Pitru Paksha/Mahalaya Paksha – Guided Program

The repay period to clear the KARMA – ours and our ancestors’…

An HLP Exclusive Program for 16 days

Pitru Paksha or Mahalaya paksha is the 16 days ritual observed to pay gratitude to our ancestors.  These rituals are to pay homage to the departed souls and seek their blessings.

We all are aware of the fact that the Moon plays an important role in our lives. Full Moon or New Moon days influence human minds to a greater extend. Similarly, the departed souls travel back to earth when Moon’s influence is less on Earth (New Moon Day). Also, they possess special powers that they could pass on to their bloodlines.

Pitru paksha is the special period during the autumnal equinox when our ancestors have the privilege to visit their bloodlines. So, it is of paramount importance that we pay our respect and gratitude to them while they are with us for 16 days until the NEW MOON DAY.

What is PITRU PAKSHA ? – watch this video to know more
Watch this video to know the significance and the rituals to be followed during this time

Our Siddhas have derived various ways to repay them, and Food donation during Mahalaya Paksha is one of the best ways to clear the karma; ours and our ancestors’.

Few feedbacks we received from the past Pitru Paksha Programs ~

Thank you everyone for keeping group energy high. Personally it motivated me to do the rituals sincerely… And grateful to Velu Anna for guiding all of us. These 15 days have brought so much awareness about many things, about which I wasn’t aware much.


Truly grateful Velu sir for including all our names for healing..
I have never seen crows coming to our window..But 2 days after I started to involve in our team consolidation , for 2 consecutive days , a crow came and used to caw till I gave some cooked rice…it pecked few morsels and flew away..after this , they never came.. not sure what it meant but crow sighting made me happy.
Glad to be a part of this loving family🙏


..During this process of two weeks realised the importance of ancestors , without them we don’t exist.
Just amazed to realize an entire family tree of 100+ people is started by one person.( Great grand fathers).


This program helped to connect to my ancestors and below are some of the experiences during the program…
Health Front – One of the health related disorder / problem which was troubling me for the last 1+ year got resolved.
Karma & Dharma Front – It made me realize feeding the needy (animals and humans) should be a regular practice.
Mind Wise – Helped me calm my mind by taking away some of the uncertainties that was disturbing me on a continuous basis…
I would like to conclude by saying “This is just a beginning and as I pray and seek blessings, miracles will happen.”

Overall the experience was priceless!


There were no memorable dreams or such moving experiences as per some of the other participants in this program….. but there is a deep sense of peace and inner satisfaction of completion of a duty to my ancestors.

Mere words cannot replace the feel of experiencing and participating in this ritual.
I participated to the best of my ability, because there were days when I was traveling and was wanting to do it but unable to and felt utterly miserable.

Am grateful for each and every one of you too for motivating me to complete this program. Your silent support is heard.

Thank you Thank you Thank you


I really want to thank all of you in group, my teammates and specially to Velu anna for all the guidance and support. I had only a faint hope in beginning that I would be able to do it daily with the all the office workload. It is still tough to believe that I only missed one day 😊
Few lessons learnt that I would always be conscious about 1) To make gratitude part of my life – To be thankful to elders – because of them we are here and above all be thankful for everything that God has given us. 2) Always share with needy, whatever you can. In our busy life, we always skip the must do basic acts. Thank you all once again. 🙏


…After offering food all body pain vanished. Had a very happy feeling. Feeling at peace. These 15 days were so different from the rest. Was a little hesitant when I started but now I feel complete. There is nothing to prepare for tomorrow but feeling weird about it. Thank you to my sister who introduced me to this program & Velu Anna for guidance.


The whole 15 days was full of mixed emotions and experience. Though I didn’t get much weird dreams or none of my ancestors came in my dream… I just followed it as my duty and finished it atlast…now feel like achieved something by completing it finally


Feeling blessed 🙏. Gratitude to Anna and the team. Was so reluctant from the beginning to enroll if I cud follow the rituals for 16 days. But nature kept bringing things in place to continue the ritual wat may come.

Thanks to my team mate for the encouragement.❤️ If not for your promising words, I would have skipped the rituals..🙏. Feeling at peace with my paternal grandmother especially coz we always had a constrained relationship when she was alive. Now after the vision of seeing her happy and ready to leave, have found a new kind of feeling towards her like friends having straightened things after a fight 😀. I do smile whenever I think of her now.🙏


For me all this is very new, infact I dint know what is tharpanam. I use to see my mom preparing food and offering on amavasya and even my MIL also, but this was only one day ritual. I had a blissful experience the entire process of 15 days was completely different. After all this I feel very satisfied and proud was able to complete the entire process.

Entire experience was really learning for me. Thank Anna for this initiative


I am obliged to be a part of this ritual and fortunate enough that I got to introduce myself with such a beautiful thing which helps to decrease sorrow that our ancestors carrying help them to free themselves from this world. Anna, m thankful to u as u answered our repeated question patiently. In these 16 days I have not had any engulfing experience and at times felt sad that why I only am not experiencing anything but bcoz of u guys shared ur amazing experiences which really kept me going and motivated me to do everyday rituals. My extra special thanks to my teammate, bcz of ur recent post I got to know that, we can do tarpanam every Amavasya. Henceforth I will definitely try to tarpanam every Amavasya.


..Overall feeling energetic and though the rituals have ended I think the last 16 days had been a totally overwhelming experience, never thought I will be able to even start let aside completing it reflecting on the last 16 days while I am writing up today’s update it appears that I found something.
Don’t have words for all the support I received from so many people. Many a time reading through the post from different groups in a way kept me going every time I felt drained, so THANK YOU ONE AND ALL for just being yourself.


It was great to be doing these rituals every single day. I wanted to do something related to ancestors. I am glad I had a chance and thankful to each of you here.


What I learnt from this program is there is some kind of joy of satisfaction in giving..Thank you All


…these 16 days were very calm not only me but people around . everyone was very good and peace of mind and happy ..very grateful for this program and this grp energy.


I had lot of hesitation to enroll in this as I live in a joint family.. And I am glad I did it even though my family wasn’t interested. 😊
Not even one single day, I felt tiredness. This is the first time I have ever thought about my ancestors so deeply and I did feel very good and had a sense of gratitude towards them!

I am glad that I am a part of HLP and getting to know the meaning of many rituals that our previous generation people followed. I never got answers to any questions before. Only now I am getting answers.


My feedback for these 16 days is totally different. I was clearly seeing that I was not doing anything and I was merely a Doer where my mentor (Velu) was insisting to do and Nature was forcing to perform all rituals. Today I am paying my all gratitude to my mentor for his every kind act, love and affection towards me. I am always blessed one who has bundle of angels in their folder. Thank you for giving so much support Velu. Thank you everyone for being here with me in these days

Neelam Gupta

Follow this simple yet powerful ritual advised in the video and experience the positive changes it brings into your life

Enroll in this Program to observe and Practice PITRU PAKSHA RITUALS under our close guidance.
Date : 10th September 2022 – 25th September 2022
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