Mystic Nakshatra Part 1

eGurukul by Velu Jayaprakash

Nakshatra based prediction, which is also called as Vedanta Jyotish traces its root from Rig Veda. Nakshatras represents the backbone of a person’s nature – his characteristics, personality, emotions, and feelings. That’s why they hold a lot of importance in a various aspects of life. Every one of us are born at certain nakshatra that determines the course of our life – it holds the key to our mind which makes us control or follow a certain pattern. It is the pillar that holds many predictive powers inside; an abode where karmas are transferred and stored.

In this eGURUKUL session, we kickstart our journey of understanding nakshatras by learning and exploring each nakshatras (which are 27 in numbers). The most important aspect of this workshop is to learn the timing – it’s the masterkey to success; what events can be done on important days/time to maximize our success and guide one’s life.

This session will be an eye opener as to how nakshatras play an important role in everyday occurrences and for important occasions like marriage, partnership, etc. Apart from that, we will also cover about the effects of planets on nakshatras, learning the art of prediction, multiple characteristics of nakshatras, and much more. It’s time to remove the blockages on your steps to success and script new chapters of life.

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If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

10 thoughts on “Mystic Nakshatra Part 1”

  1. Very detailed and informative session on Nakshatra..It helps in understanding the basic character of the person .Must attend class to understand Astrology basis..It also covers what we need to do in our daily life on that particular nakshatra

  2. Understood about the qualities of people born in certain nakshatras, favourable activities that can be performed in each nakshatra and also the temples to be visited.

  3. Everyone can benefit from this knowledge. It is universal knowledge on the way ones birth nakshatra, thier character and whats best for them.

  4. An interesting topic.. came to know about nakshtra temples, symbol, God and many more things…. will be a detailed session to know abou nakshtra

  5. Got opportunity to know more about Nakshatras and Nakshatra properties/mantras/symbols/ gods to be worshiped/gem stone/angles…and many more. Interesting webinar!

  6. Nakshatra is such a beautiful and interesting topic. It changes your perspective of how you view your day today life. It also makes you understand why certain people behave the way they do! Amazing learnings and a bonus of special temples to visit for each nakshatra too! What a treasure this webinar is!

  7. Wow ! an amazing webinar, a must knowledge for every one.

    Thank you Anna for teaching us the importance of each star every day, and we indeed learnt a lot about how different nakshtra people are ….. favorable symbols for all the nakshtras , nakshatra lord, favorable food offering , the chanting that’s to be done on birth nakshatra day and many more dts.

    This together with Hora webinar is a wonderful kick start to panchangam basics. Now, we check the nakshtra and proceed with the activities for day.

    Thank you HLP team for all the support.

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