Homemade Popcorn

Corn kernels (refer pic) – 1cup (indian dried corn not the American sweet corn)
Coconut oil – 2 tblsp
Salt and chilly powder to taste




Pour 2 tblsp of coconut oil in a heavy bottom vessel … Preferably small cooker . put it on heat. Once its hot jus drop 3 corn kernels alone and close lid… Once these 3 are popped. Take out these 3 and drop the reqd amount of corn. Spread throughout the surface of the cooker and close the lid upside down. Jus hold the handle and shake a bit for even cooking. Leave a lil gap between the lid and cooker base for the smoke to go out.
Once the popping sound stops,switch off the flame and transfer to a bowl. Add needed amount of salt and chilly powder (optional) and mix well.
Perfect instant snack to accompany a movie or a match at home

Author: Sri Nandhini Hari

I’m Sri Nandhini Hari, a B.Com & M.B.A finance post graduate and have worked in American Express Bank as an Asst. Manager and later with CTS as Financial Analyst. I have a passion towards our own tradition and culture and this has triggered me to share the natural and homemade products to a bigger community for the benefit of all.