Secrets of Betel Leaf

An eGurukul by Velu Jayaprakash

What is green, aromatic, and significant that carries a rich history in our day to day life?

It’s the humble betel leaf.

Betel leaf has been part of our culture for more than 10,000 years. From daily rituals to festivals, family functions to first aid solution, betel leaf is a storehouse of numerous benefits. Modern science and research has now confirmed the amazing health benefits of the betel leaf. But our ancestors already knew the magical properties of this green, glossy, power packed leaf.

Do you know that the practice of chewing betel leaf after meals dates back to 75 AD? From being used for detoxification to treating disorders, the benefits and importance of betel leaves goes beyond health. This gift of nature has lot of hidden potential. From offering spiritual solutions to psychological issues, betel leaf has multi-fold benefits.

Now @ HLP WORLD, we bring a session to enlighten and burst the myth surrounding this heart -shaped leaf.

The session will cover:

👉🏼Discover the health benefits
👉🏼Understand its spiritual importance
👉🏼 Learn home remedies
👉🏼 Improve relationships
👉🏼 Solve financial issues and recover lost assets
👉🏼 Remove Drishti or black magic
and many more…

Upgrade your knowledge surrounding this power packed, healthy leaf and get illuminated for life
Date    : 25th & 26th March 2022

Time   :  5 pm – 8 pm

Venue :  Online , ZOOM Session

Avail the recording of this past event:

Contact : Minu +91 95135 80222

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

Sharing some amazing feedbacks –

Got to know many surprising factors/benefits about Betel leaf. I would like to share very recent experience . My kids were having severe cough. So used betel leaf with mustered oil. Amazingly it worked .. they found relief within few mins…

Samatha Kudkilla

I had cold and betel leaf juice did wonders, I had blocked nose and one drop of betel leaf juice brought immediate relief- this remedy I came to know from the betel leaf class and this is my own experience .

Nalina P

I used betel leaf only for Pooja and knew that it is used as pan for good digestion..was really surprised to know amazing facts on betel leaf especially the spiritual secrets and choosing right leaf… It revealed many secrets like how it helps feeding mom ,women with irregular periods etc .. I am sure that we cannot get this wisdom anywhere other than this gurukul classes .. and I feel blessed to be member of this group

Hima Bindu

..another interesting session with lot of things that can be implemented for shielding ourselves and enhancing solutions in our day to day life..

Minu Amar

I never knew we could use the very commonly found leaves in so many different ways…. The ways we could use them is not even really complicated…. It’s pretty straight forward with such a large/beautiful outcomes – on our energy levels, health and over all wellbeing….

Sirisha many of us know the varieties in betel leaf, how it can be consumed to improve our health, to remove Drishti and many more.. Betel leaf Gurukul has answer to all these questions. This Gurukul has given the unknown version of betel leaf…. Such a wonderful information…


A pooja was performed at home before I attended the class on secrets of betel leaf. I feel the class was to prepare me well in advance with great knowledge about betel leaf. So could understand the importance of this leaf..

Deepa Babu

Truly an interesting topic. Betel leaf health tips worked very well for my Infant which was a timely help in a critical situation. Performed betel lamp & Meditation once and felt amazed. Gratitude for all the guidance.


5 thoughts on “Secrets of Betel Leaf”

  1. My memory of betel leaves goes back to my great grandfather who used to give me and my cousins the stalks to eat. I never questioned him or gave a thought about why he was removing the stalk in the first place. Now, I know that it is the way it has to be consumed. Thanks to the webinar. I realised so many things, understood many of the practices I have come across, learnt the meaning behind the rituals and most importantly the amazing health benefits. No wonder our ancestors have so cleverly included the humble betel leaf in various stages of our lives suiting different lifestyles.

  2. Amazing Gurukul with very practical info as always . Thank You Velu and the entire swarnaprasna team for making this possible .. God bless all of you .
    From now on , will not refer to it as just paan patha . Will be more mindful using it in pujas .
    Thank you again for teaching us about Betel Leaf Angel .

  3. Another interesting webinar from HLP. All along, during my childhood days, I was told not to eat betel leaves, saying I would get bitten by a rooster :-)). And today, after attending this session I can tell the next generation the correct reason why it is said so. So much information shared about a leaf which most of us until now would have ignored it to be only a leaf.

  4. I was really amazed to know about the so many benefits of betel leaves. Never ever thought that it’s such a powerful leaf and it has so many utilities, while this leaf has always been all around in our surrounding . I am really glad that i saw this video. Looking for more such informative sessions

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