Heal Your Eyes – EYE CAMP

A workshop on Holistic approach towards healthy eyes @BANGALORE

Removing spectacles for people with refractive error and for normal people maintain healthy eyes.

When the group started few years back, we all parents where more understanding the deeper meaning of ancient spiritual practices. That time we did a deep dive into 16 essential Samskaras for a parent to perform with their kids to enable the soul journey. In those lines, we understood the meaning of ear-piercing and its benefits for eye-related issues. A blog was published on those lines, with pointers to where people can work on rectifying their eyes that is related to power. It was SCHOOL FOR PERFECT EYESIGHT at Pondicherry. Many parents have found this place beneficial. Unfortunately, this place needs a lot of pre-planning and advanced booking. In parallel, our community had been looking for any alternative places so that many would seek help. 

More info:

As there was sincere need from the community, we at core team worked with Health India Foundation Org. Dr. Selva Shanmugam who is the current Trustee, was eager to share the Ancient Varma Method he applied with Siddha principles to recover power related eye issues.  On request, they accepted to conduct an exclusive camp for our community.  

We designed the program into two parts, one is knowledge session about the science behind and other is the practical application personally done by Dr. Selva Shanmugam. We covered various cities, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune & Hyderabad. By the time we decided to conduct this at Mumbai and Delhi, Lockdown was implemented.  

*Reviews of past events* 

Bangalore: http://tiny.cc/y8diuz 
Chennai: http://tiny.cc/29diuz 
Pune: http://tiny.cc/49diuz 
Hyderabad: http://tiny.cc/79diuz  

We noticed 20% immediate change from the people. Over practice, many had come out of spectacles. With a pinch of salt, whoever regularly practice these ancient methods really came out of spectacles.

Ever since there, new parents were requesting us to conduct again, and old parents also wanted to restart their practices. We have been closely reaching watching them and lockdown. Looks like now is the time to get this done on a safer side. They have agreed to conduct this workshop for HLP Community again at *BANGALORE* on 19th June 2022. *ONLY FOR 36 Members* 

* What will be THERE this time? * 

  • Each member will undergo 36 Varma stimulation points plus 4 Varma movements at the hard.  
  • Safer Mid Brain Activation 
  • The theory class to be done for the practical’s to begin, this time theory will be done on ZOOM and practice will done in person, you must visit the place for 2 hours max as per your batch.  

* What are the additional benefits?* 

  • Correct the eyesight.  
  • Improve memory & Concentration 
  • Amazing relief from Anxiety & depression  
  • You will get *FREE* eye drops, you will be given the formula to make it yourself in future.  

* Who should attend? *

  • People with power glasses (any age) 
  • People who are about to enter 40s who might be near the border to take reading glasses. 

* Whom this is not for? *

  • This is not for any other eye related issues, such as Glaucoma, etc.  
  • This is not for normal healthy eye 

* Energy Exchange *

  • New and existing HLP WhatsApp members – Rs. 2754 
  • NON HLP WHATSAPP members – Rs.3366 
  • Repeated members – Only Theory and Doubts Clarification – Free(Contact Minu – +91 95135 80222)
  • Repeated members – Who want physical stimulation again – Rs. 2754  
  • Members who enrolled and did not get admission will get 100% refund.  
  • For kids (with spectacles) who are enrolling for this session and their age falls between 6 to 10 then, one parent or guardian can accompany them. You only need to enroll for one person at a time, but you need to mention, who is coming along with them in the form. In case, the kid and guardian, both are with specs, in that case, you need to enroll twice. 

* The process *

  • Once you register, please await till 14th June. All the enrolled participants will be added in a dedicated group.  
  • On 14th June, link to  ZOOM session will be shared by afternoon for the Wisdom and Q&A with the Doctor. The theory session will be in the evening for 2 hours. All members must attend this.  

*Online Session on 14th June 2022*


* physical SESSIONs ON 19th june 2022*

  • 1st Batch 8.30 AM to 10.00 AM.  
  • 2nd Batch 10.00 AM to 11.30 AM 
  • 3rd Batch 11:30 AM to 1.00 PM 

    You need to be present 45 mins before the respective slot of time at the venue.  

Join and heal your eyes Naturally

Date : 19th June 2022
Time : Enroll and know your Batch Time
Venue : Montfort Spirituality Center, Indira Nagar , Bangalore
Registration Link : https://rzp.io/l/eyecampblrjun22
Last day to enroll: 15th Jun, 2022 12:00pm IST
Contact : Minu +91 95135 80222


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3 thoughts on “Heal Your Eyes – EYE CAMP”

  1. I’m Hyma and I’ve been wearing glasses since 15years old. Went to many eye doctors for surgery but had been denied as few parameters which am with doesn’t work well for Laser operation. Post pandemic my 10 year old also was checked for short sight with 1.75 reading. I was a worried as I personally don’t like wearing glasses. So tried to compensate it with diet and all but didn’t work.

    I’ve been weary about this program since a year but due to distance and pandemic I’m unable to attend.But this time I took a call and travelled all the way to Bangalore only to attend this program for self and my daughter. Before the session I was able to read only till fourth line of the chart ( I had my own apprehensions) but was really surprised post session. I could read all the letters till end. Doctor said you don’t need to use glasses now… completely after three months…coming out of the camp I’ve realised I could read the sign boards without glasses. Hopefully I’ll remove the glasses by the end of third month. Many Thanks to the Doctor Selva, Velu Anna and team HLP.

    Only thing here is trust. Trust the Doctor and with a positive thinking you can see wonders naturally.

  2. Never knew there was an easy solution for the spectacle problem, which I have been facing since teenage. The program was very well organised for the current generation of working patients or parents whose children might be looking for solution to the spectacle problems. One online class and one physical class to start the journey towards a specs free life. There were immediate noticeable improvement in sight, which was a motivation to continue following the instructions and excercises. A medicated oil is also given for regular application and better results. Thank you doctor for your time and efforts towards making a healthy generation.

  3. Doctor is very good. He takes time for each and every person.

    My power was -2.75 in both eyes. Doing the varma points everyday.
    As per his suggestion, I took spectacle of -1. Will update the details in 3 months.

    I’m very sure that, gradually the glasses will be removed. 🙂

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