Power of Lighting A Lamp – Chapter 2

Webinar by Velu Jayaprakash

Ever since man learnt to start to light a fire inside the cave, he discovered the mystic powers of fire. He channeled this curiosity to understand the purpose of human birth. As time flew, fire continued to illuminate us.

Lighting a lamp equates to kindling source of knowledge; it is a divine connection we establish between us and the conscious universe. Lighting a lamp brightens the self; it changes the aura around (and within) you. It develops intellect, brings knowledge, and blesses with prosperity. The significance of lighting a lamp rightly takes us towards the light; it takes us towards the direction of truth and harmony.

As we discovered the benefits of the ritual of lighting the lamp – to empower energies, for inner peace, for welfare of family, or to wish for prosperity. As we continue this practice to connect with the Divine, it enlightens our inner self, guiding us towards prosperity.

Do you know for the different types of lamps, the benefits changes with change in oil? Even the preparation of wicks changes with the need. Every minute detail counts! When you light the lamp correctly, the results are extraordinary. And this is what brings us to come up with a second chapter on The Power of Lighting Lamps.

In this webinar, we will cover:

• Secrets of different types of lamps
• Benefits of various oils
• Learn about the combination of oil depending on the need
• Method of preparing various types of wicks
• Types of metals used for lamps for specific purpose like solving relationship issues, attracting wealth, eliminate negative energy, cleanse your home etc.

PS: It is not mandatory that you should have attended Chapter 1

Join Us In This Webinar To Understand The Power and Right Method to Light A Lamp with Intention Setting.
Date : 5th December 2021
Time : 9 am – 12 pm
Venue : Online
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Contact : Minu +91 95135 80222

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7 thoughts on “Power of Lighting A Lamp – Chapter 2”

  1. After attending this program, for which purpose which oil is used and which day it should be lighten. Salt lamp process is very helpful.

  2. As usual, i gained lot of learnings from this webinar as well and i started practicing it. I am happy to be connected with this community as i am gaining more and more knowledge on all forgotten rituals. I was having zero knowledge before I attend this webinar and I felt so happy when i start to implement it.

  3. More learnings about different types of lamps & oils to be used in lighting lamp and their amazing benefits. Interesting webnair.

  4. Learnt about different types of lamp like conch lamp, gold lamp etc., The session was very interesting and informative.

  5. This webinar was very interesting , it is more advanced topics than we learnt in Chapter 1 – Lighting Lamp Webinar,

    Learnt more techniques of lighting lamps, color wise, day wise and lots of other information.

    Thank you team for organizing it , thank you Anna for teaching us this amazing technique and thanks a lot for answering our so many questions.

  6. Never knew that each metal has significance in lighting lamps. It was really mind blowing to know so much of interesting things through this webinar. A must know topic. Thank you so much for conducting this.

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