Power of Peacock Feathers

A webinar by Velu Jayaprakash

Every creation of Nature is fascinating. Be it living beings or non-living beings, everything has been created for a purpose. There lies wisdom beyond lifestyle practices and herbs and spices. 

One of the ignored and overlooked sources of wisdom is from the animal kingdom. Our ancestors were wise enough to decode and gather pearls of wisdom from them. It holds the significance of cows, fish, birds, and other pets. Birds symbolize spiritual growth. Amongst the birds, the feathers of a peacock play a pivotal role. 

Peacock feathers have a lot of hidden gems. It’s mesmerizing beauty, elegance, and enchantment has significant cultural aspects. It is celebrated as a holy symbol from ancient times.

Do you know that Indra Dev hid (from Ravana) under peacock feathers for 1000 years? Or that some gurus use peacock feathers to pass their aura to their followers? Curious to know its hidden story and unique symbolism?

Get to know more about the ‘Power of Peacock Feathers’ in our upcoming webinar where you will learn: 

  • Protect from evil spirits
  • Fix Vaastu Doshas
  • Remove blockages from financial income
  • Shield your infants
  • Improve relationships
  • Heal from past-life patterns
Fill your life with myriad colors of happiness, prosperity, and good luck by using the peacock feathers rightly.

Date: 21st August 2022

Time: 9 am – 12 pm

Venue: Zoom

Avail the recording of this past event: https://rzp.io/l/webinar-recordings

Contact : Minu +919513580222


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15 thoughts on “Power of Peacock Feathers”

  1. Session was too good. Everything was very useful information as usual and am grateful for being a part of this community.Thanks much.Will implement Everything as taught.

  2. Kavita Lalwani
    Peacock session was really great.I didn’t know that peacock feathers are so powerful and can lead to solution of so many problems.All thanks to you Velu Anna.Blessed to be part of HlP group

  3. As always, lots of information about peacock feathers and uses in our daily life. Thanks to velu anna for wisdom sessions.

  4. The webinar by Velu Jayaprakash brought to the fore hitherto unknown qualities and uses of Peacock feathers, gleaned from tantra treatises (Mayil Sastram) and his interactions with spiritual and occult practitioners.
    And any webinar by Velu ji always has nuggets of wisdom from other topics too and this webinar is no exception.
    For me, the take away is to integrate the peacock feathers in daily worship and spiritual practices.
    The webinars have been timely interventions in my life, giving vital practices and concepts starting with Money, Lighting Lamp, Family Deity and now Peacock Feathers.
    Many Thanks to Veluji and HLP team.

  5. This is another one useful session, knowledge which we got in this is simple to follow, full O attend this session, I don’t know these many usages are there for peacock feather, it should have been part of f drishty removal program as well, one thing what I felt is this session completed quickly and some more informations could have been added, but as usual these informations are wealth

  6. It was another interesting and beautiful session. The topic was very well covered with lot of things which we can implement in our daily lives in a correct way. I liked the fact that it does not require any cleansing or special care and can be used from day we get it and it comes with no expiry date.Thanks a lot Anna

  7. It was a very interesting webinar. well structured,presented and explained to the point without missing any details. Got to know a lot of interesting aspects about peacock feather which really amazed me. Thanks team for bringing this interesting topic. Gratitude

  8. Nature has not only provided us with the beauty of peacock, it also has the power to help us live a better life. Learnt about so many different ways in which peacock feathers can help us. Gratitude.

  9. Doesn’t know that peacock feathers have this much power with it ! Now learnt about it and looking forward how to implement it to get benefitted from it! Thanks a lo t for sharing about it!

  10. Thank you Anna and HLP team for conducting this interesting webinar and helping us gain insights by unlocking ancient wisdom…gratitude

  11. It was a very informative webinar, got to know the hidden secrets of peacock and it’s feather. Request for a physical session in Bangalore.

  12. This was yet another interesting webinar, Anna consolidated all the amazing uses of peacock feather , I never knew these many uses exist. I also learnt the practicality of using it in every day life.

    Thank you Anna for this amazing webinar and thanks team for organizing it .

  13. Like every session …even peacock feathers session was wonderful ..All these days I used these feathers because of beauty and it keeps lizards spiders etc at a bay …but this session revealed many secrets like how it can be used as immediate remedy for kids , bringing bonding in relationship ,how it cures wounds and spiritual space etc…All these days I thought we should not encourage to keep feathers at home as it is indirectly we helping hunters to kill peacocks …But after hearing/knowing the history behind it ,I feel blessed to have peacock feathers when they are naturally collected without harming them.Sincere gratitude to the entire team for coordinating and brings us this wonderful session accessible..Thanks to velu Anna for sharing this wonderful vast knowledge ..

  14. Interesting webinar…. I have seen peacock many times… but was really exited to know the power of peacock feathers. All the discussions learnt today will be more useful… Gratitude to the entire team.

  15. peacocks are fascinating and my favourite bird…. It is even more fascinating to know that the peacock feathers are used in so many different ways…. Thanks a lot Anna for giving us this knowledge!

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