Full Moon Meditation

Meditating as a group always have amazing energy, be it online or offline, they have an unique experience and it is rare to achieve when we do it alone.

Apart from daily meditation, meditating on special days has amazing power. Such as FULL MOON & NEW MOON. This full moon we will together do a group meditation. Meditation during this time, can rewrite your karma.

Enroll only if you agree to these conditions

  • This is exclusive for D.E.A.R members. That means you MUST have completed at least one batch of “21 days of D.E.A.R”
  • You have to be in video and mute audio
  • Make sure you wear loose and comfortable dress
  • Cover yourself with shawl, dupatta if needed.
  • You can use a pillow so that spine can be erect.
  • Doing some warm up exercises would be good, so that you can sit continuously for 1hour without any pains, numbness and other complaints.
  • Please finish your meals before 1hour at least.
  • Keep a lighted lamp/crystals near you. Optional.
  • There will be no recording provided for this session.
  • 🗒️You will be added in a dedicated Whatsapp group before the meditation starts.
  • 🗒️On the day, you can join the session and follow my instructions. Post meditation, we will spend 30mins to share your feedback and for QnA.

🕗 Date & Time, Link shared in D.E.A.R group.

Hope to see you all!

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7 thoughts on “Full Moon Meditation”

  1. It is always a wonderful experience to be a part of Meditations organised by HLP community. Meditating in a group is always a unique experience especially when done on such powerful days. Heartfelt gratitude to Velu and HLP Community.

  2. Amazing experience it was .felt real energy today. Thanks for conducting full moon meditation

  3. Firstly, Thank you very much Velu Anna for your selfless service. Your Service towards siddha medicine world, Yoga, Traditional/holistic way of living is much appreciated and I have no words to express my gratitude.
    Yesterday’s Full moon day Meditation is first of it kind in my life till today. With Zero expectation I attended this and came out with full freshness, peacefulness in mind, positive thoughts etc. Here it is not just connecting virtually and doing group meditation either with correctly or not correctly rather we can learn how to do the meditation in a right way (as Velu anna is correcting us in case if I am doing wrongly from remote location) and know the Myths and facts during the FAQs from individual personal experiences during meditation and also related queries in their minds since long time. I look forward to join similar events and get fine tune my living style and educate my near and dear atleast 1% towards healthy living

  4. A very beautiful way of teaching meditation by Velu anna…i like all his gurukul sessions that too on a special day … 1hrs passed like 10 min ….. thanks anna looking for more meditation classes like this,,……

  5. Calm and peaceful fullmoon meditation guided by velu anna. Little complex steps but One can know the impact only when done and definitely this meditation has to experienced.

  6. It was much awaited session. Enjoyed every bit of it.I didn’t realize how d time flied. Anna, Pls do organize it every month.Looking forward to next session.

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