Vaccha bracelet

Learn the age old practice from our ancestors to protect infants from various illness.

IMG_20160620_204026Today was an unusual day. At whatsapp, I shared Vaccha Bracelet to let parents know about this life saving herb for just born kids. In short time, say less than 6 hours, the parenting community jumped in and we ended up launching a product.

Vaccha, or popularly known as Vasambu in Tamil or sweet flag (English name) is one of the nine sacred herbs along with  honey and gold ash that was administered to children in ancient times. In Siddha text, they call it as, “Pillai marunthu” means Pediatric medicine.

In olden days, after 11th to 16th day naming ceremony, they tie this bracelet in babies both hands. Along with this, they also, tie a special rope around neck and hip, which we will blog later. In olden days, a gold string was beaten with vaccha. Daily mother would rub this vaccha gold stick on a sandalwood base and take the paste and apply a mark on babies top of the head, palm, and feet. Those are the osmotic areas. Our body absorbs the properties of the paste. This is  practiced in some parts of Kerala even now.

IMG_20160624_150000They tie this bracelet as a natural insecticide. When kids lick it, a small amount of medicine is taken into the body to protect it. This is an amazing herb that is known for its preventive and curative actions.

There is no age limit to use it, usually it can be used till the age of 5 and more. As kids at this age won’t lick their fingers.

This is also one  form of swarnaprashana called as Swarnavaccha, popularly sold in many ayurvedic shops. In case, if you are following swarnaprashana, Vaccha is already in the suvarnaprashan that your doctor has provided. In that case, you do not have to follow Swarnavaccha.

In olden days, they even used to make kajal out of it to apply on forehead, top of palm, foot of the child to protect from evil eyes. Since these areas are osmotic areas, it helps them from filtering impurities to get into the body. (imagine like the water filter using carbon to filter water) It is just not about the evil eyes, it has medical and spiritual reasons too. This improves their sleep and keep the mind calm for epilepsy kids.   

Siddha and Ayurveda texts provides list of various benefits. To mention a few:

  • Epilepsy – Vasambu powder + honey. With only mother milk as main diet, this is effective
  • Indigestion or gas or diarrhoea – powder of Ink Nut + Long pepper + pepper + dry ginger + Vaccha + Asafoetida + Indian Atees
  • Cold or fever or pain in abdomen – Vaccha + Liquorice

Its root has even higher benefits. To mention few:

  • Strong Nervous system – Vaccha root is taken in less quantity.
  • Gas – root of vaccha is burnt and its ash is mixed with coconut oil and applied below the navel.
  • Vaccha in general helps in proper brain development, speech ability, eyesight. It also acts as neutralizer to toxins in the body.  
It is very easy to make one by yourself.
  1. Start on a Pushya, Anuradha, Kettai Nakshatra day. Soak the vaccha up to 8 hours
  2. Clean the skin
  3. Cut it into small beads
  4. With long needle use cotton thread and make it like a bracelet


Some make with gold and precious stones. It is not a must. But if you can, nothing wrong as long as the stones, gold are pure and craftsmanship is good, so that it does not cut or prick the skin of the baby, then it is good. There is a parent in our group, who is a retail jeweller. In case if you like to touch base with him. Do ping him in our whatsapp group directly. Below is the sample he uses it for kids.

Author: Velu Jayaprakash

Velu Jayaprakash is a social entrepreneur, product manager, techy, photographer, meditator, father of two angels, ancient wisdom seeker, holistic adviser and Soul coach. You can reach him at velu.jayaprakash AT gmail DOT com