Healing Crystals

eGurukul by Velu Jayprakash
Enhance your healing and spiritual practice with natural crystals

Crystal & Gemstone knowledge and their applications are regarded as one of the 64 skills we need to be equipped. Once you upgrade your wisdom, you can apply in various spheres of life, such as personal relationship, business, kids, healing process, enhancing your spiritual practice and many more.

In this gurukul ,decode the hidden powers of what our ancestors and ancient scripts talk about the precious crystals. Learn the intricacies of selecting the right stone, various cleansing process, setting the intention and seed into the stone, energizing the stone and discarding the stone.

Topics on focus:

  • Intricacies involved in choosing the suitable stone
  • Cleansing Process
  • Setting the intention
  • Seed the intention
  • Energizing the stone
  • Proper ways to discard
    And more…
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9 thoughts on “Healing Crystals”

  1. Initially i didn’t know much about crystals. But, this session was an eye opener to me. The way crystals are used for healing and the benefits of them are jsut amazing.

  2. I am the beginner to use crystals.Really learnt lot of useful information which we can’t get anywhere easily. Thanks a ton velu sir for spreading the knowledge and sharing the wisdom with everyone of us.
    Amazing session

  3. Crystals are new to me, thank you Velu anna for Healing Crystals session learn about different crystals, cleansing and enerzing crystals and their applications in life.

  4. Learnt a lot about usage of crystals. I have started using crystals from HLP store…. Amazing energy…

  5. Crystals Gurukul was very interesting. Was amazed to know that crystals can be used right form protecting our belongings from theft to enhancing ones charm and beauty. Learnt the benefits of different crystals, the ways to cleanse and energize them.

  6. Very interesting session it was and lot of learning. Incorporating the learning through the crystals from hlp store is very exciting as we do not have to look out for crystals and their authenticity. Looking forward to incorporate more learnings from HLP world.

  7. Hi
    Another beautiful session it was at gurukul
    Seeing a lot of impact meditating with them or using it for peaceful sleep

  8. Though Crystal healing is an ancient system, getting to learn it from HLP World Community is much more exciting. Thank you so much for giving an opportunity to know more about these crystals. Also very happy to buy them from HLP store with all the trust as understanding the quality of crystals is tough and can be easily cheated if you are a beginner. Keep bringing such interesting topics thank you once again.

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