Learn The Ancient Ways To Cure Insomnia

There are various way to cure insomnia. At our whatsapp group, we have plenty of parents sharing their age old home remedies to each other. We have made an attempt to collect all those and share it for anyone. Apart from the information we share from our group, We have gone little deeper into ancient siddha, ayurveda and unani script and shared few remedies.

When you try these do share your feedback and or if you have any more tips so share it at comments

  1. Massaging foot sole with mustard oil before going to bed
  2. Poppy seeds dipped in water for an hour, grind to form a paste. Boil this paste with Milk and sugar. Drinking this daily.
  3. Regularly in the night eat Eating Mango and drinking Milk or drinking Mango milkshake.
  4. Regularly in the night eat raw Onion or roasted Onion
  5. Regularly in the night drink Nut meg powder mixed with water
  6. Consuming lot of Curd or eating Curd with Sugar or sweet Lassi induces sleep and cures Insomnia
  7. Drinking hot milk with a spoon of Ghee and sugar in the night helps to get sleep and cures Insomnia
  8. Drinking a glass of Carrot juice everyday helps to cure Insomnia.
  9. Drinking a spoon of lemon juice mixed with a spoon of Honey in the night induces sleep and cures Insomnia.
  10. Coriander (Dhania) leaves grinded with water and mixed with Sugar and eating this paste helps to get sleep and cures Insomnia.
  11. Aniseeds (Sauf) boiled in water for 10 minutes, add Milk and Sugar. Drinking this before going to bed helps to get rid of Insomnia problem.
  12. Cucumber (kheera) piece rubbed on the foot sole makes a cooling effect on the body and helps to get sleep curing Insomnia.
  13. Putting Castor oil (Erand) on the head or body massaged with Castor oil regularly helps in curing Insomnia.
  14. Sprouted horse gram (Kulthi) taken regularly helps to get sleep and cures Insomnia.Hop calms nerves, relieves tension, and helps in cases of insomnia cause by stress, headaches, indigestion. It does not affect the early waking hours of the morning.
  15. A few hours before bedtime take Kava kava. Reduces stress, tension, anxiety and relaxes muscles. It helps to fall asleep deeper and to rest more. It can be used as a sedative when taking a large dose, as effectively as, benzodiazepines but without the side effects.
  16. The most popular herb for insomnia is Valerian, It relaxes nerves and muscles, improves sleep quality and makes falling asleep easier. Great for insomnia cause by, mind activity, fear, fatigue, excitement. It’s as good as many barbiturates but has no side effects

Ancient Ways to Cleanse Colon Safely With Castor Oil

Learn the art of natural way to detox your stomach, bowel & colon to rejuvenate the digestive system.

There is always a heated discussion among our parents at our whatsapp group on what best to eat, but seldom discuss about how to remove the waste that we eat and accumulate in our system. At our recent webinar, we discussed in great detail and we came up with this blog.

It is often an assumption that what we eat is absorbed by the body and the waste is disposed in the form of urine and stool. Ideally that works for a healthy body. But most of the undigested food, now known as toxins are always stored inside our digestive system.  Did you know that the path from mouth to the anus is approx. 33ft? Yes, it is a long journey indeed!

Then these toxins take a permanent position in our body, disturbing our physical health, but mental and spiritual health as well. More the toxins we accumulate, more the health problems we may have to face. Most of the health problems can be easily avoided by basic detoxing method followed by our ancestors. Our ancient texts have given a lot of ways to remove this toxins regularly. It is an important duty to clean bowel, often!

There is a song by Thirumoolar, that says, yearly at least twice we have to clean our stomach. Given that Thirumoolar advised this 1000+ years ago; today, with junk and processed food, almost all the Siddha doctors advises to clean the stomach at least once in  4 months.

There are plenty of ways to do this. Here is a simple ancient technique.


  1. 3 to 4 Teaspoon of Castor Oil (15ml – 20ml)
  2. 3 Teaspoon of Ginger juice (without skin) (15ml)
  3. 3 Teaspoon of Honey (15ml)
  4. 50 ML of warm water
A day before

Take light food at the night.

On the day

Make sure, you do not have any outdoor-activities on this day, as you might have to visit rest room very frequently.

This process has to performed in an empty stomach and early morning would be the best time. Mix castor oil, ginger juice, honey and water as per the proportion mentioned above. Depending on your body type, in next few mins or an hour, you might have to visit the restroom more than 3 to 6 times. Make sure your diet is warm water only.

The right time to stop this process is, when you notice the urine quantity is more than the stool, and the stool is in the color of plain water. Your body will tell you to stop it, then you can either take, some buttermilk with rock salt or lime juice with salt. It would stop the loose motion.

It is necessary not to eat or drink anything except warm water.

Once you stop it, give some time to rest your body. At noon, have liquid diet, with rasam or kanji. Later at dinner, have semisolid food. Next day, you can follow normal diet.

The quantity of Castor oil, Ginger, honey and so on, might not work for all, all the time. You can increase /decrease as per your needs.

This simple process, will detox the body and prevent from non-communicable disease such as cancer and so on.

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Author: Velu Jayaprakash

Velu Jayaprakash is a social entrepreneur, product manager, techy, photographer, meditator, father of two angels, ancient wisdom seeker, holistic adviser and Soul coach. You can reach him at velu.jayaprakash AT gmail DOT com