Jatakarma – Concise Ancient Immunisation Activitiy

September Fifteenth, Twenty Twelve
In today’s world when it comes to holistic childcare or wellness of the family, we have lot more options than ever. In the quest of finding the right procedure to build an over all healthy child seems to be an endless loop. Like a light at the end of the tunnel, current generation parents are indeed going back to the roots. It is surprising to see our ancestors have derived certain activities that is not only enhances physical or physiological growth, but for complete spiritual growth. Let us go back in time, and see what they did when a child is born.

We would strongly advice you to treat this article for information purpose only and seek your Doctors or right professionals if you want to follow it. We would like to thank all our parents in our whatsapp group who constantly kept us encouraging to publish something like this.

Immediately after birth

Very first thing when a baby arrives, they wanted to start with a positive impression on the baby, because babies can record consciously. The father would recite a Sloka in baby’s right ear.

“Angaadangaat sambhavasi hridayaadadhijayase|
Atma vai putranamaasi sa jiva saradassatham||”

Shathayuhu shathavarshoasi deerghamayuravapnuhi
Nakshatrani disho ratrirahashcha tvabhirakhshathu”

-Ashtanga Hridayam

Which means “You are born from each of my limbs. Heart is the abode of desire, called ‘Putra”, you are indeed my Atma (form). May you live a hundred years.”. The very first thing baby hears or get blessed is, “live a hund