December 2021 Events & Enrolments

webinar by Velu Jayaprakash


Chapter 2 of the most sought after Webinar

Date: 5th December2021

Empower energies for inner peace , welfare of family and prosperity by learning the different types of lamps, benefits of various oils, method of preparing various types of wicks and many more..

PS : It is not mandatory that you should have attended Chapter 1

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Registration closes on 2nd December 2021

Gurukul by Velu Jayaprakash


Converting Home Makers into Home Healers @BANGALORE

Date: 11th December 2021

An indepth workshop on one of the forgotten touch based healing systems with hands-on , by using the various seeds from our kitchen to treat 40+ health issues with the simple and unique traditional therapy.

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Registration closes on 8th December 2021


Two classes per month { 1 in Person , 1 Online (Q&A)} – 3 MONTH COURSE

Date: 12th December 2021

Join this insightful journey to learn more about the mystery behind the symbol of self-discovery. A 3 month in detailed Palmistry course that unlocks the lines of destiny and the hidden secrets of your palm

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Registration closes on 9th December 2021

e-gurukul by Velu Jayaprakash

4. Mystic Nakshatras – Part 2

Two classes per month – 2 MONTH COURSE

Date: 18th &19th December2021

A webinar that decodes the symbols, mantras, tantras, family Deity associated with Nakshatras and design your destiny with your own birth nakshatra

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Registration closes on 15th December 2021

5. Services


Golden medicine for our Golden children.

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Bach Flower Therapy Based on Birthday

Floral essence to heal your body and mind, thus adding a positive fragrance to your life

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Transit Astrology Reading

For people who are seeking solution or advice for the current situation in their life

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Medical Astrology Reading

For people who are spending a lot in medicinal expense, this will give you a clear direction

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