Enhance your life with the knowledge of ancient Samskars

It is amazing to see the community in action again. The plan was to start at 10 AM today. There was an unexpected technical glitch, Mic was not working. By the time we got to fixed, it was around 10.30 AM. After that when we started to add people, YouTube showed up 500 error! It was a dead end for us, we could not do anything. There was few wrong email ID’s given by parents that were creating issues, we found this and fixed it. But later again google started to throw some unknown errors. By the time when I was ready to start, it was almost 12 PM.

Parents patiently waited all the time, many parents quickly started to join to lend their hands. Though we could not get their help since everyone was at the different location. Usually, when we do webinars (a couple of times in last five years) we used to use my ex-office, so we had a team of parents to support. Now this time, I wanted to do at home in my own space, as we plan to do more this year.

With few parents added, we started, in parallel @Devika @Sindhuja @Divya tried their best to add the missing parents. Since the recorded version is going to be provided I went ahead and started. One thing I wanted to make sure that I do not want to miss the knowledge coz of time. So the target was 3 hours, but the webinar went well smooth and lasted for 3.45 hours.

Shared the detailed spiritual, scientific and common sense point of view to 16 key samskaras and the remedies that we can do, if we missed the bus. Including me, where I missed most of the time when I was one-sided with science alone and following atheist. Good to see parents shared their feedback, some emotional moments did rise, some touchy and emotional topics might be the trigger, I myself was in tears during the session, as a parent I too have missed many moments of life. At that time I neither had the knowledge nor was patient to learn. Now I know and I am trying my best to go for remedies and reap the benefits.

For the parents who enrolled and who could not make it to webinar can now watch it. I plan to have this live for a while. So do not worry. We will close the dedicated group soon I am planning to keep it open for a week. So if you have doubts you can ask.  I will answer at my free time. Later we will close the group and we will use the open group to discuss.

Avail the recording of this past event:


If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here

Knowing is not important, practicing is important so please implement the learning, only then the time and efforts of the community will be benefitted. And this is the only way we can show our gratitude to our ancestors.

End of the day we are doing this for our own self and for the next generation to build a healthy society.

As said during the webinar, the next session will be a 24 days practice of Sacred Sleep and Dream therapy (SSD therapy) will start soon. We will share the details later.

Feedback from the parents

  1. It’s was very useful session and looking forward for more information like pooja rituals how to teach kids out tradition and please throw light on spiritual meditation and on healthy food habits 
  2. Have only partially seen the video. But everything I saw was very informative…Thanks a million for the efforts you have put in. 
  3. Please continue the good work. Vaazhga valamudan vaazhga Vaiyagam.
  4. Mind blowing and I was in total awe. Amazing wealth of information. Hats off for such webinars
  5. Great knowledge, happy to be part of this knowledge sharing
  6. I got the knowledge about the Sanskaras which I would have never known. The best part was that everything was explained by giving scientific reasons, the kind of theory which I agree on. Once again Thank you, Velu Anna, for giving us such a vast knowledge.
  7. The session was amazingly great as the contents shared were very deep and long lost in current culture.
  8. A session was very informative with good stuff to learn, highly appreciate the efforts to make such a video
  9. Yes, most of them are known to every website, but slightly in-depth info, but could have been better if more insight added,
  10. Amazing and detailed program. We don’t have so many traditions in our community. Its good to understand the significance of each such traditions right from birth to death.it makes our life easier when we align with nature and our energies. The father’s role part during the birth of the child was particularly interesting to know as otherwise the fathers are kept away from the mother during that time. Its good to know how the father bonds with the baby. So much of our wisdom lost in superstition definitely needs to be channeled back into our society. Looking forward for more such programs
  11. Not watched completely
  12. Whenever Velu Anna uploads a video definitely I will get knowledge from it.. I am very happy that I came across such good people..
  13. Amazing information.. Thanks for sharing..
  14. I am so happy that I have learnt many unknown facts in our life.
  15. Have not watched the video completely yet
  16. Amazing to know the reason behind it. I feel guilty that why I get this info so late. My since thanks and gratitude to Velu Anna.
  17. Yet to complete the video
  18. Yet to watch the video completely, have seen only a part of it
  19. Webinar was really great 👍 It has given us in-depth knowledge of our samskaras. Remedy for each samskaras to balance it, if we missed doing anything. Spiritual and psychological reasons behind each samskaras are explained well. Thank you so much Velu!!!
  20. I have gone through half of it. We were almost following samskaras from seemandham not before that. I was not aware these many rituals exist in India.. thank you so much Anna for bringing it up
  21. Wonderful. I learnt a lot from this webinar. I am sure it must have been a lot of reading/research for this webinar. Grateful to the committed group!!
  22. Wonderful session…. much needed for this generation (for me)… Thanks so much for sharing knowledge about ancient holistic living. Gratitude and Pranams. Also I’m eagerly waiting for 24days online program…details about it.. as I live in US.
  23. Even though we have heard about the samsakaras the reason behind those were always unanswered by all elders at my home. It was really so informational and surprising to understand those samskaras and the fact behind it. I am really looking forward for more info about the spiritual world.
  24. Hello Velu I am yet to watch the full video as I was traveling since last week with poor data network connection. Request to grant access to your wisdom shared
  25. Never knew so scientific samskara we have . Can we start face to face interaction where all parents can meet and have so great sessions not only in Bangalore but in Pune also
  26. Really valuable ancient sanskaras remembrance and explanation of those use in nowadays life
  27. Good. High content. Very tough to follow. Could be done in 2 days. How do we ensure that, maximum people try this? Don’t use plastic carry bag will reach less people. Introducing eco-friendly/comparable plastic bag is the solution. Our people needs a kick-off and easy start. How r we going to help? Knowledge sharing is great, because we don’t know these information. How can we help the society to practice and come back as original form of ancient living?
  28. So much I missed, I was not aware… each n every action in life… deeds we do have so much meaning… this knowledge makes me ask myself “We are living a meaningless life, life without meaningful samskaras”… after watching the video… being part of 48 days holistic and 27 days program extension, i want to be a small stream of change, incorporating as much that I can in my life… making them part of my life.. Pls keep sharing such wonderful and meaningful videos Velu Anna as you give light of hope with such knowledge to depressed and lost souls like me… Gratitude 🙏
  29. The meaning behind each samskara is very well thought by our ancestor is refreshed again. And I think the effort that Velu took to pass this on to this generation is imperative and appreciated. The meaning behind each of the samskara is very well presented.
  30. I really appreciate your effort in taking this initiative. The webinar was very informative and an eye opener regarding our ancient wisdom on Samskaras.
  31. Have seen it partials and yet to complete
  32. Thank you very much.. Learnt many new information
  33. It was a fantastic program
  34. I want to be journey with all great persons, want to learn more.
  35. Very informative video. Happy that I registered for this program.
  36. Excellent, glad to see we’re discussing deeper spiritual topics than primary Heath and wellness.
  37. Thank you very much for all the info.
  38. Very informative and in depth info.
  39. Have not seen completely
  40. It was Interesting and elaborate. Suggestion, references can be included.
  41. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this expansive subject. Enjoyed the webinar so far. Yet to complete.
  42. Viewed only half of the video. Unable to view offline. Mobile data empty.
  43. useful information and very much necessary for all to have good and well balanced family
  44. It was very informative, could have been more elaborate.
  45. I dent watch n I wish to try with new id Amr*****848@gmail.com
  46. The session was fabulous. It was so informative that one viewing is not enough. Need to view it so many times to understand all the different meditations.
  47. It is such a detailed video on the samskaras.. Thank you for sharing the in-depth knowledge…
  48. It was very interesting, informative program, an eye opening session .. look forward for many more such sessions.
  49. Very informative session. Thanks Anna for all your effort to make it happen and sharing worthy knowledge..
  50. Very informative
  51. Loved the 16 sanskar video, the efforts made behind the research
  52. Samskaras gives a systematic and disciplined way of living. I am really happy to know these and change living style at least a bit and carry forward our rich culture to the future generations. I could say this is a kind of GEM knowledge. Thanks Velu Anna from the bottom of my heart.

Topics parents requested.

  1. Spiritual meditation class, classes on eating habits to be healthy and few class for kids on tradition and how to teach them and parenting tips
  2. Ashtanga yogam by Thirumoolar
  3. Science of breath
  4. More meditation, self realization, knowledge about spiritual growth
  5. Meditation
  6. Would like to learn more about Sidhas and their life
  7. Siddha stuff , which is very untapped topic , i know it revolve around occult stuff , but as saying goes astrology is for millionaires and occult is for billionaires , just kidding , on a serious note siddha stuff is needed to come out of illuminati And help us to come out mind control business that rothschild and rockfellas do to commonman ,
  8. Astrology, holistic parenting, holistic. Living
  9. Want to know about olden days food culture.. And benefits behind it
  10. About siddaras, pranayama so on. .
  11. Parenting and child mentality. It differs from kid to kid. How to handle in a right way.
  12. Effects of planets on us. Ex: shani
  13. Why special children born? How to correct them spiritually. What to do to make them more lively.
  14. Decoding mythological stories and significance of different gods and goddesses to understand the meaning and logic behind them.
  15. Garbhsankar, swarnabhasma – how it helps adults for health and other benefits
  16. Would like to hear more on karma’s and the hereditary diseases, how are they related. Some complete family itself suffers from diabetes including my mother, perima and all her daughters (one daughter died too coz of diabetes) and sons, maternal mama, chithi. Pls throw some light on this
  17. Can there be a seminar on daily lifestyle and must do spiritual/ ancient practices in daily routine.
  18. Yet to complete the present webinar
  19. Birth stars …how to raise children to be on spiritiual path . how to know their creativity , how to increase the decision power of children.
  20. Intuition and telepathy and dreams comparison and understanding those
  21. *just one-to-one with kids :). Would be a different experience for you and they can give lot of ideas and will share their opinion. *Special topics only for women. For example, we really struggle at home to bring back holistic living. Lot of opposition and struggle. Women r in high pressure in our society. How to help? For men- giving them a proper direction and stress free living. They r direction less or addicted to technology (just my opinion). Shall we help? *Separate program for elders. :). To overcome their fear, worries, sadness about their children etc.,
  22. Has anyone actually seen spirits??? Do they exist??? Is there god, where??? Question asked frequently but I still don’t have the answer….
  23. I am not sure if this is the forum for this question. But here goes…” Can you please tell me worshipping procedures to be followed at temples especially navagrahas? There a lot of books and you tube videos, but contradict each other…I am confused as to which to follow.
  24. I am not sure if this is the forum for this questionBut here goes…” Can you please tell me worshipping procedures to be followed at temples especially navagrahas? There a lot of books and you tube videos, but contradict each other…I am confused as to which to follow
  25. How to overcome negativity that world throws at you both tangible and intangible
  26. Would like a webinar about our ancient food.
  27. What happens to the soul after it leaves the physical body
  28. Mudras and breath, reading omens from nature
  29. Regarding spiritual and need know about athik related things
  30. About saatvik food – how and what to eat !
  31. Astrology, the importance of rituals in daily life, significance of powerful, energetic locations for social growth, connecting with ascended Masters, the spiritual significance of deities, mastery of internal functions, expansion of our brain function, to name a few.
  32. No
  33. Similar ancient wisdom
  34. Stress related discussion
  35. Mind and Breathing inter-connectivity
  36. Indigenous medicine, Raising girls, on Mantras /Mudras,
  37. Ways of attaining enlightenment by being a family man
  38. Astrology related
  39. Specific meditations. I try to follow the full moon, new moon and cycles meditation and it’s so fulfilling.
  40. All the topics you pick are unique and detailed.. would love to know about anything 🙂
  41. Horoscopes and believes
  42. 1. Astrology
  43. Child raising day to day psychological challenges
  44. Detail approach to carry the pregnancy, Detail steps of parenting right from how to give bath for new born baby and other details in a step by step manner, How to take care of the parents even if so many internal disputes going on , Daily worshipping, Spiritual knowledge to children, How to consider Astrology, Vastu….these are the some of the topics I would like to hear from your wisdom

with heart and soul

Author: Velu Jayaprakash

Velu Jayaprakash is a social entrepreneur, product manager, techy, photographer, meditator, father of two angels, ancient wisdom seeker, holistic adviser and Soul coach. You can reach him at velu.jayaprakash AT gmail DOT com

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  1. This session is a must for everyone! should know the samskars and remedies for a better life. Lot of knowledge shared in this webinar

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    I’m finding error while opening YouTube link. Could you please fix the link shared.

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