Pitru Paksha Shraddha 2023

Honouring our Ancestors, Nurturing Our Roots

Pitru Paksha or Mahalaya Paksha is the 16-day ritual observed to pay gratitude to our Ancestors or Pitrus. These rituals are to pay homage to the departed souls and seek their blessings.

We are all aware of the fact that the Moon plays a vital role in our lives. Full Moon or New Moon days influence human minds to a greater extent. It is believed that the souls of our ancestors come closer to the Earth plane when the Moon’s influence is less on Earth (New Moon Day). Also, they possess special powers that they can pass on to their bloodlines.

Pitru paksha is the special period during the autumnal equinox when our ancestors have the privilege of visiting their bloodlines. So, it is paramount that we pay our respect and gratitude to them while they are with us for 16 days until the NEW MOON DAY.

Why should you observe Pitru Paksha?

Here are a few indications that a person or family is facing ancestral issues.

  1. Recurring family patterns of dysfunction
  2. Recurring or Unexplained health issues
  3. Continuous Financial Constraints
  4. The sudden emergence of long-hidden family scandals or secrets
  5. Emotional turbulence

Highlights of HLP Pitru Paksha

The participants will observe the following rituals under proper guidance

  1. Ancestral Blessing
  2. Tharpanam Ceremony
  3. Guided Meditation
  4. Family History
  5. Heritage

Pitru Paksha is a time for introspection, remembrance, and gratitude towards one’s ancestors.

Watch this video to understand the significance of Pitru Paksha.

Dates: 29th September 2023 to 14th October 2023

Registration Link: https://rzp.io/l/PitruPaksha23

 Venue: Zoom/Whatsapp

Last day to enroll: 27th September 2023
Pre-Ritual Preparations Starts on : 28th September 2023

Contact : Dr. Mareeswari  +91 9566025481

Here’s what our past participants have to say about their experience

..During this process of two weeks realised the importance of ancestors , without them we don’t exist.
Just amazed to realize an entire family tree of 100+ people is started by one person.( Great grand fathers).


This program helped to connect to my ancestors and below are some of the experiences during the program…
Health Front – One of the health related disorder / problem which was troubling me for the last 1+ year got resolved.
Karma & Dharma Front – It made me realize feeding the needy (animals and humans) should be a regular practice.
Mind Wise – Helped me calm my mind by taking away some of the uncertainties that was disturbing me on a continuous basis…
I would like to conclude by saying “This is just a beginning and as I pray and seek blessings, miracles will happen.”

Overall the experience was priceless!


The whole 15 days was full of mixed emotions and experience. Though I didn’t get much weird dreams or none of my ancestors came in my dream… I just followed it as my duty and finished it atlast…now feel like achieved something by completing it finally


It was great to be doing these rituals every single day. I wanted to do something related to ancestors. I am glad I had a chance and thankful to each of you here.


Join us to honor them and strengthen your family roots!!!