Hora : Unlock the Secrets of Time

eGurukul by Velu Jayaprakash

Hora is the knowledge about the division of time in a day. Time in each division is governed by a planet and has certain benefits . When we master and know how exactly to use this.

A famous quote goes

“Do not mess up with the person who has mastered Hora.”

This is a workshop on the same old-fashioned time that is invisible and yet important. We talk about being on time, but we hardly know time is not a constant; it is also a variable. In 1971, four atomic clocks were placed on commercial flights around the world. Einstein’s equations had predicted that the flying clocks would lose about 40 nanoseconds going east and gain 275 nanoseconds traveling West. Surprised? Yes, the more we seem to understand time, the more it is mysterious. Time is relative, and it is the 4th dimension in our consciousness, which plays a pivotal role.

Once mastered the art of doing the right thing at the right time, there is no turning back.

Learn this simple and yet powerful method to enhance our life. For those who like to master astrology or Panchangam, this workshop will be a good base to build their wisdom knife.

In this eGurukul, you will learn:

  • To start any work and lead it to the best progress irrespective of whatever karmic baggage you hold.
  • → When to give and receive money
  • → Start a new venture or initiative
  • → Buy various movable and non-movable assets
  • → Buying vehicles, land and house
  • → To return the money borrowed
  • → To come out of any disease
  • → To fix marriages
  • → To win legal cases
  • → To buy lucky things
  • → To get optimized profit in any initiatives
Know Rahu, Emagandam, Kuligai, and four types of timings

Join us to explore this Vedic Astrology and learn how you can plan auspicious events, start new venture, improve health , gain abundance and much more

Date : 21st, 22nd and 23rd June 2021

Time : 5 pm – 7 pm

Venue : Online

Avail recording of this past event : https://rzp.io/l/egurukul-recordings

Contact : Minu +91 95135 80222

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

10 thoughts on “Hora : Unlock the Secrets of Time”

  1. Hora is a part of daily astrology..It helps in doing thing correctly for the present. Ie What things we need to do in that particular hora.Lot of useful tips for daily use .Gives good insight about astrology basis..

  2. I learned something new . I have applied the learning couple of times and it worked. My gratitude to Velu Anna and admins for arranging this session

  3. I have been attending most of the online Gurukul sessions conducted by Velu Sir, each and every e Gurukul is just fantastic, I feel honoured to be part of HLP group

  4. Hora! What a life changing webinar! Ofcourse its not easy to keep checking the hora for all the things in life. But it makes so much sense to refer to the hora for the big decisions instead of being stuck facing troubles. A MUST learn-and-follow webinar.

  5. First time I learnt about Hora. Till this gurukul I was not aware of Hora. After learning about hora, like using it while seeking admission, buying assets, applying for a job and many more, trying to use in my life. Have succeeded in some of them too…Thank you so much for such an informative session.

  6. It was a very interesting Gurukul. I learnt how to calculate the horas for a particular day, which hora is good for talking to people, buying assets, appointing maids, giving and receiving money. Trying to incorporate the learnings wherever feasible. Many thanks for this informative session.

  7. The session was very interesting but my feedback on this session is its very difficult to master it as it has too much information and sometimes i feel watching the time for every aspect of life is actually not feasible.
    To give one example: I used the hora to look for admissions for my daughter but it didnt work. At the same time I think it didnt work out for the better.. But I am really grateful to the group because it has changed my entire lifestyle. My sincere gratitude.

  8. After the session, i understood whats the difference within each day of a week. How and why each planet around us influences us, knowing which can help us change our day to day experiences.

  9. Hora is a wonderful part of Panchangam, I have learnt a lot in the webinar about planets and it’s influence and power, specially which time is favorable is for what activity is well explained by Anna.

    Thank you Anna , this is wonderful knowledge. Thanks team for the support.

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