Rituals to Redesign Every Day

Do you all know that we are under the influence of a specific planet every Day?

Do you know each Day of the week is dominated by a particular planet?

Our Ancestors have formulated very simple practices to follow through which we can reap the maximum advantages of the Day.

This webinar is all about those easy-to-follow Tantric Tips that have been followed for generations. 

Learn the Dos and DON’Ts of every Day and pave your way for a more fruitful life with less burden.

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39 thoughts on “Rituals to Redesign Every Day”

  1. I have implemented colours which velu sir said using horoscope. Really these colours did a magic. When using these colours daily i can feel the emotional balance and peace of mind. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Another informative and interesting session from Anna. We learnt the significance and the planetary influence for each day along with the Rituals to be followed in a simplified manner. Customising our favorable colours based on our birth chart is the highlight of the session. Gratitude…

  3. By making us practically work on our individual charts, the understanding on how to read the charts is now clarified! The simplicity of the remedies suggested is best takeaway for me!

  4. Thank you Anna for adding this topic to webinar . You always say topics in Gurukul are connected . I realised this topic ,I could connect with Hora . These are terms which common person can relate and understand and I am happy that I am part of this Gurukul and learning new things each class .

  5. Really nice topic, i always wanted to know on favourable colors for my family, this was perfect class encompassing daily vedic chantings and the daily vibration of colors and their effects.

  6. I’m entirely new to this world of learning about ancient stuffs. Sir, has explained the concepts very nicely.. he also went slow with the concepts on my request. I found it very interesting and helpful. Thank you

  7. The session was very informative and comprehensive. When we talk about rituals, we get lost in steps and details but rituals can be done in this way without feeling lost, in search of remedies.

  8. Very informative session by Anna as usual. The calculation method was amazing and helps us to understand how to make it favorable for us. Gratitude for sharing the knowledge Anna

  9. This course helped me to understand a basic horoscope, how easily a horoscope can be generated for a given birth date, time, birth place. How important to have a horoscope of each family member. Simple and customized daily rituals been suggested to each individual to better their day. Thank you for the entire team behind it and velu anna.

  10. This is one of the interesting rituals which needs to be followed every day..to attain a better day to day life..thanku velu Anna for this course.

  11. The Session on 7 day ritual may be little cryptic.. however when as I attended the session, I realized that the generic concepts on daily practices are not applicable and we need to customize our practices based on our birth chart.. We are all unique individuals and our practices related to favorable colors will vary.. Moreover, as always Anna had deep dived on spiritual concepts and chanting mantras & meditation.. these reinforces things and we ensure we make each day very special. Thank you again for such simple techniques and methods of daily rituals.
    Gratitude to Anna & the team for enlightening us and making our lives better.


  12. It was an amazing workshop.This time,we analysed our birth chart with color analysis in the class itself..Lot of simple inputs which can be followed easily every day .Thanks Anna

  13. It was very good rituals shared by Anna for each day to follow and which color will give best effect. Thank you so much Velu Anna!!

  14. As always nicely explained by Velu anna.The tips he gave were so simple. My gratitude to Velu anna and to the entire team

  15. Namaste all,
    I have been in the HLP group from 4 years.My lifestyle has been changed and adapted holistic living.A special thanks to Velu anna for his webinars.7 days Rituals webinar is must for everydays life to get positive vibes.

  16. Thank you Anna for yet another interesting session, for the first time I learned about birth chart and very simple things to be done every day for a happy life, Thank you all

  17. Amazing knowledge gained, the best thing is the way Anna conducts the webinar. The exercise helped a lot in understanding the concept. I will use it for self and family, thank you!

  18. As everytime, velu anna gave packed of information, it was very nice to get knowledge day by day with sessions like this, thank you anna

  19. Very informative webinar. Learnt practices that can be easily followed in our day to day lives making each day more effective. A good way to start the new year with new knowledge & practices. Thanks to the HLP team to provide us this platform.

  20. Very interesting and informative session Anna. The beauty of this session is it is very interactive and very well explained patiently. Additional tip you give during the session are very helpful. Thank you very much Anna

  21. I had zero knowledge on birth chart, planets until I attended this session..it was really good..as usual I learnt more things ..hope amd wish that I apply everything in my life which I gained and make everything better

  22. Informative and interesting session, how to take advantage of colors and plan the day in advance for activities in our favor and mantras to activate navagrahs.

  23. Really, really informative session. I have zero knowledge of astrology or any such aspects for a fact. But Anna made it very easy to understand things and the way we practised in the session gave me more flexibility to understand and learn things easier. I have already started implementing things discussed in the class and can see the impacts of it. Thank you sooo much Anna for taking the time and clearly explaining things and also all the volunteers helped in making this happen. I am going to get old sessions now.

  24. Wonderful and informative session as usual, we learn so many things in these webinars even though they are not related to topic, Thanks once again

  25. This is the first time I’m learning about astrology chart. Very interesting and velu Anna made it look so easy. Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Thank you for spreading this wonderful knowledge

  26. Another interesting session… class was interactive as we had practical sessions. Thank you for the wonderful information shared

  27. The session was really good and simple easy things to follow which actually helps one to follow them easily. and as usual it was very informative and clear and crisp. Thank you ..Gratitude forever..Shilpa

  28. gratitude anna for all the knowledge sharing. i have been with hlp group since 6+ years and just love each and every things that come up via this platform. 7 day session was also a amazing way to understand how we can make things simple for ourself

  29. I never have tried to understand the birth chart. It was a wonderful experience….. learnt many new things …. happy to be part of HLP and learn from Anna…..

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