Power of Lighting A Lamp

An Exclusive Webinar by Velu Jayaprakash

Let the divine light wipe away the darkness from our lives

Just like light removes darkness, knowledge dispels ignorance. Lighting a lamp equates to kindling source of knowledge; it illuminate our life.
Lighting the lamp is a daily ritual followed with discipline for various reasons – to empower energies, for inner peace, for welfare of family, or to wish for prosperity. Every culture follows this practice to connect with the Divine and enlighten our inner self to guide us.

Do you know there are 12 different types of lamps and the method of preparing oil and wick differs accordingly? There are specific lamps for specific purpose like solving relationship issues, attracting wealth, eliminate negative energy, cleanse your home, and so on.

Chanting the right mantra while lighting the lamp fuels its significance, bringing harmony and abundance. Even minute details like the flame burning upward holds importance.

When you light the lamp correctly, the results are extraordinary.
A small miniscule ritual and so much importance, isn’t it?

To reap its full benefits, it’s important to know the correct method to prepare the wick, which oil to use, mantras to chant, and the most important reason – to know the purpose of lighting the lamp.

In this webinar, we will cover:

• 12 different types of lamps
• Mantra to chant while lighting lamps
• Method of preparing oil for lighting lamps
• Method of preparing Special Wick
• Learn about specific lamps for specific purpose like solving relationship issues, attracting wealth, eliminate negative energy, cleanse your home etc.


Date : 30th May

Time : 9 am – 12 pm

Venue : Online

Avail the recording of this past event: https://rzp.io/l/webinar-recordings

Contact : Minu +91 95135 80222

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

15 thoughts on “Power of Lighting A Lamp”

  1. I love being in lamp light with. But, never knew it’s significance and spiritual side of it. Many unanswered questions was answered here.. Gratitude !!!

  2. Hi, I had attended only the first part of the lamp session. I came to know many new things which were not known to my mother or grandmother. Certain things like applying sandal on the lamp we have been doing it without knowing the reason. I switched to using cow ghee instead of the store bought lamp oil. This one small change itself I felt very better I terms of my mood. Also I have been keeping salt deepam for a few weeks, not regularly though, but whenever I light it and do the chanting I felt a lot of calmness in me. I wanted to do the jala deepam but some reasons I’m not able to. A lot has been taught in the session by Anna, it will take some time for me to put everything one by one to practice. But I remember to offer gratitude and thankfulness to the fire element.

  3. The webinar was very interesting, you don’t get to know this knowledge anywhere outside , thanks to velu anna to share such divine tips and importance of different lamps.

  4. I was totally unaware about all the information which was shared in this webinar. This gave me so much valuable knowledge and started practicing in day to day life. Feeling happy that I have become a part of this group to gain such knowledge on all rituals.
    Thanks a ton for sharing all the valuable information

  5. Amazing webinar session, Lots of learnings about lamp rituals. Q&A went more than 3 hrs and all questions answered patiently by Velu anna.

  6. Lamp lighting ritual is such a beautiful connection with the divine. I never knew the reasoning but after this session, the simple act of lighting a lamp floods me with gratitude! And so many different types of lamps for so many different circumstances in life! And the group is so vibrant posting pictures of how they follow the different practises. Always bringing out the best in each other!

  7. I never knew there could be so many different ways and significance to lighting lamps.
    I always wanted to know the proper ways to perform the rituals so decided to join this webinar to know about the lamp lighting aspect. It was the first webinar I attend with HLP team. It was a very long session full of interesting details and knowledge.
    Thank you!!

  8. This was a very interesting session. Came to know about different kinds of lamp lighting and the benefits of each. Was amazed to know that lamp lighting can help improve relationships and also help to attract wealth. Many thanks for this very useful session.

  9. Thank you Velu Anna for his dedication to pass knowledge and especially his patience answering each and every queries… Got to learn a lot about lighting lamps and meaning and benefits of each one in our life. I’m still following some of the rituals he had taught as in this course..I would like to attend more sessions.. Thank you Team..

  10. This webinar was very interesting ,it almost went for 7 Hrs, hats off to Velu Anna’s patience.

    We learnt many types of lamps specific to different occasions , Chapter 1 – Lighting Lamp Webinar was indeed a great kick start to learn different types of lamps.

    Thank you team for organizing it , thank you Anna for teaching us this amazing technique and thanks a lot for answering our so many questions.

  11. A wonderful webinar series which I was waiting for long time. Lighting lamps always gives me happiness. But the spiritual side of it was always unanswered. Got to know many things from this very interesting webinar. Thank you so much!

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