Seed Therapy

Gurukul by Velu Jayaprakash @Bangalore

Transforming home makers to home healers

Every house has a spiritual place called kitchen and the person who cooks food is the Therapist. In the ancient times, women were equipped with 64 gems of wisdom to guide everyone at home. Her every action is a spiritual ritual to bring in peace and harmony at home.

Whenever there was any minor health issues, she would start with the family healing system –  invoking divine blessing energy (sound, aroma, color, and spirits),  generating human blessing energy, Nature’s blessing (aura), touch-based therapy (call it as micro varma, su jok, or acupressure), and then they used the kitchen to work on the home remedies. With a complete knowledge of 72000 nadis, 10 special vital air, and five elements of nature, they would easily recover anyone inside the home. Only in the worst case, they would visit a tribal or traditional healer.

In those lines, in this workshop you will be put into one of the important yet forgotten touch-based healing system with hands-on training using various seeds from kitchen to treat 40+ health issues with simple traditional therapy.

In this GURUKUL workshop, we will learn:

👉🏼 Semi precious stones (aka seeds) available in your kitchen

👉🏼 How every kitchen can utilise the benefits of these semi precious stones

👉🏼 Treat minor ailments and 40+ health issues

👉🏼 Learn simple methods to heal your near and dear ones

👉🏼 How to identify points and provide extra force for quick healing

This session is so dear to many because of its effectiveness, people who joined recommended their friends, families, colleagues, acquaintances , and the requests were pouring in. We conducted this more than 3 times in Bangalore only and also covered in many other cities too.

Sharing few testimonials from this Gurukul –

Once I attended the class I googled about this method. People talk about the points but not about the right seed and right point. None discussed about the spiritual part of it as well. So blessed to get those accurate details from you and I am very eager to try this as soon as I finish chanting those mantras…


I thought seed therapy is like we have to eat it for curing diseases. This method very new to me. Great explanation how the seed in a point works. Very detailed explanation about history, various parts of the body , and spiritual practices. However, saying that this method works only if we keep the seed in right point, I felt we need more practical knowledge along with theory. It would have been good, if all the points have been practiced. One day class is not enough to learn.


It was good learning. Even already from seed therapy we for a lot of other valuable information. I personally don’t see myself inclined towards this skill. So I may not be practising seriously but I may try on my family for their ailments. I found this similar to some acupressure/acupuncture therapy my mom took about 20 years ago, in place seeds, small magnets were kept in her hands.

I am blessed to have turned my home into temple where GURUKUL started. I have heard of Sujok before and tried finding more about it.But as ishwarya pointed out it was very generic. Now with the in depth information about every point and the seeds to be used I feel we can do wonders. But only by practice.

The session was very informative.. the way Anna took it was so good.. was an eye opener for me to know more about things around us.. this is like an ocean, so just one day was not enough.. expecting more sessions like this , so that I get deep knowledge from the right guru and needs to help others who r in need..


thank you very much for such informative session Sir. I loved the spiritual side to the basic seed therapy. You are an ocean of knowledge and even if we get one one drop from every session would be enough for our journey towards our path. Looking forward to meet you again and listening to your worldly and spiritual knowledge . Thank you once again

Rani Bains

I found the session very informative. A lot for the info was also “ilai marai kai marai” as they say in tamil. I am still processing all the gyan received that day. As Anna mentioned I am trying to put it together in a fair copy. I felt a lot was covered during that session and I want to master atleast one of the points(fingers crossed). Spirituality as I understand it, is an ocean and I have a lot of questions I hope to decode and understand. Looking for forward to lot more learning, understanding and imbibing. Thank you Anna for sharing your knowledge. I met the group for the first time, and everyone was very warm and considerate.


It was great treasure of knowledge especially the energising part. Also we got to re learn anatomy on what each organ does and which seed is helpful for therapy. Since it is more of diagrams, I would suggest there could be print outs of left palms given to participants, along with labels of most common places like mounts of Venus etc, it makes the picture more clear to all of them. Of course drawing would enhance creativity, but the print out would add a more clear picture. Rest everything was perfect. It is we who need to start practicing which will take sometime especially the energising part, I am sure it will be one divine experience.

Awesome is the word I want to use for my experience on first Gurukul class. It was a overload of information. Not only on Seed therapy but about how life operates. so much velu shared with all of us. So much to learn and this is just the beginning. Session was informative and I felt one day is too less a time for this topic. As I felt velu had more to share and due to time constraint we all were at loss. Looking forward to your sessions and gain more about life. This is the first time am meeting most of people but was so comfortable with the group and end of the day it was like one big family. Thanks to all for making it a memorable day.


I am happy to get connected to these group actually I was not aware what was seed therapy I was more curious to know teacher who is going to teach us ancient things I was knowing sujok but here I got to know few more things as well thankyou Anna also would thanks to my friend for forcing me to join!

Dr. Kalpana

I am blessed to attend your session Velu Anna. It’s really true that whatever you want attracts you. I am going to start the Siddhi from today so that I can complete it by upcoming amavasya. I can’t wait to heal my family members from seed therapy. Your sessions are always so much interesting that I could sit for one more day. Thanks again for a wonderful insight into seeds healing.

Sharing the feedback from the participants who have tried and found their learnings in the Gurukul a blessing!

I had something called eosinophilia since my first delivery, that was since *9 yrs*. It starts with allergic sneezing, then, sinus, then goes to throat infection, then wheezing and keeps continuing till summer or until sun shines bright. I had taken medicines from several doctors like homoeopathy, emergency allopathy asthma pump, Ayurvedic, Panchagavya etc. It used to be ok till I take them, after stopping them, it would come back in same severity. And I didn’t stop medicines in between, it was min 6 months I used to take. But end of the day, no immunity, no healing. Just few days back it started again due to intermittent and continuous rains, I just remembered Seed Therapy which Anna had mentioned, I just started it and within few minutes, yes *minutes* my nose itching stopped and sneezing stopped. I started feeling better. As per his guidance during sessions, I’m doing it for certain number of days as per the methods he has mentioned. *Trust me I’m not able to believe it is curing me as I had given up hope and just tried this therapy to check*. I’m amazed how our ancient wisdom truly had good healing properties.

*My suggestion to this group is*

Whatever sessions @⁨Guruji Velu Anna⁩ is taking are not just another *workshop* like various healers do. These are spiritual+mental+physical healing.

For people who haven’t attended any of his sessions, he doesn’t just physically tell us the solution for each disease which all doctors do now. This is why it never healed me fully. Velu Anna also gives certain Guru Mantra which we must chant before healing ourselves and others. This is the blessings we need from angels before healing any ailment.

Most important point here is, this Gurukul system has been implemented after 7 years of Holistic Living and learning, so all sessions are tried and tested for effectiveness.

*My request is Don’t miss these Gurukul sessions* for small reasons like distance, busy schedule, festival, small kids, no time etc. *I am very certain these sessions will come to your rescue some day*

I dint follow all the procedures to the dot Rakhi. I just washed the seeds (in my case pepper) dried it, prayed to the seed and gratitude to nature and guru and marked the position where the seed needs to be placed on the hand and stuck it there..! If this itself gave me results then with all the chantings you have already done, be rest assured you ll find greater results 🙂


I have to share this miracle with you now. I was in severe body aches since yesterday night after the Agnihotra session that I didn’t have the energy to even try seed therapy for myself. So slept off. Morning again woke up with same pain much worse. So my gut feeling and Anna’s words from yesterday ” please don’t get stuck to mantra chanting….go for healing simultaneously.” Made me to try it. So tried to search the notes for that one point in unbearable body pain but could not find. and even posted in our group for the same. BUT by then I also thought of trying the point I know by heart. So Here I am tried the thighs point, ankle and shoulder point which were aching badly( 8 on a scale of 10).And OMG….10 MINS and it’s gone…I feel like I could do magic. SO friends….I know we all believe in alternate medicine….that y we are trying to learn all these from gurukul session. I would encourage you all to try on SELF and family. I am going to share all my experiences on seed therapy and all the coming sessions to help all of us learn quickly. My best wishes to all of you to become healers from the soul.


I got amazing relief from my back pain… Yesterday my husband apply seed therapy for me! Thank you so much

Anna, I had severe toothache since yesterday, I put seed therapy and I am feeling so better and pain has subsided.

Last night my husband was having fever and i tried the seed therapy. I was bit nervous as it was the very first time i was going to try. Carefully followed the steps . Drew the symbols. And finally put the seeds. He got up in the morning and came fresh saying he his absolutely fine and he had sweated last night and his body temperature is very normal. Thank u so much Velu for giving us this knowledge and Anushya for the guidance thou i called late night. Hubby is very impressed with seed therapy and all Gurukul sessions. He wants to practically start applying this knowledge everywhere. He told me i read your Gurukul notes and it was very informative. Infact he reminded me today telling that since u have some skin allergy, why don’t u try seeking the blessing from the tree that is mentioned in the notes.


Today he had mild fever and body pain so I prepared aaduthoda kashayam ,kept mustard in fever point, used bach flower remedies all three worked well together .His body pain and fever has reduced i have never seen any alternate medicine worked for him .thanks to Anna for introducing seed therapy for everyone

I was having initial symptoms of throat infection and fever from last Thursday. Friday being Amavasya, I took sankalpa and chanted the mantra (this is the first Amavasya since I attended seed therapy Gurukul session). I kept the seed at throat point at night on Friday and Saturday. I could feel that my throat pain has decreased considerably. But I continued to feel feverish and especially at night (used to shiver). So yesterday, I used another seed and slept. Today feeling very much better. Thank you so much Velu Sir. I am really glad I didn’t have to use medicines.


Slept like a log for 12 hours at a stretch after coming back . Looks like the seed therapy for headache was very effective. Gratitude to all who were part of yesterday’s seed therapy session

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