiful information to share with us about the journey of a soul.  I wouldn’t want you to shift your beliefs based on your religious opinion, I would instead like to invite you to delve into understanding the journey of the soul and it’s emotional well-being with me so that we can co-learn together.

From Velu’s learnings, “we have come to understand that the soul always comes from a different dimension, from the sky. It travels to the ground, and then enters the soil, later into the father’s food three months before the act of conception. If the conception happens, it enters the body of the mother. In next few days, it is the nature in combination with their karma, that decides to start the process or not.”  

Our ancient scriptures, many alternative education philosophers believe that the soul chooses the life, the soul has chosen you to be his/ her caretaker/ parent/ mother-father.  The child is ours, yes, but the soul belongs to the world and the soul has come to this world with a purpose.

It doesn’t matter which religion we belong to, the soul is at the crux of human life.

With this understanding, we will be ready to stretch our horizon and look beyond the tiny little dot that we might be able to see on the sonography monitor. Now, what you see is the physical form but what a mother experience is a spiritual form, it is the true form. Being true to this understanding, a mother should commence talking to the child in her womb from the start.

“Eat right, eat healthy, take care of yourself” is the advice that you will get from your family, friends, and doctors. Yes, that is very important. But, what we are going to talk about is how do we as mothers nurture a beautiful relationship with our children while building a healthy emotional state for your child.  

WHY? There is an old saying which says “Precaution is better than cure”. In today’s modern times, we are blessed to have many Theta healers, past life regression healers among us. In numerous conversations, these healer friends of mine have pointed to one fact, the fears, the stress, the complexes, the stigma that an adult faces, the root cause of all these problems goes back to their childhood and the journey they had as an unborn child.

“It is easier to build up a CHILD than it is to repair an ADULT”. Choose your words wisely.

In ancient texts, there are numerous references to the unborn child understanding every feeling, every emotion that the mother experiences and also understanding every word that the mother says and hears. Hence, we often hear our adults say be careful of what you say in front of a pregnant woman.

The famous story of Abhimanyu from Indian mythology Mahabharata where Abhimanyu not only learns the art of warfare and archery while in his mother Subhadra’s womb, but also, learns how to break the whirlpool like army formation by listening to his father Arjun’s words is a very good illustration for us to understand that the unborn child is already a person in himself/ herself. Caught in a whirlpool by Devdutt Pattanaik

How should I talk to my child?

Talk to your unborn child with love, respect and gratitude. Give your child the same respect and dignity that you would give to a fellow human being. Talk to your child in a dignified tone that you would use for a person-to-person contact.  

Why should we talk to our unborn children in a respectful tone?

Because it gives our unborn children an affirmation that they are respectable, independent human beings about to come to this world. Isn’t this what we want our children to grow up thinking about themselves?

What should I talk to my child? What should I say?

In my experience, the first thing I feel a parent should do is thank their child as a sign of gratitude for choosing them. The child shares the energetic fields with both the mother and the father and when the father starts to connect/ communicate with the unborn child, father’s affirmations sets the foundation for inviting fathers into the parenthood journey.

A parent can start communicating by saying “thank you for choosing me as your ma and thank you for choosing <<your partner’s name>> as your papa” in their native language.  

The second step would be to welcome the soul to your womb and you can do so by simply saying “Welcome, my child to my womb. Let us start our journey from today.”

As an analogy, let us compare this situation to an adult visiting a friend’s house to live with the friend for six months. How comfortable would you as an adult feel if your friend says these simple words, “Thanks buddy for coming and staying with me, we will surely have a great time”.Wouldn’t it be beautiful for an unborn child to feel honoured? For a moment, just put yourself in the position of your unborn child and experience the joy of your mother welcoming you to her. This joy is what our unborn children need to experience for leading a truly happy life.

It is also important for the mother to start getting prepared for the coming nine months of pregnancy. The mother can also start giving positive affirmations to herself.  Just listed a few illustrations below:

  • I choose to see beauty in the whole process of bringing a new life into the world
  • My body is physically ready to experience these beautiful nine months of pregnancy.
  • My pregnancy will be a happy, healthy and a beautiful journey.

A parent can now simply add a few thoughts of their own to commence this beautiful journey with their child.

These simple messages are very powerful and act as a stepping stone for establishing a lifelong relationship with our unborn children based on mutual respect, trust, transparency, communication and honesty.

By taking this first tiny step, your boat has sailed and we can now let our inner voice guide us from here, for inner voice has no reasoning, it is what we know is the right thing to do. It is our inner voice, it is the absolute truth.

Author: Ishani

Ishani Shah-Verdia is practicing the virtues of respectful and conscious parenting. Based in Udaipur, she is actively unschooling herself by following the natural instinct of her 3 year old daughter, she is offering support to parents in their parenting journey through facilitating parent cafes, interactive parent-child sessions, listening circles. She is also a traveller and a storyteller.

Words of wisdom : Osho on Parenting

An unexceptional parenting advice by Osho. Live and let live.

Forwarded by : Honey Jones || Source : Osho

Unconditional Love

You will be gone soon but the children will be here. And nobody can manage anybody else’s life. Though they are with you, yet they belong not to you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts for they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit even in your dreams. God will take care. It is none of your business to be too concerned. Whatsoever we can do, we do, but one should not hanker about things going the way you want. That is very egoistic.

You have given birth to a child, but once he is out of the womb he is free of you. First he depended for his breath on you when he was in the womb. Then he will take his own breath.

You don’t say,
‘What are you doing? Are you trying to be free of me? Trying to be independent?’

You feel happy that your child is breathing.

First he will take milk from you, then one day he will start eating on his own.

First he will go on clinging to your apron and then one day he will leave it.

You will be happy because the child is growing, becoming mature. Then finally one day he falls in love with a woman.
He has found his woman, so he will go on his own way.

Bless them, and whatsoever happens they have to find their own life and their own meaning to life.

Now you are free.Just try to find your meaning, your life, your goals, and devote the few days that are left to the search of the ultimate.

Don’t be concerned with ordinary things. I have never seen a single parent who is happy about their children. I have heard a Jewish joke..

A Jewish woman died and the first thing she asked when she got to heaven was if she could see Mary. So it was arranged. She went to see Mary and said, ”I have only one question to ask. You must be the happiest woman in the world. Your son is worshipped by millions.” Mary said, ”What! I always wanted him to become a doctor”.

Nobody is ever happy. Even the father of Buddha was not happy. He was very very annoyed because his son turned out to be a beggar. He became a sannyasi and the father was hoping he would become an emperor. He crushed all his father’s hopes.

One thing is certain that the child is not here to fulfill your expectations.
The child is here with his own destiny, and he will unfold his own destiny. You are trying somehow to direct his destiny and that is going to be frustrating. So if the child becomes a thief or a murderer, of course the parents feel bad, and it looks logical.

But even if he becomes a Jesus or a Buddha, then too they feel frustrated
because they have their own ideas and the children try to do their own thing.

Accept it and bless them. They have to find their own ways

Who are we to interfere? And how can we?

Pray for them but leave them on their own. You try to grow yourself.

Author: Priyadarshini Somasundar

Priyadarshini is an Engineering graduate in Electronics and Communication. She used work for Dell, Later shifted to Chennai after marriage and worked in Ericsson as system analyst. I have always been passionate about our tradition and curious to know about our ancient wisdom and practices, which made me join this group.

Parenting Workshop

DISCLAIMER : Our group does not endorse any of the above programs. However, we would like to collect feedback from parents and individuals who attend it and share the feedback.

Lot of parents have requested us to let them know of any good parenting workshops – we as a team have collated the ongoing workshops in bangalore/India. Hope this helps parents find solace in their parenting journey and find answers/help to the queries they have. (In alphabetical Order) 

  • Arohi Life Education
  • Art Of Living
  • Ashraya India
  • Children's Life University - Introduction to The Essence of Parenting and Teaching
  • Conscious Parenting
  • ISP - Infant Sidda Program
  • Kutoohala
  • Life University -Little Budda Training Program
  • Magic Hive
  • Parenting People
  • Parenting Perspectives
  • Positive Parenting
  • The Creative School
  • The Institute of Achievement of Human Potential
  • The Parenting Place
List of parenting workshop topics are Preparing Children Sexually & EMPOWERING CHILDREN

Offline 2-3 hour sessions

Ratnesh 98450-45833

Kelamangalam, near Hosur

They conduct workshops for a group – 15 to 1000 people . Any amount wished by the audience can be contributed to them.

They conduct two workshop, Know your Child and Know your Teen.

The Art of Living offers short workshops that throw light on children and teens, their behavior and the issues that affect them.

The Know Your Child workshop is designed to help parents understand children better and thus improve the quality of family life dramatically. KYC does a root cause analysis of children’s behavioral patterns and equips the parents with the knowledge to help children blossom to their full potential. These inputs are also vital to preserving the beauty of the relationship as the child grows up to teenage and adulthood.

Offline 3 hour workshop

Vyakti Vikas Kendra India, PYSE Department, Shanmuka Hall, The Art Of Living International Centre, 1st Gate, 21st Km, Udayapura, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore – 560082 Contact: +91 9379509359

Email:” India

The cost for a single person is Rs 300 and for couple is Rs 500.

The Good Parenting Workshop is designed for Parents with kids who are 12 years and under. The presentation involves the creative use of media and drama. We’ve conducted the workshop at Ashraya as well as in several schools in the city.

The key topics that the Good Parenting Workshop covers are: – The Parenting Process – How to Discipline Your Kids and Still Have them Love You – Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child – Knowing Your Child’s Love Language – Five Guaranteed Ways to Create a Brat – Working as a Team with Your Spouse

Press coverage:

Press Writeups

offline-event: The Pride Hotel on Richmond Road Bangalore

This wonderful introductory workshop is for anyone interested in conscious, co-operative and holistic parenting and teaching.

A parent is the child’s first teacher. A teacher is a child’s role model. Parenting and Teaching are in themselves both an art and a sacred science and deserve this recognition and space.They provide many opportunities for growth and nurturing the seeds of love and compassion for ourselves and our children. For this, we need to learn new ways of working with children.

Contents – Introduction to Spiritual Parenting and Education – Steps towards Parenting/Teaching from love instead of fear – Our Journey as a Soul – Effects of our Subconscious Mind – Healing As a Foundation for Conscious Living, Parenting and Teaching – Awareness Exercises – Mindfulness in Parenting and Teaching – Introduction to Inner Child Healing – Connecting with and Nurturing the Inner Child – Recognizing limiting beliefs. Replacing Self Criticism with Self Nurturing

2 days workshop

Dhivya +91 99865 52528 Rathy +91 99865 52529

Bangalore Rs 4500/- including organic vegetarian lunch and snacks.

Dr Shefali Tsabary lectures extensively on mindful living and conscious parenting around the world and is in private practice. Following are the 2 online courses available: Introduction to Conscious Parenting – Level 1 Going Deeper into Conscious Parenting – Level 2 TED talk

Pre-recorded, downloadable access to both audio and video teachings by Dr. Shefali encapsulating her core concepts.

Mailing Address: 1 Welwyn Road, Suite 370, Great Neck, NY 11022 Email:

Online Courses

Online $125 each course

ISP – The Art of Parenting is an experiential workshop that guides parents on how to bring up children right from the stage of conception to 8 years.

It deals with the overall development of the child covering the Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional and Spiritual areas. It also deals with imparting total Education to the child covering all the 5 elements of nature, namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.

Offline and online sessions are conducted

In total, 9 sessions with the conductor.

Srujana Shekar (Bangalore) Mob +91 9743434290 Blog”

All over the world The cost may vary depending on the urban/rural location where the session is conducted. Bangalore – Rs 15000″

Kutoohala is a parent and child experience centre.It is a place to connect, bond and to discover the joy of a new thought, a new idea in yourself and your child. Different workshops which they conduct are as follows: – Introductory parenting session – Advanced parenting Sessions – Developing the Love for Reading in children – Nurturing Creativity in Children

Offline – 2-3 hour sessions 9611119478

Basavangudi ,Bangalore

Rs650/person for the first session of parenting.

Each child is a creative genius by birth. But because of the inappropriate parental upbringing and conditioning in schools by teachers, children tend to lose their creative ability which is mostly the right brain approach. We all know that the logical brain is useful only in processing information whereas the right side of the brain is very powerful, creative and intuitive by nature. Children are conditioned to use mostly their left brain in schools but if they are encouraged to start using their right brain effectively, it can introduce other dimensions into their studies and learning processes propelling them to excel in whichever field they choose to specialise in. So we need to train our children to start using the right side of their brain right from their childhood to develop their creative expression fully.

Life University plays a significant role and has taken a step in bringing out the true potentiality in children and in helping parents to raise their children with full awareness.

2 days workshop

Life University Nagsanpally Village, Bantaram Mandal, Vikarabad, Rangareddy District, Andhra Pradesh, India. Phone: +91 40 23554151 Mobile: 09848019022

Email: Andhra Pradesh

Chetana : Journey of Self Discovery

Chetana is our 10 day parenting workshop that is held at our center in Bangalore. The focus is on understanding children, their aspirations, behavior and thoughts that would enable parents to connect to their children more effectively. Effective communication techniques that can improve relationships would be explored.

The workshops is for parents, grandparents, teachers etc. who are constantly interacting with children on a daily basis . We believe every child is unique and needs to be respected for what they are and not what they will be.

Offline It is 10 day parenting workshop, they conduct both Weekend batch and Weekday batch with each session of 2 hours. Call : 9342133490 or walk in and meet Subha Parthasarathy (facilitator) @ MagicHive.

E-Mail :


Bangalore Rs 5000 for 10 session workshop in the span of 5 weeks.

Some of the workshops conducted by Parenting People are as follows: YOU’RE A STAR! Confidence in kids blows up and down in seconds, and it does for parents too. learn effective ways to boost confidence for parents and for children.

CREDIT CRUNCH PARENTING Don’t have kids – they cost a fortune. When money is tight, how can we encourage our kids to value what is free? Would you like to raise a child who is wise with resources and doesn’t treat you like a walking wallet?

WHO’S THE BULLY? Bullying is everywhere – at work, at home, in your neighbourhood and in schools. How do we support our children to cope with bullies throughout their lives?

SCREEN TIME How much is enough, and what are they watching on screens of all types. Who’s in charge of the remote control? Decide what’s right in your family and when to switch off.

FAMILY VALUES What do you want your family to stand for? What is important to you as a family and how do you communicate your values in ways that are helpful?” A workshop may vary from an hour to half a day

Telephone: 01223 328307 UK cost can start from £10/person

Some of the workshops provided are: Tears, Tantrums and Battles: Preventing Power Struggles Top Tips for Quibbling Siblings, Raising Respectful, Responsible and Resilient Children in a Privileged World. Are You Parenting Like a Caveman? Discipline That Works, Homework without Tears, Battles and Headaches

All I Want is a Little Respect” Keeping Your Family Grounded & Connected” Offline 90 mins “Karen Jacobson, MA, LCPC, LMFT karen [at] (312) 330-3194 Lauren Bondy, LCSW, Certified LifeLine™ Practitioner lauren [at] (847) 562-9503 (847) 562-9497 (fax)


Parenting Workshop, Atta Galata “Parenting has now become challenging and more complex in the current scenario. This workshop attempts to introduce you to the psychological principles of catering to your child’s dynamic needs across their life-span, in a fun- loving and interesting manner.

Topics Covered Developmental and psychological milestones of children from infancy to early adulthood, Parenting styles and methods, Effective strategies

Question and answer round with parents

Take-Away Message

You can learn to teach your children You can learn how your parenting style is impacting your child You can understand your child and his world better You can learn how to keep open communication with your children Gain insight about the different areas of their development Explore strategies for effective parenting Establishing a parenting philosophy for your family

The workshop is conducted by trained psychology students of Indian Institute of Psychology and Research (IIPR). As at part of the Academic Curriculum of M.Sc. in Psychological Counselling, students are trained to conduct psycho education workshop on varied topics to the general public to create awareness and educate about the varied aspects of parenting.”

offline – Free Event

Please register on 080-41600677 or 9632510126. Attagalata Koramangala Attagalata, koramangala, Bangalore

A Parent Listening Skills and Communications Workshop based on Dr. Thomas Gordon’s famous model. The workshop is called Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.)

Sonal Kothari is a Parent Educator and runs P.E.T. (Parent Effectiveness Training) Workshops in Bangalore, India. If you are a parent that feels “there has to be a better way”” – this program is for you.

Press coverage:


Sonal Kothari Blog: Bangalore

Our Living Wisdom Centre offers many spiritual processes for the whole family to heal and awaken their inner wisdom. Raising children requires conscious, sensitive parenting, and teaching. Adults need to unlearn the old ways to begin anew! Healing ourselves and awakening our own inner wisdom is the core of unlearning and relearning. Through these spiritual science processes, we become aware of our own inner barriers, and transform them to function more effortlessly at our highest potential.The course facilitators are Jayashree Ashok and B. Ashok Following sessions are included in the course – Introduction to Conscious Parenting – Mindfulness in Parenting: Seven Components of Aware Parenting – Parenting From the Heart: Connecting with Your Child – The “”Yes”” Behind the “”No”” – Practical Sessions for Parenting Challenges – Keys to Parenting

Offline Creative, #83-84, LG Lakedew,Bilishivale, Doddagubbi Post, Bangalore 560077 RSVP: 9986552528 / 29. Email: Bangalore Rs 2000 (Includes workshop fees and Organic Vegetarian lunch and snacks)

All children love to learn. They can learn absolutely anything that can be taught in an honest and factual way when they are taught in a joyous way. The younger a child is, the easier it is for the child to learn.

Parents who have been carefully instructed in child brain development are the very best teachers for their own children.

The parent and child together are the most dynamic teaching and learning team. The family is the cradle for intellectual, physical, and social excellence in the child.

The objective of The Institutes is to make children intellectually, physically, and socially excellent. The various early development programs are as follows: – The newborn program – The reading program – The math program – The encylocpedic knowledge program – The physical program – The How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence course

Early Development

Around the world

The Parenting Place is the one stop destination for parents looking for solutions to parenting problems.

It is run by Dr Debmita Dutta (MBBS,MD) who is a Parenting and Wellness Consultant.

Workshops and consultations at the Parenting Place aim at empowering parents with knowledge about their children’s developing Brains and Bodies so that they can use this knowledge in their day to day interaction with their children to bring up emotionally secure and socially well adjusted – Rapid Learners.

Some of the workshops conducted for parents of 1yr tp 8 yrs – – Decoding the balanced diet – Building the little brain with speech – Taming the tantrums – How to facilitate learning etc

Workshops for parents of 9 yrs to 19 yrs – – How to parent an adolocent – Helping teens cope with stress etc


Each class from the workshop is 1 hour 30 mins. Number of classes in a workshop may vary.

Inside PARI’s Haute Couture Premises, 1/2, Cambridge Road Cross, Ulsoor, Bangalore – 560008. Landmark: Opposite NILGIRI’s Departmental Store

Phone: +919611739400 Email:



Author: Smitha Ravi

After working as software developer, I shifted my lens to more soulful work which includes freelancing and teaching computer science. I am passionate about our indian culture and holistic living. Being part of swarnaprashna group, gives me a chance to work along and meet people who share the same passion and learn along the way. You can reach me smitharavi97 AT gmail DOT com

Art of Parenting


Parenting styles have changed but children have not

Parenting has taken a pervasive change over the past decades with a paradigm shift in family and sociological setup. Traditional parenting roles of man as breadwinner and wife as homemaker has changed into parents micromanaging their child lives, losing the very art of parenting in this fast-paced technology driven lifestyle.

To cater to this need of guiding the next generation to the summit of their individual potential, many parenting theories and philosophies have mushroomed. To help navigate this journey, Smitha Rao, a parent from our whatsapp group, has sieved and enlisted few parenting workshops that empowers parents and families to spearhead the task. These programs enables parents to connect to the intuitive and joyful way of parenting.

“Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied; Practice is the key”

In upcoming blogs, I will address my own experience to handle complex situation in parenting. We will take a holistic approach than specific technique or tips. I plan to cover more from a common sense and from children’s point of view. Until then, please check the list of workshop and share your experience. 

Happy Parenting!

Author: yamini

I am Yamini, a Science and Education graduate, currently a work from home Mom as Subject Matter Expert - SME at e- learning solutions. Being a learner at heart in a voyage of self discovery for me, Motherhood is a calling and Parenting my passion. Belief in sharing and giving is my faith. Exercising the same faith, would blog on topics of interest like Parenting and education to learn, reflect and grow together. You can teach me at yamini2523 AT gmail DOT com.

Parenting tips

“It is not what you do for your chidren, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings” – Ann Landers

Forwarded by : Satya || Source : Unknown

Take my hand

Dear parents, give your finger to support your child not your entire hand to hold for life time else they never be able to survive without you. If you want to make your child independent and confident in future, follow the below steps from now.

  1. Don’t feed your child let him eat by himself. Let them starve to develop sense of hunger.
  2. Let them wear their clothes on their own, you can help a little. Let them pack garden bag.
  3. Let them to choose which color things they want. This helps them to develop decision making power in them.
  4. Let them pack their school bag, if they forget anything let them face situation so from very young age they become very particular.
  5. In school if they have not completed their books, please don’t call other parents, but tell the child to copy from friends’ book next day. This creates realization as to how it feels if they don’t complete the books and will make them responsible.
  6. Never ever sit with your child when he is doing homework otherwise even in 10th standard also child will need your help he /she will never develop confidence.
  7. Whenever you make monthly budget involve your child. Discuss what is your income, how much you need to save? Why you need to save? .This develops planning sense and awareness in the child from a very young age and definitely he/she will never do unnecessary expense.
  8. Let them make their own decisions in set boundary, it develops freedom.

Author: Priyadarshini Somasundar

Priyadarshini is an Engineering graduate in Electronics and Communication. She used work for Dell, Later shifted to Chennai after marriage and worked in Ericsson as system analyst. I have always been passionate about our tradition and curious to know about our ancient wisdom and practices, which made me join this group.