Healing Crystals

eGurukul by Velu Jayprakash
Enhance your healing and spiritual practice with natural crystals

Crystal & Gemstone knowledge and their applications are regarded as one of the 64 skills we need to be equipped. Once you upgrade your wisdom, you can apply in various spheres of life, such as personal relationship, business, kids, healing process, enhancing your spiritual practice and many more.

In this gurukul ,decode the hidden powers of what our ancestors and ancient scripts talk about the precious crystals. Learn the intricacies of selecting the right stone, various cleansing process, setting the intention and seed into the stone, energizing the stone and discarding the stone.

Topics on focus:

  • Intricacies involved in choosing the suitable stone
  • Cleansing Process
  • Setting the intention
  • Seed the intention
  • Energizing the stone
  • Proper ways to discard
    And more…
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Event date: 20th, 21st and 22nd April, 2021
Time: 5 PM to 7 PM
Enrollment Link: https://rzp.io/l/crystaltherapy
Register by: 19th April 2021
Anu Hemanth: +91 77608 77722

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